8 Best WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels Plugins πŸ›’ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Want to know which WordPress plugins are the best for WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels?

Listed below are only the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels, and we’ve reviewed them in detail to help you decide what’s right for you. You can start using these plugins immediately because they have the best features, support, and user-friendly interfaces to get you up and running. Furthermore, we assure you that they work perfectly with all the top WordPress themes.

All of these plugins help for WooCommerce’s Multiple Sales Channels. Nevertheless, you can also use them for WooCommerce Multichannel Selling.

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Take a look at this compiled list of the best WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels WordPress plugins for 2022:

Walmart Integration for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin for Automate, List, and Sync Inventories

Because of the quality of Walmart’s products and its reputation as a reliable customer service provider, the Walmart WordPress plugin has become a well-known plugin.

In addition to staying ahead of your competitors, using this WooCommerce multiple sales channels plugin will enable you to stay competitive as opposed to those who only use one platform.

Aside from that, Walmart does not charge any recurring fees and only charges a commission on the purchases you make.

It is not necessary to pay any monthly fees with Walmart because sellers pay commissions only after a sale has been made. In addition, Walmart provides a seller scoreboard that facilitates monitoring of performance.

With this WooCommerce multichannel selling plugin, you can integrate Walmart products into your WooCommerce store in order to manage your product inventory within one location.

By automating and hassle-free selling your products on Walmart, you will also be able to maintain an inventory centralized and sync your products in real-time.

πŸ’΅ You can purchase this plugin for $249.

Key Features:

  • Category and attribute-based products
  • Your WooCommerce products are synced with Walmart
  • From the WooCommerce dashboard, manage all orders
  • Synchronizing inventory and products in real-time
  • Accept Walmart orders automatically
  • Re-upload products if you spot errors in the Walmart marketplace
  • Automated Walmart order acceptance
  • The product properties and fulfillment rules can be configured in WooCommerce

WooCommerce Etsy Integration Plugin

Automate, List, and Sync Inventories In a Click & Grow Your Sales

The Etsy WordPress plugin is one of the most popular options for selling creative items such as jewelry and crafts on a website.

You can sell your clothing, jewelry, art, health, and beauty items on Etsy if you’re running a shop selling clothing jewelry, art, health, or beauty items.

There’s no better place to gain exposure for your products, whether you sell existing products or create unique ones.

The order and inventory of all your products will be synchronized under one account, making managing sales more efficient.

When it comes to the selling process, the Woocommerce multi-vendor plugin is quite straightforward, and the pricing and features can be customized as you see fit.

Registering on Etsy is free, and the plugin offers a wide range of customization options including the ability to create your own layouts and scripts for use on your own pages.

πŸ’΅ You can download the Free Lite Version or the $199 Premium Version.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive bulk upload of WooCommerce products
  • Real-time order/inventory synchronization
  • Dedicated account manager and expert support
  • Automated shipping process included
  • Decide on pricing and shipping methods for your inventory
  • Products can be uploaded based on attributes and categories
  • Your account can be authorized with one click
  • Your WooCommerce admin can manage orders

Random Reviews:

  • As I ran into a stock issue, I asked a question about it, and the correspondence led efficiently to a resolution. I was thrilled with the response!

    umecomSep 2022

  • Our Etsy store is now connected to our WooCommerce website via a feed app. The first was a sleek interface but was weak where it mattered most; accurate stock tracking. Seamless integration with category or product feeds. Customer support responded within a brief period, which is rare for app support. I am delighted with ExportFeed.com. Eric Gallagher

    ericgallJul 2022

Shopee Integration for WooCommerce Plugin

Authenticate, Automate, List & Sync Your Inventories

The Shopee plugin is designed as a multivendor e-commerce marketplace with many sellers and buyers. It is mobile-friendly, and the commissions are very low for both sellers and buyers.

In addition to COD payments, this product has gained tremendous popularity due to its availability.

The registration process on Shopee is very simple. You simply need an email address and a mobile number in order to begin selling. The Shopee Integration for WooCommerce will provide you with seamless access to a wide range of buyers for your WooCommerce store.

