8 Best WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes & Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best WordPress plugins for Admin Themes?

Here, we look at the top WordPress plugins available for the admin dashboard. You can use these to set up a website today without spending time looking for and detecting a lot of plugins. The plugins offered here are well supported, well-coded, speed optimized, and very customizable. They also come with compatibility with a wide range of popular WordPress templates.

Also, all of these plugins are useful for Admin Themes. Nonetheless, this plugin can also be used for Admin UI Themes, Admin UI, and Dashboard Themes.

Best Admin Dashboard Themes & Plugins for WordPress 🥇

Now, let’s examine the best WordPress Admin dashboard plugins for 2022:

White label CMS Plugin

Customized Dashboard For WordPress

White label CMS is a handy plugin for WordPress client websites, and you can use it to customize the admin area and set and customize it based on customer needs and requests.

Allows you to create a login page for your brand. In addition, you can add your logo in the header or footer of the manager. This plugin also offers you three CMS profiles in the form of websites, blogs, or custom ones that you can use to modify the menu system.

This plugin allows you to provide your customers a more personalized content management system. With this plugin, you can create a custom message for customers that teaches them how to use and navigate the management section.

Install this plugin on your website, create a custom dashboard quickly and easily, and customize it the way you want. Also, create a message for customers that introduces them to working with the dashboard.

With this plugin, you can easily make your dashboard just in a minute. Your visitors will enjoy an excellent login page. You will access many powerful tools to customize your WordPress website in the way you prefer.

💵 Free limited support is available on the WP.org forum for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Ability to customize your dashboard
  • Provide the feature to create your own welcome dashboard
  • Ability to hide menus from other users
  • Ability to add your own RSS feed, then your visitors are up to date with the events that occur on your site

Random Reviews:

  • Although it has five stars, I am not able to add new admin items or modify link tests.

    uomiguelitoMar 2022

  • Upon discovering a bug, the developers patched it immediately and released an update the next day. Awesome! Recommended!

    evaldashDec 2021

AG Custom Admin Plugin

Custom Dashboard & Login Page Plugin

AG Custom Admin is a powerful WordPress plugin you can easily customize your admin panel, login page, admin menu, admin bar in just several minutes and in tiny details.

With this plugin, you can change or hide your WordPress admin bar and add custom items to your admin menu. Also, you have so many tools in your hand to customize your admin panel with your own favorite choices.

You can make your favorite admin panel pages with your own custom content, colors, and images as quickly as possible. It provides you with plenty of options by which you can optimize your panel and your WordPress UX on admin and login pages.

This product provides you with awesome Dashboard widgets, Help and Screen options, WordPress logos, links, menus, etc. Working with this plugin is easy, and you just need to click several times for each task.

Its developers have tried to develop a product with various tools by which you can easily customize your admin panel. Also, they provide a potent supporting team to help you solve all the problems you may encounter.

💵 For this plugin, there is no charge.

Key Features:

  • Allow for auto-folding of the admin menu on mobile devices
  • Ability to create new buttons with custom links
  • Display custom branding image above admin menu
  • Ability to change the names of menu items and submenus
  • Create rounded popups for admin submenus
  • Ability to eliminate menu and submenu items

Random Reviews:

  • It may even be a bit more than is necessary for customizing for the client if he does not require too much information to be displayed.

    SergeyMar 2021

  • If you have to mess with a Backend-Plugin-Page, you probably did everything wrong in the plugin development. That does not bode well. WTF.

    thomeiMar 2021

Ultimate Dashboard Plugin

Custom WordPress Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard is one of the best dashboard plugins for WordPress. This product enables you to create a custom WordPress dashboard user-friendly.

It provides you with so many awesome dashboard widgets that you can replace them instead of your WordPress dashboard. This plugin is clean and lightweight; also, it optimizes from the view of user experience.

You have the power to remove all or individual widgets with just one click. Create an icon, text, and HTML widget to build a customized dashboard for your clients so they can get to the crucial areas of your website.

The WordPress customizer feature allows you to completely customize the login page and apply your own branding. With the Login Redirect feature, you can manage your login redirects on a per-role basis.

This allows you to hide the /wp-admin/ URL for unlogged-in users and redirect visitors after login. Also, The WordPress admin menu can be customized as needed using HTML, CSS, or the default WYSIWYG editor.

