8 Best WordPress Geotargeting & Geolocation Plugins 📍 2022 (Free & Paid)

What do you think is the best WordPress plugin for geolocation to use on your website?

This article has gathered and hand-picked the best WordPress plugins for geotargeting and geolocation. It will be beneficial for you to choose one high-quality plugin for your website in 2022 to level up your site.

These plugins help you establish your online presence in the highly competitive industry by providing features and aesthetics and compatibility for all popular WordPress themes. Additionally, we make sure all the plugins are compatible with each WordPress theme.

Best Geotargeting & Geolocation Plugins for WordPress 📍

Let’s look at the top 8 WordPress plugins for Geolocation in 2022:

GeoTargeting WP Plugin

A Complete Solution to Geotarget Your WordPress Sites

The GeoTargeting WP plugin allows users to be targeted according to their location in three different ways – in other words, it automates this process for you.

With this geolocation WordPress plugin, you can provide users with powerful content delivery systems that will redirect visitors to specific pages based on their geolocation through a simple but powerful API.

The content types targeted by this geotargeting plugin can display different types of content depending on the visitors to websites receiving high levels of traffic. Page items, menu items, widgets, pop-ups, and custom post types are all content types that can be targeted by this plugin.

Furthermore, if you wish to have greater flexibility and control over your website, you may also use PHP functions, just like GeoTargeting Lite, which can be inserted wherever you wish in the coding.

By using the Geotargeting WP, cities and countries can be geo-targeted, giving you the possibility of blocking users by their region.

In the post or page editor, you may include or exclude specific areas. At any time, you may restrict a segment of content. Therefore, the plugin is the best choice to detect user location.

💵 You’ll get free updates when you purchase this plugin.

GeoTargeting Lite Plugin

WordPress Geolocation & Geotargeting Plugin

Although GeoTargeting Lite plugin does not come with all the features, it does allow you to create dynamic content based on the country of residence of your customers.

A simple shortcode can be used to specify which countries have access to the content by utilizing a filter.

If you utilize well-known firewall administrations, such as Cloudflare, Reblaze, or Sucuri, then the plugin will detect and report the real IP addresses of certain connections it detects.

When using the WordPress Popups plugin, you are now able to geo-target pop-ups. This country geodirect plugin is fully compatible with the WordPress pop-ups plugin.

In addition to posts, pages, and addresses of nations, urban areas, and states, GeoTarget’s geolocation feature allows you to perform targeted marketing.

Besides redirecting users according to their country, state, and city, the plugin also has numerous options. However, it is not compatible with WP Rocket, so if you are interested in this feature, consider GeoTargeting WP instead.

💵 It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a developer. The GeoTargeting Lite plugin is great for you. It’s free to use.

Key Features:

  • Exclude countries, cities, and regions shortcode offered
  • Editor button provided to easily add shortcodes (just like GeoTargeting WP)
  • Country blocking option available
  • Geolocations pop-ups
  • Enable to Create of multiple regions to use with shortcodes
  • Dropdown Widget offered to let users change their country
  • Create multiple redirects based on user countries, states, or cities
  • Geotarget menu items, widgets, everything
  • Geotarget posts and pages entirely
  • Complete set of PHP functions available

Random Reviews:

  • Look for another plugin since this plugin does not work with caching and today almost all websites are using caching.

    john smithApr 2022

  • People either do not know how to use shortcodes or don’t know how to read

    GnDJan 2022

  • ‘This plugin will not work on a server that has any page caching enabled.’
    Even though I disabled cache on the server and tried it locally and online without success, I was interested in the premium version, but since it won’t work, no thanks.
    This topic was modified 7 months, 1 week ago by Simon.

    amjoxeOct 2021

Geolocation Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Geotagging Your Posts

By installing the Geolocation WordPress plugin, WordPress users can seamlessly integrate geo-data into their posts, adding additional value to their posts as well as providing important information to their readers.

By utilizing the shortcode, you will be able to display your scathing battles on a Google map, regardless of the fact that geolocation is not possible.

You may add geo-data to any post by editing the post, but when your post has been published, you will notice a link that opens an interactive map that provides data pertaining to its location if clicked.

In order for the plugin to function, an API key for Google Maps must be entered under the map settings section of the WordPress dashboard.

Utilizing WordPress for iPhone, WordPress for Android, or WordPress for BlackBerry mobile applications will make this plugin much easier to utilize. Geotagging is a capability that these applications offer so that you can easily geotag your posts.

Unfortunately, unlike most of the plugins on this list, this plugin does not include Geolocation popups. So if you are interested in such functionality, GeoTargeting Lite might be the better choice.