By integrating WooCommerce with Shopee, you will have access to many integrated features, including inventory price synchronization, order management, and automated store inventory tracking.

The main benefit of this plugin is that you will no longer have to spend time and money on two separate services and shops.

You will also have access to centralized order management. Additionally, bulk uploading can be utilized to reduce processing time.

πŸ’΅ With it, you’ll get updates forever and support for 12 months just for $199.

Key Features:

  • Preview products before making them live
  • Product details and pricing rules can be set
  • 24/7 customer support is available
  • Streamline the shipment tracking process for shoppers
  • Bulk upload all of your products
  • Synchronize real-time quantity and data of products
  • WooCommerce store orders directly
  • Easy integration of products with WooCommerce
  • From WooCommerce admin, manage orders

Wish.com Integration for WooCommerce Plugin

Experience Hassle-Free Selling

By using the Wish.com plugin, customers can discover products that were not visible on their websites and that Wish.com can help them find.

Because of the platform’s mobile-based nature, it is particularly popular among North American and European customers. These regions are home to more than 200 million users each.

Wish.com’s greatest feature is that it allows sellers to list their products for free. Instead of paying a subscription fee to Wishcom, Wishcom shares sales revenue with its sellers.

Thus, if you are a Wish.com user and you make a sale, receive money, and generate a sale from Wish.com, then when you are required to pay 15%, do so.

Your store’s products can be synced and managed across Wish.com, and you can manage sales from one location with Wish.com Integration for WooCommerce.

You will be able to manage orders, inventory, and inventory synchronization automatically between your marketplace and your website.

πŸ’΅ With the Wish.com Integration for WooCommerce plugin, you get 12 months of support for $199.

Key Features:

  • Update the uploaded products every interval
  • Customers can track their shipments
  • Synchronize inventory and product information regularly
  • Account management and 24/7 support through various media
  • Enable and disable products
  • Manage orders centrally from the WooCommerce store admin
  • Auto product Upload included
  • Simplified listings are included
  • Sync product data, orders, and updates
  • Central order management available

Omnichannel for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Multichannel Selling Plugin

With Omnichannel for WooCommerce, you can easily create channels for eBay, Google, Amazon and Walmart all in one place.

It is both a marketplace listing tool and an omnichannel solution, synchronizing inventory and pricing in real time with WooCommerce so it can serve as both an omnichannel tool and a marketplace listing tool.

A number of omnichannel selling tools are available for WooCommerce, but you are required to export and migrate the entire product catalog before you can use them using this plugin.

Further, Omnichannel for WooCommerce integrates directly with all of their global marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, allowing you to manage your Amazon, eBay Walmart Google listings, Google Product Listing Ads, along with your Amazon eBay Walmart listings.

The various listing modes include single listing, multiple listing, and attribute mapping, each with unique features that facilitate the process of creating a successful listing.

πŸ’΅ This plugin includes all these features, and it is FREE.

Key Features:

  • Out-of-stock products won’t be oversold or advertised
  • Built-in smarts for auto-categorization
  • Sync and manage listings across Google, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more channels
  • Boost conversion with Buy on Google checkout
  • Receive omnichannel orders in WooCommerce
  • Automatically create Google Product Listing Ads
  • Shipment tracking data and fulfillment status automatically updated

Random Reviews:

  • For two years, I used it in Google Merchants. After canceling the subscription, they took over my Google Account and locked me out. Google told me to contact them to release ownership, but they did not.

    perfettenSep 2022

  • We have just started using this plug-in, and we love it! However, we have a problem connecting to Google; it returns a 403 error. Any ideas?

    santhaeduardAug 2021

ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels Plugin

With the ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping plugin, you can create product feeds for Google Shopping advertisements.

The plugin allows you to create feeds in a variety of formats, including CSV, TSV, and XML. It offers a lot of advanced settings to streamline your life as a user.

Using this plugin, you can schedule to keep your listings up-to-date. You can also select which products are displayed in shopping ads, if any, as well as how often they are displayed.

Also, this plugin allows you to display variations of your products; for example, if your product is available in several colors, you may also include those variations in your product feed.

