8 Best WordPress Image Hotspot Plugins 🖼️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Is a WordPress plugin useful for an Image Hotspot?

Here, you will find the best WordPress Image Hotspot plugins with some of the best features and preferences. These best WordPress plugins have the best features, support, and straightforward interfaces to assist you to get going. As well, we assure you that our plugins work wonderfully with all the best WordPress themes.

We have developed several WordPress plugins for the Image Hotspot. This plugin works with Elementor, WPBakery, Divi, Image Map, Hotspots With Comments, and Interactive Hotspot Images. Pick the WordPress plugin that fits your site and take its performance to the next level.

Best Image Hotspot Plugins for WordPress 🖼️

Now let’s look at the top WordPress plugins for Image Hotspot for 2022:

Getwid Plugin

Collection of Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Plugin

Getwid is a WordPress block library plugin for building blocks that can later be combined into a whole. The plugin allows you to build blocks containing video pop-ups, image galleries, and post carousels, among other useful features.

The tool also includes several exciting features, such as a free image hotspot block and the ability to customize it using WordPress’ native features as well as a host of other cool features.

Through the use of this block, you can implement Font Awesome icons for the tooltip pointers, as well as customize their colors and sizes and change their default design as required.

You can also add animations to the hotspot icons, such as pulse animations, appearance animations, and even hover animations. Additionally, tooltips in the system can be customized in every way and are fully movable.

Those interested in creating a simple and eye-catching team showcase can create one with the snappy and fully-functional accordion tabs section, which can quickly manage job titles, names, and image sizes: custom icons and headings are a great option for FAQs.

You can choose many styles for your Image Stack Gallery Block, which is fully customizable to fit any WordPress theme design and unleash your creativity.

The most recent posts can be displayed on a page with custom metadata and a list or grid layout, and your choice of output formats. A recent testimonial block includes author avatars, citations, and titles A recent testimonial block does not include these elements.

Depending on how many blocks you specify, you can add or remove as much space as you wish between them. The spacer block can be hidden from your smartphone, tablet, and desktop/laptop.

Comparatively to the Stratum plugin, the Getwid plugin can be described as having only one disadvantage: when deactivated, content appears in a simpler format, which is not a con, but definitely worth noting because it is an inconvenience.

💵 This is a free plugin. No charge will be applied.

Key Features:

  • Edit images with animation effects, adjust size in clicks, and adjust spacing in order to improve your editing skills
  • A custom layout can be used to customize almost any section of a website
  • Easily embed custom markers on Google Maps by using this embed code
  • Using custom icons will help you create an application interface that is both effective and simple
  • A variety of typographical controls are available for creating memorable headings

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you very much!

    flatvnApr 2022

  • It became an indispensable part of our block-based website after almost a year of use. The integration with Gutenberg is seamless.

    qtd56ijtFeb 2022

  • These tools are great for any site! Thank you!! br

    zabavljaevFeb 2022

Stratum Plugin

High Quality Elementor Widgets WordPress Plugin 

If you are using Elementor page builder to create your website, you may wish to add the feature of image hotspots using the Stratum plugin.

The following collection of free-to-use Elementor widgets is designed to mimic the look and functionality of the paid-for widgets. They are ideal for creative projects as they come with a variety of visually pleasing elements.

This is an Elementor image hotspot widget by Stratum that gives you complete control over everything, including its size, color, and icon. Additionally, it can display animation effects and it can display an interactive icon.

As a further feature, you can create a library of your own icon sets that can be used across hotspots. Tooltips can be automatically triggered when a hotspot is hovered over or clicked.

With Stratum, you are able to access many Elementor plugins features usually found in third-part Elementor extensions for no additional charge.

It was developed with the specific purpose of assisting Elementor users with the easy building of landing pages, portfolios, business cards, creative blogs, and authentic websites.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are involved in, Stratum offers a range of essential Elementor extensions that are ideal for any kind of business.

The elementor framework enables you to create and customize testimonials, pricing tables, progress bars, galleries, posts, and comparison tables in order to improve your website as you progress from a simple setup to an advanced one.

When compared to WordPress Tooltips Ultimate and Image Hotspot, Stratum has one major disadvantage; though you can get the plugin for a reasonable cost, there are not many additional features available.

💵 Lite version is free, while the Pro version is $29.00.