💵 Plugins like this one are free to download. You can get it for free here.

Key Features:

  • Edit the posts and add geo-data to any of them
  • Enable public access to show the location
  • The option offered to use the tag on a page to provide a map with multiple entries
  • Your scathing battles are displayed on a Google map
  • Enable a ‘plain’ mode to prevent external access
  • Obtain a key via the google cloud platform
  • Visitors see a short description of the address within the post
  • Ideal for those who use WordPress for iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry

Random Reviews:

  • I was looking for exactly such a plugin.

    radik19Sep 2019

  • This plugin works great, and the support from Yann is excellent. I recommend this to anyone who wants to show the location of where a post was written on their blog.

    Marcel BeringerAug 2018

  • With the plugin (0.1.11), it works with iOS apps and WordPress 4.1.1.

    QuirkieMar 2015

CF Geo Plugin

WordPress Geolocation Plugin

CF Geo WordPress Plugin may be the perfect solution for those seeking a WordPress plugin that helps them out with marketing on their websites.

Using this plugin, you can enhance your posts and pages with location information. The plugin produces analytics about visitors’ geographic locations, which is useful for creating targeted marketing campaigns and for displaying local currencies on your e-commerce site.

Aside from that, the plugin also allows users to add pins to maps and determine their location automatically, and include the information in the post.

As part of your localization strategy, you can redirect users to a localized version of your website and remove legal notices that are not relevant to specific regions.

This plugin Integrates with WooCommerce easily, so if you need a geolocation plugin for your WooCommerce store, this is it!

Unfortunately, Geotargeting pop-ups are not supported by this plugin, and you should use the GeoTargeting Lite plugin instead if you need the feature.

💵 Get Lite for free, Pro for a price.

Key Features:

  • No need to buy expensive and heavy databases
  • Offers GEO Defender to block site access for certain locations
  • Supports Cloudflare CDN support
  • Provides the ability to include or exclude content by location
  • Allow or block access to posts based on location
  • No effect on the site performances
  • SSL support offered
  • Country SEO redirect included
  • Integrates with WooCommerce (just like GeoTargeting WP)

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks to the developer team for this fantastic plugin which works perfectly.

    showappsMar 2022

  • The SEO wildcard redirection isn’t working for us. We’ve been waiting for developers’ responses for days now.

    bugraceylanDec 2020

  • During our investigation of this plugin, Stefan and his team were very prompt, helpful, and responsive. Everything is moving forward and we thank their team.

    AdrianSep 2020

IP Geo Block Plugin

A WordPress Geo-blocking Plugin with Zero-day Exploit Prevention

The IP Geo Block WordPress plugin allows you to explicitly block visitors, IP addresses, and even entire countries and regions from accessing your website. This can be useful if you would like to prevent bots or other unsolicited visitors from accessing your site.

Plugins assigned to mandatory usage can be configured in such a way that they are loaded before other plugins. So you can assign this plugin as the mandatory one.

This plugin helps protect users against malicious login attempts, comment spam, trackback spam, pingback spam, etc., from countries and regions they do not wish to access.

In this system, you can verify the IP address used for accessing the backend of your website by using a country code that comes from the IP address that you provided the plugin. It is also possible to whitelist or blacklist specific countries and IP addresses.

Please be aware that this package does not support SSL. If you require this feature, you may want to use another plugin, such as the CF Geo Plugin.

💵 There is no charge for using this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Guard against login attempts offered
  • Zero-day Exploit Prevention is available
  • Multiple sources of IP Geolocation databases
  • Customizing response available
  • Hides the HTTP referrer
  • Support of BuddyPress and bbPress
  • Detects malicious attacks from even permitted countries
  • Validation logs included
  • Cooperation with a full spec security plugin
  • Immigration control provided

Random Reviews:

  • My efforts to configure it took several hours. I watched a video tutorial and read all the setup by setup tutorials in the site…
    but some settings were missing from my setting page, most importantly the whitelist of country codes (completely missing).
    I wasted time and effort for nothing.

    sanna.gianlucaJul 2020

  • There are many users from the US who have been blocked by this plugin! I set it to allow US users and it doesn’t work!

    avnernetzNov 2020

WP GeoIP Country Redirect Plugin

Geotargeting & Geolocation WordPress Plugin

WP GeoIP WordPress plugin can redirect visitors to different parts of your site based on their IP address or country if they have any questions.

In WP GeoIP Country Redirect, you will have the ability to set rules that will redirect users from one country to another based on their IP address, and you will be able to do this within the WordPress admin area.