This plugin allows uploading new product data directly from your WordPress admin area, and you can set it up to notify you automatically whenever the data is updated each day, week, or month.

It is also possible to map the categories and attributes of your products to Google categories and attributes according to the mapping rules you set.

πŸ’΅ A Free Lite Version and a Premium Version are available for purchase. It costs $69.

Random Reviews:

  • There is nothing but false advertising in the marketing of their products. The coders are inexperienced, technical support is unreliable, and the program I bought does not perform compared to theirs…BUYER BEWARE!!!

    tiro8221Sep 2022

  • I lost all data relating to category mapping over the weekend

    attebauwzSep 2022

  • If you find any problems with this free plugin, the support team is fast to respond. Excellent work and excellent support.

    entiposisAug 2022

CTX Feed Pro Plugin

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager with Profitable Features

CTX Feed plugin works with Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, eBay Ads, etc., so your shoppers can see the products you feature on your site. CTX Feed is also a useful plugin for YouTube ,etc.

Your customers have a wide selection of flexible options for updating all product information according to their schedules. This ensures that all potential customers receive up-to-date product information.

This plugin allows you to easily create hassle-free product feeds for Google Shopping, Google Merchant Center, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, and Instagram Shopping.

With this revolutionary plugin, you will be able to customize feeds for affiliate networks, price comparison websites, and various marketing channels in order to promote existing products through an affiliate network and price comparison websites.

In this manner, you are able to promote your products across a wide range of channels effectively.

πŸ’΅ Lite is free, and Premium costs $119.

Key Features:

  • Create a product feed for unlimited products
  • Provides an easy user interface for the users
  • Identify shopping engine categories and map your product categories
  • 18 output formatting options included
  • You can create unlimited custom templates
  • Keep/remove variable products from the feed
  • Specify prefixes and suffixes for attributes
  • 100+ pre-configured templates designed
  • Search engines like Google will display your products

Random Reviews:

  • Initially, this plugin seems confusing and complicated because it allows you to create complete product feeds. Nevertheless, once you become familiar with it, it becomes self-explanatory. You can rely on a competent customer support team for assistance if you don’t know what to do.

    mirandoloOct 2022

  • Reasonably well-documented and user-friendly. I recommend getting the Pro version…

    arslanbtOct 2022

Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin

Reach Your Customers Across Facebook, Instagram & Messenger

The Facebook for WooCommerce WordPress plugin allows your WooCommerce store to be linked with Facebook, which will make it easier for your customers to locate your store on Facebook.

It is possible to do numerous types of advertising, including the creation of your own Facebook store, in which you can sell your products and measure how your customers interact with your website.

For instance, the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin is available free of charge from WooCommerce. After installing it on your WordPress website, you will be able to utilize Facebook for WooCommerce in a matter of minutes.

Using the guided setup wizard, your business is able to connect WooCommerce and Facebook without any difficulty.

This is made possible by Facebook’s plugin to create mobile-friendly and customizable online stores.

Further, the plugin integrates WooCommerce products with Facebook, allowing customers to browse your products, consider them, and place orders directly from their Facebook accounts.

πŸ’΅ It is a free plugin. There are no charges associated with it.

Key Features:

  • Maximize your campaign performance
  • Connects Facebook Marketplace with WooCommerce
  • Get reliable information about customers’ activities
  • Directly from WooCommerce, place your ad
  • Generate sales among your website visitors
  • Communicate effortlessly with your customers

Random Reviews:

  • People have a problem with this plugin because they are unsure how Facebook works. Pages are now just like profile pages… if your plugin does not work with Facebook, all you have to do is go back to the old Facebook Pages. Facebook updated and changed how pages work, so they now work as profile pages…

    WalterSolanoOct 2022

In conclusion, a few words

We covered these plugins in this article and showed you why they’re great. Pick a ready plugin and extend your website appropriately.

πŸ“Œ Note: We strongly suggest checking our list of expertly selected modern WordPress hosting providers to enhance your website’s performance. You may also wish to consult our list of modern WordPress security plugins to enhance your website’s security.

WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels WordPress plugins can help you promote your WooCommerce Multiple Sales Channels episodes across the internet. We hope you find your precondition as well.

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