8 Best WordPress Category and Tag Plugins🥇2022 (Free & Pro)

What is the best Category and Tags WordPress plugin to help you stand out from the crowd?

All of the best WordPress plugins we will be showing you below contain dedicated features and functionality, even better than some of the premium plugins. In short, these plugins work smoothly and best with all of the top WordPress themes.

We choose plugins suitable for Categories and Tags. This list of WordPress plugins also includes plugins used for Filter by Category, Tags List, Page by Category, Tag Cloud, Auto Tagging, and a wide range of other plugins.

Best Category and Tag Plugins for WordPress 🥇

These are the top WordPress plugins for Category and Tags in 2022:

Google Tag Manager Plugin

Manage Analytics And Marketing Tags For WordPress

The Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool available to everyone from Google. With it, you can manage and deploy analytics and marketing tags as well as other code snippets up to a certain size on any website.

As a result of this plugin, the GTM container code snippets can automatically be placed on your WordPress website, so you do not have to manually add them. This plugin is also compatible with multiple containers.

It complements your GTM setup by placing information about users and metadata about pages into the so-called data layer which integrates with your GTM. Having the option of white-listing and black-listing tags, triggers, and variables can help to increase the security of a website.

With GTM, whether you are using the NLP module or a GTM agent, you can prevent specific tags from firing or a specific variable type from being used.

An attacker could easily execute the malware on a website through the Google account associated with your GTM account if your Google account associated with it is hacked. The code of your website on your hosting server would not be affected.

It is possible to minimize the risk of creating an attack vector by blacklisting custom HTML tags as well as custom JavaScript variables.

💵 Free lifetime updates and downloads are included with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Update your website tags efficiently to better understand conversions, website analytics
  • Access to features like easy previewing and debugging tools, automatic event trigger capabilities, and a user-friendly interface
  • Ability to use Tag Manager along with all Google and third-party tags
  • Full support for conversion tracking, basic remarketing, and dynamic marketing
  • Using our error checking, security features, and fast tag loading capabilities, you can be sure that your tags will work every time
  • Providing templates for third-party vendor tags simplifies code publication

Random Reviews:

  • Plugins like this one are rare, critical, and have so few realistic alternatives, as this one does.
    The plugin works well. The developer is nice, going by his responses on the support forum, and the tutorials/how-to articles are excellent.

    superphysicsApr 2022

  • It’s great to have this free plugin!

    faelmarcondeliApr 2022

  • Excellent plugin and excellent support. It will do the job. I recommend it.

    toutpourmasanteApr 2022

Tag Groups Plugin

WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin

Tag Groups can be used in WordPress to organize tags by groups or alphabetically, in a tag cloud (tabbed display or accordion) or in tag lists. You can drag and drop them into posts, pages, or widgets, or you can customize them with a number of options.

As a means of discovering content, tags can be very useful. Using tags to make your website easier to navigate will help make your website more navigable. If you wish, you can insert tags to make a whole navigation page out of tags.

In the best-case scenario, you can create a plugin that groups tags for you, giving you a lot of options. Moreover, it means that WordPress is no longer the platform that is notorious for its messy tags.

You can group your tags depending on the type of tag that you have used with the Tag Groups WordPress plugin.

This plugin allows you to create various types of tag clouds, such as tabbed tag clouds, accordion-style tag clouds, a tag list (such as the one shown above), or an alphabetical one based on the tags.

All features of the plugin are easily integrated with Gutenberg blocks or via shortcodes, making it extremely easy to use. You are able to set up Tag Groups straight away, but you have the option of customizing them extensively to fit your specific needs.

Besides supporting flat tags like WooCommerce product tags, Tag Groups is also compatible with a wide range of flat tags. Using Tag Groups improves your ability to work with tags in a much more efficient manner, all in all.

💵 Free and for the Pro version. It costs $59.00.