This plugin features country redirection, so you can determine the country of the server based on its IP address and then divert the user to the correct server based on the determination.

If you operate a website and would like to target particular posts or pages to visitors from specific geographical locations, you can utilize GeoIP to accomplish this.

You have a few complex features as well, like IP address exceptions, all countries excepting one rule, no redirect parameter in the URL, once redirect cookie feature, etc.

💵 Once you’ve purchased the plugin for $29, feel free to ask for support help any time.

Key Features:

  • Show a page with an offer only available for specific locations
  • Driveaway non-business related countries
  • The option of all countries excepting one rule is available
  • Direct visitors to the correct pages within a multi-lingual translated website
  • Redirect customers to the proper storefront pages for taxes
  • IP Address exceptions are available
  • No redirect parameter in the URL option provided

Random Reviews:

  • In this review, the developer’s score is based on the plugin’s functionality as well as its support. Very friendly and professional developer able to provide assistance on short notice. Will continue to use their plugin and recommend them to anyone seeking proper functionality and excellent customer service.

    samplesolutionsAug 2019

  • No bugs, and great support. Highly recommended.

    kbleewebFeb 2020

GEO my WordPress Plugin

The Ultimate Geolocation & Mapping Solution for WordPress

The GEO my WordPress Geolocation and Mapping Plugin, allows you to geotag posts, forums, WordPress forms, and custom post types, among many other features.

Through the Google API tool, you can insert fields into any of your BuddyPress posts, pages, or users.

There is even the possibility of adding a location map to an existing post using Google Maps. The address autocomplete will appear on the post, and the coordinates will be displayed.

If you use the plugin, your customers will be able to easily find posts as it lets you.

It is important to note that the separation results are dependent upon the location and the direction entered.

Furthermore, it provides you with the option of creating proximity search forms for all the components of your website that have been geotagged to facilitate finding products. These proximity forms use maps, distance, addresses, and other factors.

💵 The Premium version of the GEO my WordPress plugin costs $79, and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Post types locator
  • Insert fields into any of your BuddyPress posts
  • Mashup Maps included
  • BuddyPress Members Locator offered
  • Single location shortcode and widget included
  • Add a location map to an existing post
  • Includes advanced location form
  • Creating proximity search forms is possible
  • Provides theme flexibility

Random Reviews:

  • I get exactly what I need from this. Thanks

    thorunogluMar 2022

  • This plugin works great with the Gravity Forms upgrade.
    I work with local service businesses (contractors, real estate, etc) and it’s important to understand where to service when receiving a quote request.
    I give this plugin a 5-star rating all the way.

    Clifford PaulickMar 2022

Simple Location Plugin

A WordPress Plugin to Detect User’s Location

The Simple Location plugin allows you to add coordinates to any blog post, comment, user, or file on your WordPress site.

It allows users to add geo coordinates and a location taxonomy to a post, comment, or attachment and a description of the location.

The coolest feature of the application is that it can also send out weather information with your uploaded photos. It uses geolocation data to store geolocation information with your uploaded photos.

Weather information can be displayed in the form of a plugin in posts or widgets based on your location. There is an option for displaying a map and retrieval options for locations based on HTML5 Geolocation APIs.

Travel bloggers and bloggers who wish to add check-in locations to their posts, or anyone wanting to add check-in locations to their posts, will find Simple Location’s simple and intuitive interface ideal.

💵 Free download of this plugin is available.

Key Features:

  • Weather information is displayed
  • Zones allow for geofencing
  • Saves location data in a WordPress standard format
  • Set coordinates and a radius around zones
  • Allows you to protect private locations such as your home
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Ideal for travel bloggers and bloggers
  • The geocoding system tries to get country codes consistently
  • Locations are matched using the country code
  • Saves location data from image metadata

Random Reviews:

  • It does not appear to be much but is incredibly effective and clever. It is simple, yet effective, and well made.

    kartguruMar 2021

  • I use it a great deal. I would like to use it on my pages too and not just post. I like the simplicity and ease of use.

    dave3535May 2020

  • Thanks so much, David, I really appreciated the default option to use private access and open providers. I downloaded and installed the UK MetOffice provider.

    LewisCowlesMay 2020

As a final thought, we would like to say

As you have seen in this article, we reviewed the plugins and showed you why each of them is incredible. Everyone with a site can benefit from using these plugins.

📌 Recommended: Our articles about the best WordPress blog themes and best WordPress plugins for bloggers are also highly recommended.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect Geolocation WordPress plugin for your website from all these options.

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