8 Best WooCommerce Quick Buy Now Button Plugins 🛒 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you having trouble finding the best plugin for Quick Buy Now Button?

It is important to note that in this article, we will provide the best WordPress plugins for Quick Buy Now Button. Together, they are fast, easy to use, and work with all the advanced WordPress themes.

In addition to the Best Quick Buy Now Button Plugin, all these plugins work for WooCommerce Direct Checkout, WooCommerce Fast Checkout, WooCommerce Quick Shop, and WooCommerce One-Click Checkout.

📌 Note: There are several advanced WooCommerce plugins available that can enhance your store’s appearance and functionality. You can also read more about themes in our article about the most useful WooCommerce themes.

The following are the best WordPress plugins for Quick Buy Now Button in 2022:

Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce Plugin

Custom Button for Specific Products WooCommerce Plugin

You can modify your WooCommerce checkout process using the Quick Buy Now Button for the WooCommerce plugin. You can place a Buy Now button in your store that directs your customers to a specific page on your site or an external website.

If your users are buying products from the Amazon marketplace, you may also use this plugin so they can bypass the cart page directly to checkout. You may also include specific text on the Amazon-related button if your product is linked to Amazon.

Also, the plugin can display the Buy Now button only on specific products or categories and remove the Add to Cart button in place of the Buy Now button.

The plugin also removes the Add to Cart button to display the Buy Now button only on specific products, categories, and even days. You can also alter the text and position of the Buy Now button.

💵 The plugin is free for 12 months and charges $39.00.

Key Features:

  • Select products and categories with the Buy Now button
  • Link to the checkout page for the customer’s cart
  • Shortcodes can be added anywhere on your site
  • Enable/disable the button direct from Listings or Products
  • Button text and position are customizable
  • Add-to-Cart buttons can be replaced with Buy Now buttons

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin

Easy Checkout and Conversion-oriented WooCommerce Plugin

You can make the checkout process on your store more efficient by installing the WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin. When your customers click the Checkout button on your store, they will be taken directly to the checkout page.

You may also customize the checkout page by removing specific fields that are not crucial to your business model. You may also display a Quick Purchase button next to the Add-to-Cart button for customers to select from to simplify the checkout process.

As one of the best WooCommerce checkout plugins available, this plugin has a comfortable user interface and a simple design that facilitates the buying process and completing sales, making it one of the best WooCommerce checkout plugins for your store.

In addition to adding dynamic controls to the plugin’s dashboard so that users can interact more conveniently with it, this add-on allows web admins to include a variety of interaction controls.

💵 With WooCommerce Direct Checkout, you get All Features + 12 Months of Support + All powered by Plugins + 1 Year of Lifetime Updates for just the $49.00.

Key Features:

  • Reduced the number of resources consumed by the server
  • Alerts to add items to your cart using AJAX
  • A smooth and fast experience for all users
  • Configuration of coupons for the checkout page
  • Changing the settings dynamically
  • Payment methods are available in a variety of forms

WP Quick Shop Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin to Setup a One-page Shop for Bulk Sales

Using WP Quick Shop, you can create a one-page store for selling bulk items. A custom field can be added to each order item, and the entire store can be integrated into your website through a shortcode like a WooCommerce store.

This WooCommerce quick shop provides you with each item of the catalog having a shopping cart button, so every item on the catalog can be purchased directly.

A child page can be created and the shortcode pasted into it to allow the number of items to be set and the number of items to be added to the shopping cart to be displayed instantly.

The custom field tab offers a variety of customized field types, including text area texts, number column headings, placeholder tooltips, and maximum field lengths.

As for styles, some are free, and you can also add your own if you wish. Bootstrap, on the other hand, is a premium feature, and you will probably need some assistance.

💵 I’m Free!

Key Features:

  • Products with variable pricing and subscriptions are fully supported
  • The multi-add-to-cart adds multiple items at once
  • WooCommerce Mini Cart widget supported
  • Variations of a variable product can be listed separately
  • Easy-to-use shortcode for embedding an order form

YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout Plugin

Simple Button for Immediate Purchase of WooCommerce Plugin

YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout enhances the user’s experience by making it easier for them to make a quick purchase without leaving the website. It enhances the user’s experience by allowing them to make an immediate purchase without leaving the website.

In this manner, this WooCommerce fast checkout tool merely stores the customer’s registration information, uses it during the checkout process, and speeds up the purchase process. The customer does not need to enter further information every time they purchase.

Aside from being customized to match your website’s theme, the One-Click button can also be incorporated into a collection of products or into a shop page, thereby preventing the need for a checkout process.

The decision on when and where to appear the one-click button in the admin area is entirely up to you. For example, you may decide to display it only for registered customers or only for specific products and categories.

