8 Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins πŸ”’ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin for Content Protection?

Looking for a quick answer? We recommend the WPShield Content Protector plugin for content protection in WordPress.

This plugin listing contains plugins associated with Content Copy Protection usages. We have curated this list to help you choose the most suitable plugin also for Content Copy Protection, Disable Right Click, Secure Copy Content, No Right Click On Images, and Disable Copy-Paste on WordPress.

Furthermore, you can use a WordPress activity log plugin to keep track of your users’ activities on your site, rather than employing a password protection plugin to monitor your site’s private information.

Listed below are the top WordPress plugins for Content Protection in 2022:

WPShield Content Protector Plugin

Most Complete Content Protector Plugin for WordPress

WPShield Content Protector is the first of our list of WordPress content protectors. This content protector has 15 built-in content protectors that protect all types of content, including text, video, audio, and source codes.

There are 15 protectors in this plugin, so it protects all formats of content. As a result, you do not have to use multiple plugins to secure your site. It works quickly and is compatible with any theme and plugin for WordPress.

There is an option to disable the right-click menu in this plugin, just as with any content protector, but there is also an option to limit the right-click menu items, which is a unique and exclusive feature. Although right click is not disabled, items such as save as, view source code and inspect element are disabled.

It is also exclusive to this plugin to disable the Inspect Elements system. Inspect Elements is the main tool for bypassing content protectors; however, none of the other content protectors have the option of disabling it. This plugin has a feature that clears the site content if the developer tool is opened so that any copy of your site content will be prevented.

We recommend checking out WPShield Content Protector’s website to learn about all of its features and options. It also offers comprehensive step-by-step documentation that can assist you in setting up and protecting your site’s content.

Key Features:

  • Right-click menu limiter that does not disable right-click, but does disable items such as save as and view source to improve User Experience
  • Using right-click menu disabler, you can prevent content copying by disabling the right-click menu completely
  • Disable content selection and copying + Allow users to copy content by adding reference link to copied text
  • Prevents images from being downloaded or hotlinked
  • Prevents videos from being downloaded and hotlinked
  • Protect your audio files from downloading and hotlinking
  • Disable the Developer Tools or Inspect Elements
  • Deactivate the view source on your site
  • Protect your website content completely from printing
  • Disables the Copy Enabler Extensions in browsers
  • Protector and disabler for feeds
  • A complete tool for preventing and disabling hotlinking
  • The encoder and hider of email addresses to prevent spam
  • The encoder and hider of phone numbers to prevent spam
  • Provides support for all plugins and themes
  • Provides advanced and extensive customization options

Random Reviews:

  • I use this photo protector for my photography and it kept all my photos from being downloaded. In the first week after I started using it, I received many emails from bloggers asking for image files, when I had not received even one email for a year before.

    GoharSep 2022

  • I sell courses on my website and I did not want someone to be able to easily copy/paste my content using a right-click. This plugin did this as advertised. I recommended using right click limiter to allow visitors to right-click on links for opening in new tab. it disables the view source and copy in menu.

    Sabine Ayge Sep 2022

  • I tried many content protections and all of them have lack of features but it does a great job and brings protection on the top level.There may be other plugins that offer similar functionality, but I have found that this plugin is the only one that disables the developers tools and CTRL+SHIFT+C completely

    FardAug 2022

WP Content Copy Protection Plugin

Copy Protection with Color Design

WP content copy protection with a color design plugin will protect your site from stealing data, copying contents and images.

In this plugin, there are no advanced features, such as a right-click menu limiter, disabled JavaScript protection, or Developer tools protector. Although this plugin is suitable for very basic site protection, it can be bypassed, so you should be aware if you choose it to protect your website content.

This plugin uses concise JavaScript and CSS codes to avoid harmful and unwanted effects on your website’s SEO. It also has the option of alerting you if anyone right clicks on your content or images.

WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design plugin works well on tablets and smartphones. This WordPress disable copy paste plugin helps you shut the copy-paste option off.

This plugin has a lake of advanced features like the right click menu limiter or Disabled JavaScript protection or even Developer tools protector. This plugin is appropriate for very simple protection but can be bypassed so please not it if you choose this plugin for protecting your site content.

