8 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins Compared for 2023

WordPress coming soon Plugins are truly useful when you want to build up excitement to a new website or a product launch.

Users who visit the site pre-launch will see a coming soon page instead of the regular site content, often complete with website/product info and a countdown to launch day.

To help you build the perfect coming soon page, we’ve curated this list of the eight best WordPress coming soon plugins. 😎

The benefits of WordPress coming soon plugins

  • WordPress coming soon plugins build up anticipation and can help you create a following for the site even before it is live.
  • These plugins collect email addresses and other contact information from interested users. This helps to drive traffic to the site from day one.
  • They provide basic information about the website/ product. Or, if it’s down for maintenance, when readers can expect it to be up and running again.
  • These plugins help assess public interest in any upcoming product, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • They improve search engine visibility by providing a page for search engines to index, even if your site is down or not yet live.

These WordPress coming soon plugins are generally multipurpose, meaning you can also use them to build landing pages or to display maintenance mode notices.

Best WordPress coming soon plugins in 2023

πŸ”Œ Here are our picks for the eight best WordPress coming soon plugins:

  1. Lightstart
  2. WP Maintenance
  3. SeedProd
  4. Under Construction
  5. CMP (Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin)
  6. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode
  7. Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode
  8. Slim Maintenance Mode

1. Lightstart

LightStart Maintenance Mode allows you to put your website into maintenance mode, making it easy to keep your site running smoothly while you make changes.

Admins can have access to the full website, including the frontend, and build any kind of landing page – coming soon, login, thank you, and more.

Key features 🎯

  • Customizable maintenance, landing or coming soon page: Using blocks, you can create custom pages with your own branding, background image, and messaging. Landing page templates are included, and you can import templates as well.
  • Flexible design: Responsive, works with any theme.
  • Exclude certain pages and roles: Choose to exclude certain pages or posts from maintenance mode, as well as specific frontend and backend roles.
  • Redirect pages: Add an URL to redirect users during maintenance.
  • Multisite support: You can create coming soon pages for a WordPress multisite network.
  • Contact forms: To receive emails from visitors, and subscription forms to track subscribers and export to CSV.
  • Chatbot feature to engage visitors: Enable bots, complete with avatars, to converse with visitors and collect contact details in a friendly way.
  • Countdown timer: Keeps track of time remaining.
  • SEO options, social media icons and Google Analytics support.

As the templates include integration with editor blocks in the free Otter plugin, you’ll want to install that plugin too and keep it active. You only need Otter if you want to use its extra blocks. Again, it’s free.

Overall, the LightStart Maintenance Mode plugin is a useful tool for website administrators who need to work at the backend while still allowing authorized users to access certain pages.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our full Lightstart coming soon/maintenance mode tutorial.

Pricing πŸ’³


2. WP Maintenance

WP Maintenance allows you to build maintenance pages, landing pages, and coming soon pages in minutes, so you can work on the backend without losing any traffic. That’s because this plugin uses built-in SEO tools to optimize the site. A Secret Access Link feature provides access to authorized users.

Key features 🎯

  • Customization: Design the coming soon page with your own color scheme, logo, background image, headline, title and text. Also, completely rebrand the page without using code.
  • Background: Full screen resizable background image, blur background effect.
  • User login: People can log in from the frontend.
  • Email collection: Supports autoresponders, CRM, webinar and marketing software to collect contact details easily.
  • Exclude selected pages: So free access to some pages is possible.
  • Integrations: For Google Analytics, Zapier and all popular caching plugins.

Pricing πŸ’³

If you need pre-made themes and access to three million plus free images, purchase a lifetime license – Personal at $59, Team at $69 and Agency at $119.

3. SeedProd

SeedProd is a drag and drop website builder that you can use to build landing pages, maintenance mode pages, coming soon pages, and even entire WordPress websites. While the site is getting ready for launch or undergoing fixes, admins can work on the website freely.

Key features (many pro) 🎯

  • Build a variety of landing pages: Such as sales, coming soon, maintenance mode, 404, login, webinar and thank you pages.
  • Free templates: Free version comes with a variety of maintenance and coming soon page templates.
  • Offers powerful features: Like domain mapping to put landing pages on their own domains, dynamic text feature for personalization or WooCommerce blocks to build one-off product pages.
  • Stock images: Built-in access to over two million stock images that are searchable and optimized for the web.
  • Color schemes: 20+ built-in color schemes, or create your own custom color palette throughout the coming soon page.

Pricing πŸ’³

Premium plans include Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite at $39.50, $99.50, $199.50 and $239.60 respectively.

4. Under Construction

As the name suggests, Under Construction helps you quickly create custom landing pages, coming soon pages, under construction pages, and sales pages, while also collecting leads from those pages.

It’s simple, fast, easy to install and configure.

Features bundled in the free version include 25+ unique under construction page templates, scheduled auto-stop, whitelisted users and user roles, and Google Analytics integration.