So easy, you can customize the dashboard headline of WordPress. Also, you are able to hide the WordPress admin section on the front end.

💵 Installing and using this plugin is free. It can be downloaded for free.

Key Features:

  • Update the WordPress welcome panel’s contents
  • Provide features to customize the WordPress footer and version text
  • Ability to add/remove dashboard widgets and settings
  • Customize dashboard widgets and admin pages based on specific user roles and permissions
  • Customize your admin pages with Elementor, Beaver Builder & Brizy

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is very easy to use, with beautiful results.
    Absolutely, the customers get a less cluttered interface, free of unneeded items.

    meksoneApr 2022

  • It is so much easier to navigate my admin dashboard now that I am using the ultimate dashboard, and I can perform all of my most repetitive tasks by using widgets.

    ddluvsbooksMar 2022

Admin Columns Plugin

Manage Columns For WordPress

Admin columns is another WordPress dashboard admin plugin that enables you to easily add, organize or delete columns in admin screens. You can make your admin screen into beautiful overviews just with several clicks.

With this incredible product, you can add sorting, filtering, import/export, and direct editing features for your columns on the admin dashboard. Admin Columns add more than 70 new column types to your WordPress dashboard.

Finding what you are looking for becomes harder and harder as you add content. Filtering lets you focus on the results you need, showing only the ones you need. This is an essential feature for finding and filtering your content efficiently.

Any column in a WordPress list table can be sorted with Admin Columns. It allows you to sort according to any type of content, putting your content in a meaningful order.

Admin Columns ensure the results are what you expect, regardless of whether it’s text, dates, or numbers. Users can create their own personalized table views. These views can be customized for a particular role.

Also, the filters you apply can be saved for later use and shared with others. You can search, export, and edit your custom content with Admin Columns since it is 100% compatible with ACF.

💵 For Lite, it’s free. For Premium, it’s paid.

Key Features:

  • Ability to develop a set of columns that belong to a specific task or context
  • Ability to edit your content as quick as possible
  • Ability to create your own custom exports of your WordPress content in a CSV format
  • Ability to display, search, filter, edit and export any custom field data on any list table
  • Bulk edit several items just in a second

Random Reviews:

  • WordPress makes the backend of websites with lots of posts and media incompatible without this plugin.

    pete3May 2022

  • The plug-in is wonderful for ensuring that the site images have Alt tags for accessibility.

    demirssMay 2022

MainWP Dashboard Plugin

The WordPress Manager for Professional Website Maintenance

MainWP Dashboard is a dashboard WordPress plugin that lets you manage your dashboard tasks. With this plugin, you don’t need to update all your WordPress one by one. This product allows you to manage all your dashboard so easily and quickly.

This plugin allows you to install, activate/deactivate, update, and delete your WordPress plugins and themes. You can also manage your users so quickly.

You can check and monitor your site’s health. This feature is so essential for your site. You can find the problems and be aware of your site’s difficulties.

MainWP Dashboard provides reliable tools for marketing, SEO, backup, maintenance, Security, and other essential tasks you need for managing your site.

Using the MainWP Dashboard, you can manage almost all of your daily WordPress maintenance duties for free. Using the Dashboard plugin, you can easily connect to and operate all your WordPress sites, even those hosted on different servers and hosts.

If you are a developer or marketer or a consulting WordPress website, this plugin is an excellent choice to manage your dashboard even if you are not professional. This product also provides many extensions with different features that increase your power to control your dashboard.

By utilizing the MainWP WordPress management system, sites are now able to publish content with ease. The website allows you to choose your website, write content, and post without the need to log into each website separately.

With its mass publish and delete capabilities, you can also manage links, comments, and spam.

💵 The Lite version is free, the Pro version for a fee.

Key Features:

  • Ability to review all code being installed on your WP managed sites via Github
  • Ability to manage all of your daily WordPress maintenance duties
  • Automate repetitive WP management tasks with the built-in CLI commands in your MainWP Dashboard
  • Provides a variety of features that increase your management ability on your website
  • JSON requests can be used to create, read, update, and delete data in MainWP using the REST API

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks for your amazing support How many hours did I not spend just updating my website?

    technocoachMay 2022

  • This plugin helps me with our 10+ sites as an agency.

    atiquebaMay 2022

  • You can easily manage multiple WordPress sites with this tool.

    mikefredMay 2022

Client Dash Plugin

Admin Control For WordPress

Client Dash is a powerful, lightweight plugin that provides administrative control over adding custom pages to the WordPress administration screen. It means from the page editor, you can easily add, modify, and customize pages for your clients and users; you never have to touch code.