Key Features:

  • Right-clicking is disabled in WordPress without an alert window being displayed
  • There are options available on the options page for changing the alert messages and exclusion of login users.
  • The pages and posts can either be excluded or protected only on a specific basis
  • With this WordPress content copy protection plugin, you can protect the WordPress print preview page using the CTRL+P shortcut
  • There is an option to use various shortcuts without selecting the text first
  • It provides the option to disable image downloads and hide/show alert messages when right-clicking on images with this WordPress plugin that disables right-clicking
  • It can also restrict keyboard shortcuts, text selection, image drag and drop, and more like them

Random Reviews:

  • Then people can copy not by right clicking, but by pressing the keyboard. Those are great.

    orensomethingOct 2020

  • It’s simple, but it works!

    sergeyua12Sep 2019

Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin

WordPress Content Protection Plugin

Secure copy content protection and content locking plugin is a WordPress security plugin that was designed to protect a website from plagiarism and WordPress content curation plugins that copy your website content or create duplicates.

It has all the features of WordPress disable right-click, WordPress secure copy content, and no right-click images. It also has the feature of WordPress to disable copy-paste to disable unwanted settings.

This plugin is easy to use with copyrighted materials that can take a few seconds to install and work. This WordPress content copy protection protects you from unwanted settings and lets you disable them. It works well both on PC and mobiles and lets you find any plagiarism.

Although this plugin is suitable for very basic site protection, it can be bypassed by the user, so if you choose to use it as a means of protecting your website content, you must be aware that there are no advanced features such as right-click menu limiters, disabled JavaScript protection, or Developer tool protector.

πŸ’΅ For example, the premium version of this plugin costs $29, while the free version is zero dollars.

Key Features:

  • WordPress disables the right-click feature, which ensures you the best quality in SEO from the aspect of the copyright sign
  • The copy-protected feature which lets you turn off drag and drop
  • Easy installation, which lets you install this WordPress content copy protection plugin in a matter of seconds
  • A new shortcode will be created automatically after pressing the β€œAdd new” button
  • The option of disabling shortcode
  • Using an orange square, indicate how many users have entered the password for the display of the content.
  • By selecting specific users, the content will be displayed without a password
  • There is a possibility to show restricted content for specific users
  • The option of disabling left-clicks, developer tools, F12, and more customizable options

Random Reviews:

  • Upon installing this plugin, I was unable to use Elementor Pro and Updraft Plus, which were capturing backups*

    lautiNov 2021

  • Works well. After using the free version, we tried the Pro plugin. We had some issues and contacted support, which responded promptly. The plugin is highly recommended for anyone who needs to protect their posts and original content.

    hayleenNov 2021

  • Thanks for the wonderful plugin, all content is protected.

    tecnologiaimbNov 2021

Smart Content Protector Plugin

WP Copy Protection

Smart Content Protector plugin is a Content Copy Protection plugin for protecting images and text on WordPress sites. It can help to avoid plagiarism.

It is one of the best WordPress disable copy-paste that works well once the plugin has been activated. This plugin uses an image watermarking feature, advanced image protection, and a very responsive lightbox to help your site shine.

This plugin will offer you a number of configuration options. You are able to disable drag and drop, choose where the plugin can work, disable the viewing of the original image, and more features like these.

This plugin also is old fashion for protecting web site content and has not new protectors so can by passed easily by neIn addition, this plugin is outdated in terms of protecting web site content and does not provide any new protections, so new methods can easily circumvent it, where as WPShield Content Protector do provide the necessary new protections to protect web site content.

Key Features:

  • It is supported by various operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
  • Protection for several Text and Image methods using Responsive Lightbox Image Watermark
  • The feature of disabling the Mouse Right Click and Possible Shortcut Keys for Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, View Source, and more like them
  • Log those IP addresses that copied the contents
  • User-Level Content Protection (Members/Guests)
  • Various Message Alert Options for Print Screen ALT + PrtScn, PrtScn, and CTRL + PrtScn
  • This plugin can be added to the homepage, the all-pages page, and the custom pages/posts page.
  • Custom pages and posts can include or exclude specific pages and posts according to the user’s needs
  • There are several types of settings available, such as Text Protection General and Image Protection Settings, to customize the protection
  • Have a check box on the Settings Page for disabling Smart Content Protector

Random Reviews:

  • It works awesome for me now, thanks for keeping it current!br>

    ace_pineappleNov 2018

  • The best plugin of its kind, with good support.

    Marty23Jan 2018

  • Thank you for your great plugin: it protects my blog from autoblog (AGC) theft, I really appreciate it!

    pippoadhifSep 2018

Opt-In Locker Plugin

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

The Opt-in Locker is one of the best WordPress content locker plugins that are very useful for locking important content. This plugin is modern and has been secured with CSS3 AJAX-driven opt-in form.

It can lock important content and help to hide important content until the user-submitted contact details. This plugin is very user-friendly and uses PHP and JavaScript for handling problems with caching plugins.