💵 In addition to free updates, this plugin charges a $59.99 and offers 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with WPML
  • Show the button after the first purchase
  • The ability to redirect users to any page of your choice
  • Create a one-click button on the shop page of your website
  • Implement the Stripe payment system on your website
  • Remove specific products from the one-click option
  • Several shipping addresses to choose from

WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin to Create Special Checkout & Payment Pages

The WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin has been designed to allow you to add payment fields to any page within your WooCommerce store so that your customers can complete their purchases as they browse your site from a single page as they browse around your store.

The customer would benefit from having multiple products displayed selectively on this checkout page so that as they make a purchase, they will not need to leave the page to look for other products that may interest them.

The one-page checkout is also shortcode compatible which means it can be displayed anywhere on your site, including within marketing and sales landing pages with custom content and even accept payments.

This plugin is beneficial for creating marketing and sales landing pages with custom content and accepting payments.

💵 For $79.00, get access to all modern features of the WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin.

Key Features:

  • Specify which products to display at checkout
  • Templates are included in One Page Checkout
  • Special events promotions & select customer landing pages
  • Create checkout pages with the new graphical interface in WordPress
  • Single-page checkout with product selection and checkout forms

Quick Buy For WooCommerce Plugin

Instantly Redirect Users to Checkout / Cart WooCommerce Plugin

You can make your online store more customer-friendly by installing the WooCommerce Buy Now Button plugin, which lets you send your customers directly to the checkout page or shopping cart.

The Quick Buy button on a product page will become active once the visitor has clicked on it, which will enable them to add that specific product directly to their shopping cart once the button has been clicked.

This plugin is available in multiple languages, so if your website has a multilingual component, it is a good option since it works exceptionally well and does not slow down website load times.

💵 Get updates of this plugin for Free forever because It is a Free plugin.

Key Features:

  • An option to select multiple languages is available
  • A redirect to the checkout page or cart
  • Weight-optimized and optimized for speed
  • An adequate number of settings for the product page are available
  • Customizing the buttons on your website
  • A shortcode support system is available
  • The ability to support multiple add-ons

Random Reviews:

  • The permalinks have been updated and changed, but still, nothing has worked. I like the settings; it seems like a good plugin.

    libertysky777May 2020

  • It hasn’t been fixed yet… plugin doesn’t work with the new WordPress 5.3.2 update.

    sam1215Jan 2020

Buy Now Button for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin for Faster Cart Page Loading

The WooCommerce buy now button plugin, such as the ‘Buy Now Button,’ allows customers to make purchases by clicking on the Buy Now button.

With this extension, the user can achieve precisely what it promises: removing the cart page and simplifying the checkout process by eliminating the page.

Adding a Buy Now button to WooCommerce will automatically be added to every product page instead of the add to cart button on every product page, which will reduce your cart’s loading time and the complexity of the process during the checkout process.

The plugin is available in multiple languages, so if you possess a multilingual website, this might be a practical option since it works exceptionally well and does not adversely affect the loading speed of your website.

💵 Whether you are a novice or developer, the Buy Now Button for WooCommerce plugin is for you. You are free to use it.

WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugin

A One-page WooCommerce Order Form for Streamlined Ordering

The WooCommerce Quick Order plugin has gained popularity among WooCommerce users in the same way as the previous plugin in recent years. Just like it was able to do with the plugin earlier, you can use this plugin to create quick order forms for your customers.

This plugin allows you to include any products of your choice and set the number of products displayed when you use them.

When developing plugins for a website, the plugins should consider both the role played by specific users on the website and their interaction with the order form as part of the plugin development process.

Furthermore, this plugin includes an Ajax-based search box which will assist your customers in finding products more efficiently. An additional feature is the ability to display individual variations in the order form to help customers maximize their purchases.

It supports multiple add-to-carts that allow you to add several items to your cart with one click and embed a quick order form on any post or page using a simple shortcode. The shortcode supports simple products, variable products, and subscription products.

It is fully compatible with the WooCommerce Mini Cart plugin, fully responsive, mobile-ready fully compatible with custom pricing if you’re using our Wholesale Pricing plugin or tapered pricing plugin. It will support custom pricing if you’re using our Tiered Pricing plugin.

💵 You can get 12 months of support by only picking up the plugin for $8.25/m from this plugin support team.

Key Features:

  • Bulk forms include wholesale orders with unlimited pages
  • Shopping cart and search enabled with Ajax
  • Display product thumbnails, SKU numbers, and descriptions
  • Powerful search tools include title and SKU searches
  • Select or exclude products based on name or category
  • Users can be assigned roles to access your form

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