Different pages can be created for other people. You will only view that page if you select users who have the specific capability.

With Client Dash, you will have complete control over the WordPress admin for yourself and your users. Customize Admin Tool allows you to see your customized admin area live as you customize it.

You can customize the admin area easily and intuitively. There can be a unique admin area view for each role. With this plugin, you will have a fully customizable admin page. You can set which role can see the page. You can customize the page icon.

Also, you have complete access to customizing the page content and the page title. You can use the page created as a landing page, an instruction page, etc. With this plugin, you can easily add, remove, rearrange and customize WordPress dashboard widgets.

💵 Plugin charges $39.00, but it can also be downloaded for free.

Key Features:

  • Provide lots of tools for customizing pages
  • Ability to create different pages for different users
  • Monitoring the users seeing the pages
  • Add custom pages to the WordPress administration screen

Random Reviews:

  • Probably the easiest backend editor I have ever used. Just tested it and it works as it should. Don’t forget to update your database after activating (shows a link) so it works. Great work!

    UmdlotiFeb 2022

  • A big thank you to Real Big Plugins!!

    buygsihojeygu8Jan 2021

Ultimate Client Dash Plugin

White Label Dashboard For WordPress

Unlimited Client Dash gives you the power to create a custom client dashboard with just several clicks. This plugin enables you to provide instructions, create custom widgets, hide menu items, and more.

You will also have the ability to create a custom client dashboard, manage user capabilities and rebrand WordPress. You can customize your footer, login page, and dashboard so quickly.

It gives you beautiful themes for your dashboard, and you can choose them according to your preference. You can provide your clients access to what they just need, so it prevents accidentally breaking things happening for your site.

While working on your website, this plugin gives you the power to create beautiful landing pages. Also, you can hide/replace the reference pages with your own brand. You can quickly eliminate items from your dashboard.

Your website can be easily updated with code snippets that help you manage Analytics & Pixel Tracking. You can create customized notices and messages for your clients or users when they log in.

You can use valuable shortcodes throughout your site to dynamically populate data. You have the ability to display the colors of your brand in the dashboard and create a custom theme that will modernize your client dashboard.

💵 A Lite Version is free and a Premium Version is $priced.

Key Features:

  • Ability to create and manage widgets
  • Keep your clients away from WordPress notifications and alerts
  • Make your brand stand out with a customized login page for WordPress
  • Replace WordPress reference pages with your own brand
  • Remove dashboard menu items so quickly from the role client

Random Reviews:

  • A truly amazing plugin. We bought the full version for our agency so our customers have only the functions they need. The support is quick and responsive, too. One of our best experiences with a plugin editor for WordPress. Thanks a lot!

    wazoomstudioNov 2019

  • Congratulations! This is the best plugin for agencies and freelancers!

    movementowebNov 2019

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard Plugin

Login Page Customization Plugin

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard is a powerful login customization plugin. It provides you the opportunity to customize your own dashboard and login pages so quickly.

With this plugin, you can embed your company logo in the login screen, changing colors, styles, etc. You can also add your company name to the Dashboard footer.

The WordPress media uploader allows you to upload logos and backgrounds directly to the Settings page. This plugin supports multiple languages.

You can enable/disable shadows for the links on the login form. You can also activate/deactivate the shadow for the login form. When updating WordPress/plugins, you can preserve previous settings.

The plugin settings between websites can be imported/exported. Also, users can hide the link to their website.

Its developers provide a strong support team for users; they can contact the supporting team for more help services when they have problems.

💵 We don’t charge anything.

Key Features:

  • Create an image/color background for the login screen
  • Replace your own logo on the login form pages
  • Use jQuery color picker to pick a color
  • Edit or keep the default footer text in the Admin Dashboard
  • Text and link colors and sizes can be changed on the login form

Random Reviews:

  • After eight years using this plugin on dozens of sites, there is no other custom login plugin as reliable, simple, or lean.

    RGZFeb 2022

  • Libin does what it says it will, and it does it well. Thank you.

    Ken HaynesJan 2022

  • This plugin has many functions and is very easy to use. It’s a great plugin and very helpful.

    tasgheerFeb 2021


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