This plugin can enhance the functionality of a website with the best Front-End features. This plug-in can be easily installed and allows you to integrate with WordPress-native personal data tools.

So, install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site. And have your best experience with one of the best WordPress content copy protection plugins.

πŸ’΅ The $17 of the Opt-In Locker plugin is $17.

Key Features:

  • The option of remembering subscribed visitors who already subscribed to the page by using cookies
  • It has a soft locker mode which makes the contents visible for search engines, and a locking option for users through JavaScript
  • Support for iContact, AWeber, Mailster, Sendy, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Benchmark, and GetResponse. This support feature will let content details be submitted to each of them by using the API
  • WYSIWYG editor with a visual editor for editing content of the subscribe box
  • It has the feature of accepting shortcodes to insert them inside the subscribe box
  • Support for CSV format allows all data to export as a CSV file for use with any newsletter plugins
  • It supports terms & conditions to enable or disable them for opt-in forms
  • WordPress Best Practices Feature, which means no alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG will be needed

Random Reviews:

  • My website, DesignerCandies.net, uses this product along with Mailster, and it generates 50 new subscribers each day.

    DCandiesJan 2021

  • Simple, light, easy to use locker. You only get 2 fields – name and email, you cannot add more than that.

    MBAadmissionGURUSDec 2021

  • Thanks for sharing. Simple

    _KLYDE_Feb 2017

Passster Plugin

WordPRess Content Password Protection

Passster is one of the best WordPress password protection plugins. It has WordPress disable right-click, WordPress secure copy contents and disables copy-paste feature and more like them.

This plugin will protect your site with various protection methods such as Area protection. Page protection, Global protection, using captcha are other instances of protection in Passster.

Passster offers the capability of using up to a hundred passwords in its fantastic plugin. Passster has the WordPress no right-click images feature that lets you restrict your content, as well as any other features. This WordPress content copy protection plugin has 3 modes of protection, allowing it to work with all popular page builders.

πŸ’΅ In addition to the premium version for $139, there is a free version available as well.

Key Features:

  • Modern Coding standards and SHA-2 password protection
  • It has valuable and well-thought-out settings which let you activate cookies and Page builder support
  • You can manage your keys for external services
  • Give direct access to protected areas with a unique Base64 encrypted link to your users and audiences
  • Edit colors, sizes, descriptions, and more with instant updates and within the WordPress Customizer
  • It has various filters and action hooks to change every detail about your content protection experience
  • It works well with well-known page builders such as WP Bakery Pagebuilder, Beaver Builder, and Elementor

Random Reviews:

  • After having some trouble with WPWP-plugin I was seeking alternatives. I came across Passster by coincidence and decided to give it a try. All my needs were met. I’m satisfied with Passster and think about using it in other related situations as well.

    raulgarcia88Dec 2021

  • The security check system used to work perfectly, but now you have to enter a correct password AND have a bit of luck to unlock the content. Otherwise, you receive an error message that states, β€œSecurity check failed.”

    jansvrsNov 2021

  • PPWP-plugin caused some errors that could not be fixed (also without assistance from support). Passster worked great, and support was more than quick (responded in under 24 hours).

    boss1amiryApr 2021

Copyright Proof Plugin

WordPress Copyright proving service

Copyright proof is a WordPress content copy protection suitable for protecting copyright. It is also great for copy protection and proves your ownership.

It has the option of obtaining a time-stamped and signed digital certificate of WordPress content. Thanks to the WordPress secure copy content feature provided in copyright proof.

It has lots of customization features that let you enable the anti-theft features to copy-protect your content. You can also record the IP addresses of attempted introductions.

This plugin supports many users, a new WordPress block-based editor, and more like them. Georgia Tech evaluated and validated all the processes and implementation for a high level of security.

πŸ’΅ It is FREE. There is no cost associated with it.

Key Features:

  • You can insert combined certification
  • Have copyright and licensing option,
  • The feature of attribution notice, and place them at the end of the post
  • Variety of features such as WordPress disable right-click
  • WordPress has no right-click images, and WordPress disables copy-paste features
  • For the newest version of PHP (PHP 5.1.2 and later), premium users can preserve all contents independently of WordPress
  • The option for bulk-digiprove up to 30 posts/pages and 150 for personal users
  • Tested only with the AMP and Compatible with Gutenberg block editor

Random Reviews:

  • β€˜There has been a critical error on this website. Please check the email inbox of your site administrator for further instructions.’

    sergioruizvApr 2021

  • Excellent customer service

    StephanieDec 2020

  • I have to thank you for this wonderful plugin. It’s a great way to protect your content.

    grayfriarMar 2020

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