Key Features:

  • Group your tags by language or topic
  • Add a tag cloud to each post based on the tags associated with the post
  • Organize your tags in a tag cloud according to your preference
  • Create an alphabetical index of your tags that can act as a phonebook for your tags
  • Use a tag cloud to display only tags from selected groups
  • Select the tags you would like to appear in different sections of your blog
  • Create a tag that adds a custom character or the post count before or after it

Random Reviews:

  • Tags plugin for WordPress is just the best. The support is excellent, the developer is friendly, and the plugin is extremely powerful. Congratulations and friendships!

    salvia49Jan 2022

  • It’s just what I needed. A neat and tidy tag cloud.

    chrisnreedNov 2021

  • It offers various solutions for organizing tags and for creating glossaries. No more messy and random tags.

    tizzSep 2021

TaxoPress Plugin

WordPress Tag, Category, and Taxonomy Manager

The TaxoPress plugin is among the most popular WordPress category plugins available today on the market. By using this software, you can easily create, tag, and manage taxonomy terms and categories.

It comes with a number of features that give you complete control over the categorizing of your WordPress website. As an essential part of TaxoPress, posts, pages, media, and custom post types can be assigned categories to help you organize your content.

The main advantage is that WordPress offers no options other than posts as categories, so that’s a big plus. The second advantage is that you are able to build dynamic tag clouds with a variety of configuration options and even combine tags.

So, your tags will be neatly arranged in a way that you desire and they will not be all over the place. Furthermore, TaxoPress can analyze your content and automatically generate categories and tags for your content based on the content you provide with.

As a result, you can save a significant amount of time by creating categories and tags relevant to your content easily.

In addition to all that, this plugin uses the Dandelion and OpenCalais APIs in order to analyze your post in real-time and to provide you with automatic tags that you can include in your post quickly.

It is also possible to link specific words in your blog post to the entire page of archived posts for a tag using the plugin.

When you use the Auto Links feature, the autolink feature automatically links all instances of the term ‘America’ in your content to a page that shows the archive for ‘America.’ That page is located at /tag/America.

💵 Free plugin with forums for support.

Key Features:

  • Create and edit taxonomy terms in WordPress quickly
  • Organizes all terms in one taxonomy in a customizable way
  • Displays posts with the same tags and categories
  • Auto Terms will analyze your posts and add the term ‘WordPress’ when it finds the term ‘WordPress’
  • Allows you to customize how all terms are displayed in the current post
  • Each taxonomy can be customized based on its settings

Random Reviews:

  • I recommend TaxoPress if you would like to add tags to pages!

    ringngoMay 2022

  • This is exactly what I needed, it works perfectly!

    mraznicadesignMay 2022

  • As my site builder does not provide tag modules (that’s stupid, right?) TaxoPress has been my savior. I appreciate their detailed support pages.

    Karen LaBonteMay 2022

Cool Tag Cloud Plugin

Category And Tags Plugin For WordPress

Using a professionally designed tag image as a background, the Cool Tag Cloud plugin renders a tag cloud that can be used in conjunction with your blogs. A tag cloud that is displayed through this plugin is completely responsive and can be viewed correctly in all of the major browsers.

This is primarily used with the “Cool Tag Cloud” widget, but you can also use [cool_tag_cloud], which is a shortcode to get the same effect. Let’s imagine that you might not want to group your tags, but want to make them pop out more.

In order to quickly style your WordPress tags, I recommend that you check out Cool Tag Cloud. A WordPress tag plugin that designs a colorful tag cloud that can be noticed instantly is Cool Tag Cloud, which is a lightweight and responsive WordPress tag plugin.

By using a responsive tag cloud, your page loads quickly no matter what device you are using or what browser you are using. The Cool Tag Cloud does not require any coding experience on your part.

From the options screen, you have access to every setting you may need. All you have to do is click on the options button. Several different ways are available for you to customize the look of your tag cloud with Cool Tag Cloud.

Aside from the nine colors, you will also find a couple of fonts, different font sizes (capped at 17px), font weight, and text transformations (uppercase, lowercase, etc.) included by default.