Key features (Pro) 🎯

  • Customizable: 340+ premade templates, over 3.7 million images, with a drag and drop builder included.
  • Access control: Whitelisting users, user roles, IP addresses and per page URL based rules.
  • Redirect to URL: Instead of showing under construction page.
  • Useful elements: Popups for optin, link to login form, social icons.
  • Settings: For HTTP response code and SEO visibility.
  • Local leads saving and exporting: No setup required to collect leads, for contact form, or for stats.
  • Auto schedule: Start and stop time and dates.
  • Integrations: Support for MailChimp and Zapier integration, and for universal autoresponders and caching plugins. Google Analytics to track events.

Pricing πŸ’³

You can purchase Lifetime licenses at $119 and $250, or opt for a Yearly license at $49 per year. Alternatively, you can pay $8.99 per month if you want a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go option.

5. CMP (Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin)

CMP (Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin) is a user-friendly plugin that allows you to activate a landing page, coming soon page, or a maintenance page with only a single click.

Key features 🎯

  • Customization: Select from three bundled themes (free) or from a few premium themes. Choose suitable colors, fonts and 3D special effects like constellation and blur. Set custom logo and customize Google fonts.
  • Background image control: Add full screen background media including videos from YouTube or custom videos, slider images, patterns, gradients or solid colors with graphic overlay.
  • Image choice: From over a million+ searchable professional images.
  • Numerous elements: Such as subscription forms and social icons. Store emails in a custom database, export to CSV or integrate with Mailchimp, MailPoet, or Mailster.
  • Page targeting: To enable CMP only on specific pages. Allow full access to logged-in users.
  • Countdown: Configurable to schedule stop or redirect to another website.
  • Integrations: For Google Analytics, WPML and Polylang.

Pricing πŸ’³


6. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Like other WordPress coming soon plugins, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is a fully responsive, easy-to-configure plugin that allows a great deal of customization on the coming soon landing page.

Key features (many Pro) 🎯

  • Customizable: Set full browser background image, color and logo. In the premium version, you can also add a background slider, YouTube video background, change layout of elements and drag and drop order of content elements.
  • Style options: Adjust transparency, border color and radius, and customize fonts with 31 built-in fonts.
  • Access controls: Allow full site access for specific IPs, choose to allow/ disallow search robots.
  • SEO friendly: Set meta description and keywords, open social websites in a new window.
  • Additional Pro elements: Includes subscription form, three countdown design options, progress bar.
  • Animation effects: Choose from 39 animation effects with optional delay start.
  • Social media: Icons included, upload own images to social buttons.
  • Bonus tools: Schedule the coming soon page to disappear at a certain time, send email notifications.
  • Exclusion rules: Exclude specific pages or posts, add link to Admin section.

Pricing πŸ’³

Options include Free, Personal, Business and Developer at $0, $14, $30 and $50. The paid versions are all sold as a one-time purchase.

7. Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode offers a number of templates that can be matched to different types of websites to display a coming soon or maintenance mode page. The templates are responsive with smart sizing to fit any screen perfectly.

Key features (many Pro) 🎯

  • Customizable: Allowing you to add or delete sections, change colors and fonts, add and customize your logo. Additional pages included About Us and Contact Info. You can use custom CSS for total redesign, and Pro version includes eight design templates.
  • Pre-built sections: Includes Services and Team.
  • Background options: Select from single image, full screen image slideshow or YouTube video background. CSS3 animations for further customization.
  • Additional elements: Countdown timer with auto-launch and Contact form.
  • Subscription lists: View list in Table form and export subscription lists. Integrations with eight email newsletters.
  • Access settings : Grant access to the main site based on IP and user.
  • Social networks: Integrated with over five social networks, social profile drag and drop.
  • Full SEO control and translation ready.

Pricing πŸ’³

Purchase a Personal license for $19 and a Business license for $57. Both are one-time purchases, however, only the latter comes with lifetime updates and support.

8. Slim Maintenance Mode

Slim Maintenance Mode offers a no-frills option for putting the site under maintenance. This lightweight plugin needs no settings, requiring you to simply activate and deactivate it as needed.

As the name suggests, it’s more suited to maintenance mode than a coming soon page, but it might be a viable option if you’re just looking for a very basic tool to hide the contents of your site while you’re working on it.

Key features 🎯

  • Scheduling options: Schedule maintenance in advance.
  • Admin alert: It flashes an alert message at the backend while active.
  • No customization options: You cannot change the content or layout of the maintenance page.

Pricing πŸ’³


Try these WordPress coming soon plugins today 🏁

That wraps up our collection of the best WordPress coming soon plugins for all budgets.

If you’re not sure where to get started, the free Lightstart plugin offers an easy way to set up a coming soon page and control its design using the native WordPress editor and blocks (AKA Gutenberg).

If you’d prefer different design approaches, the other plugins are all quality options as well.

If you’re looking for a more actionable tutorial, you can also check out our πŸ‘‰ step-by-step guides on how to create a WordPress coming soon page or how to enable WordPress maintenance mode.

Do you still have any questions about how to choose the best coming soon plugin for your site? Let us know in the comments!

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