Furthermore, you are able to choose to display a specific number of tags, order the tags, show post count, add tooltips, and no-follow links, and select to include/exclude specific tags.

💵 Free download of this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Ability to display posts with the similar tags and categories
  • Creates a tag cloud in a user’s web browser
  • Provide an interactive widget that displays a ‘Cool Tag Cloud’
  • Provide every control setting you may need
  • Ability to render the tag cloud across all browsers

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is very neat, beautiful, and useful. I wish you the best.

    ivanesaSep 2021

  • The plugin that embellishes the tags, the categories. I like it because it gives it a more beautiful look. The settings are directly within the widget.

    fizteseoJun 2021

TagGator Pro Plugin

WordPress Auto Tagging Plugin

The TagGator Pro plugin is a well-known plugin in the list of WordPress plugins for tagging photos. You will be able to create tags with this plugin and have them assigned according to the keywords that are discovered in your content.

One notable feature of this plugin is its ability to automatically tag images as they are uploaded. This plugin allows you to automatically tag your posts, as soon as they are created, so you don’t have to worry about doing that manually.

The TagGator Pro plugin is a complete WordPress solution for Tags, which creates and assigns them automatically according to the keywords found in your articles. You only need to configure TagGator once, and you no longer need to worry about tagging your posts ever again.

Give TagGator the keywords and tags corresponding to the content on your website. TagGator can be triggered by a large number of keywords at the same time.

You do not have to tag posts as you create them with TagGator Pro, as it will do so for you. It is also possible for you to scan your posts at any given time and see your tags.

With the new Tag Minimum setting, you’ll be able to set how many times a tag and its keywords must appear in the post’s contents and title to be tagged.

Also, you can control the way that custom post types are tagged. In the Custom post types section, you can disable Taggator or enable it for different types of custom posts and select a custom taxonomy to use for tags.

💵 The TagGator Pro plugin was created by a professional author. It is priced at $17.00.

Key Features:

  • Using Taggator, tags are created automatically with most autoblogging solutions
  • Simply write different keywords that represent your tags, and Taggator will create and assign them
  • Ability to highlight the current category as you view each single post
  • Posts you create will automatically be tagged when you produce them

Media Library Categories Plugin

Media Library Categorization For WordPress

Media Library Categories will add the ability for users to use categories when browsing through the WordPress Media Library. In the media library, a dropdown of categories is available when the category selection option is activated.

The bulk actions feature allows you to edit, add, or remove the category of multiple items at the same time. With the shortcode, the user can also filter on a variety of categories when displaying the gallery.

WordPress, by default, does not allow you to add more than one category per post. Unlike most other category systems, WordPress’ default category system does not allow adding categories to media files, pages, or custom categories.

There is now a way to add categories to images, videos, audio, and other types of media with the help of WordPress category plugins. One such plugin is Media Library Categories.

Once you have activated the plugin, there is no need to set it up since it is super-duper easy to do so. Then you will have the option to add, edit, or delete any category or category groups for multiple posts through bulk actions.

Media Library Categories is a plugin that will come in handy in particular in case you have a media-rich website, for instance, photography or video website with large content. You can easily find and reorganize media files on your site with just a few clicks of your mouse.

💵 Plugin Media Library Categories is Free. It is made by a robust author.

Key Features:

  • Browse through the categories in the Media Library
  • Ability to manage categories in the Media Library
  • Shortcode for filtering on categories in the gallery
  • Create, edit, and remove categories for media files in the media library
  • Provide shortcodes for filtering by taxonomy
  • Using bulk actions Simply choose the appropriate category when adding multiple items at a time

Random Reviews:

  • So the plugin imports all categories from posts to media categories. So that isn’t right. Why would that happen? Then if you delete a category from media, it automatically removes the category from posts. That’s all a mess. I’m disappointed.

    kylomyloFeb 2021

  • On a visitor site, there is no issue (for now). When you edit a page in classic or new block system, you never see a preview, instead it says that there are no items found.

    jseutensJul 2019

WooCommerce SEO & Categories Plugin

Adding Category Related Texts For WordPress

The WooCommerce SEO & Categories WordPress plugin is exactly what you need if you want your search engine ranking to improve as well as customize your WooCommerce product categories.

If you are trying to improve your Google rankings, do as the great shops do: add Category related text and a header image to all your categories and make your Subcategories more attractive.

With this plugin, you can completely control your WooCommerce categories and their layout from your WordPress dashboard. This will give your customers a great WooCommerce experience all while increasing your sales.

To begin with, the plugin allows you to add product category descriptions, dynamic SEO titles on H1 tags, as well as text in the category footer, which allows you to improve your SEO results.

You can add beautiful header images to each of your categories and subcategories if you want to style your categories and sub-categories. Additionally, there is an option for the user to change the background or choose among 14 different style options for each product category.

There are so many more options to choose from, such as the ability to set a default background image, create multiple titles for your categories, insert nested categories, insert a landing page teaser, and more. It has an easy to use interface with support for WPBakery page builder and shortcodes.

💵 The plugin offers 12 months of support if you buy it for $29.00.

Key Features:

  • Display a special landing page teaser at the beginning of each category to increase search engine ranking
  • Several product categories are available in a variety of styles to suit your requirements
  • Using WooCommerce nested categories, you can display a subcategory and products below one another
  • Create categories footer text just like other large companies do to improve SEO as well
  • Build your own customized H1 SEO title by using the filter data in your application
  • With our Advanced Category Widget, you can add special sidebar text to your categories and improve your SEO

Random Reviews:

  • Great support and the plugin works just as described

    stickybeakFeb 2021

  • I would like good quality work for my website

    sutusSep 2019

  • Excellent plugin and excellent support – I speak with the seller even at weekends. I would HIGHLY recommend both plugin and support.

    wojciechkolenskiApr 2018

ZF WordPress Category Accordion Plugin

Categories Accordion For WordPress

The ZF WordPress Category Accordion plugin allows you to display all of your categories as WooCommerce category accordions, WordPress category accordions, also support pages, and support any custom post types that you wish.

With a number of options, it supports shortcodes vs widgets. By using these tools you can easily configure plugins in order to display exactly what you desire. In addition to that, you can choose from 7 different color schemes to display the categories.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to add more current color schemes. It is also necessary to categorize your content so that your visitors will be able to find more content from you.

When used properly, a good redirection tool can be used to divert many more users to other important web pages without having to break a sweat. There is no doubt that categories play a crucial role in our web presence, so it only makes sense to make them visible and easy to use.

A WordPress Category Accordion plugin like the ZF WordPress Category Accordion can be of incredible help to your website. The ZF WordPress Category Accordion is a brilliant WordPress plugin by Zufusion, a developer whose work is known for its outstanding quality.

With it, you can create beautiful, responsive, and elegant accordions for your categories. There are a number of plugins available that support post types, pages, WooCommerce products, and custom post types, which means you are covered at this level.

In addition to the seven default colors that come with the ZF WordPress Category Accordion, you can also add your own colors if you wish. You will also have access to quite a few customizability options that will streamline the process.

💵 Get this simple plugin at a low price. It costs $29.00.

Key Features:

  • Provide WooCommerce category accordion support
  • Adjust speed when expanding or collapsing categories
  • Highlighting the current category as you view each single post
  • Support for ShortCodes as well as Widgets
  • Accordion page menus ( accordion navigation ) Support custom post type
  • Ability to support custom post types
  • Allows you to open any parent category/page by default
  • Toggle Accordion Arrow alignment (left or right) First level child of the active category/page

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is highly customisable and dependable, so we will use it again when we rebuild our site, since nothing else compares. Thank you.

    mrcavalloMay 2021

The best category and tags WordPress plugins: A roundup

We have also listed some WordPress plugins you should use. These plugins will assist you in creating a better website.

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