Key Features:

  • Tables, countdowns, progress bars, and a ton of other Elementor add-ons that provide tons of fully adjustable settings
  • Stratum add-ons for Elementor enabled the creation of several Elementor templates
  • A stunning set of visuals for your campaign banners, slideshows, flip boxes, and interactive images
  • To make widgets more attractive, a design toolchain has been created for each
  • Easily integrate Instagram feeds and more with APIs

Random Reviews:

  • You will be able to create a much more lively website with these widgets than those built upon the elements base. Don’t hesitate to go ahead and download this extension, it will change your life.

    filou81Jul 2021

  • Provides a clear, flexible timeline that is easy to use, customizable, and comes with excellent customer support.

    NM6May 2021

WordPress Tooltips Ultimate & Image Hotspot Plugin

Tooltips Insertion Inside Page or Post WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Tooltips Ultimate & Image Hotspot plugin is a functional and flexible tooltip styling plugin with a wide variety of themes that allows the user to have some degree of control over the output and usage.

This is probably the most feature-rich and versatile plugin on the market for tooltips in WordPress. In addition to customizing anchors and arrows and modifying the animation effects, it is possible to use Font Awesome icons for tooltips or to use the default Font Awesome icons.

As well as offering standard modal tooltips, this plugin permits embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos, creating cool map styles for the map, and even writing HTML text to appear in the tooltips.

Additionally, you and your friends may enjoy the style theme, as it includes comic strips and attractive graphics design elements.

When you place as much text on your website’s main interface, it will have a more professional appearance and feel. If you can hide tips that your visitors might not need or be interested in, you will keep your website free of potentially intrusive information.

The tooltip is an excellent method for controlling how visitors behave. It is easier to control visitor behavior without having to add additional calls to action to your website.

The design of your site ought to be intuitive, but visitors may still find some parts of it confusing. Tooltips can assist in making visitors more comfortable with your website rather than feeling frustrated, confused, or in need of clarification.

💵 With this plugin, you get 12 months of free support for $26.00.

Key Features:

  • The tooltip window may be customized by including YouTube videos or Vimeo videos
  • The library of Google fonts provides you with several choices, and the fonts can be customized
  • Option to choose between multiple arrow positions
  • With 22 different designs to choose from and on-the-fly tooltips, select the theme that best fits your needs
  • Whenever a tooltip is displayed, the remainder of the page is dimmed, urging users to pay close attention to it
  • The anchor cursor can be selected from several options at the time of setting the anchor cursor

Random Reviews:

  • I recently had an issue with one of the plugins based on a custom theme I was building and they updated their plugin within a day to work with my theme’s code. The CODEMIN team provides some of the best support people I’ve ever encountered.

    postmodernboxJun 2018

  • The plugin does as advertised and works great. I had one minor issue but the people at Codemine responded to my message within 15 minutes and the whole thing was resolved very quickly. Very happy customer.

    miruscreativeNov 2017

Image Hotspot Add-on for WPBakery Plugin

All in One Widgets for Elementor Plugin

The WPBakery image hotspot plugin is the most commonly used; using this plugin is an older standby for this plugin – so if you use this theme builder, you might be able to reduce the number of plugins you need to install and still achieve the functionality you require.

With this add-on, your pop-up tooltips can include media files, you can change the font and style of your message, and you can add icons, numbers, and animation effects to your instructions.

The process of adding a widget to WPBakery’s Page Builder is straightforward, but it requires installing the plugin on your site. Additionally, you should enable the Front Editor so that you are able to drag the position of the icon.

It is important to note that this extension was designed to work together with Elementor Page Builder and will not function properly without it. The All In One Widget for Elementor contains this Image Hotspot with Tooltip extension.

The plugin is compatible with the latest version of jQuery and the latest version of WordPress.

A few JS and CSS items are enqueued when needed to prevent WordPress from automatically enlarging the page. FAQs are available as well as the source code, so future updates will not be impacted.

💵 The plugin charges $13.00 and has 12 months’ support.

Key Features:

  • Supporting lightbox, that can be YouTube, Vimeo video, Image, Google Map, etc
  • Images and videos are both acceptable content types for tooltips
  • With WPBakery Page Builder’s Frontend Editor, you can customize the appearance of all hotspot icons
  • The hotspots can be colored however you wish

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks again for making this possible. I appreciate how easy it is to use, how great it looks, and any questions I had were answered thoroughly and comprehensibly – and fairly fast.

    vonJanneJul 2021

  • However, the comments section of this plug-in gave me all the solutions I needed. Do not hesitate to check out the section.

    edzheimerOct 2021

iPanorama 360 Plugin

Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress

Using the Ipanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder, you can quickly compose and publish virtual tours without any advanced programming skills with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Aside from adding panoramic photos, you can easily create hotspots that allow users to move between different scenes, pop-over windows that display information about various parts of the scene and much more using the builder.

This panorama plugin allows you to display any web page, open a pop-over window, and display text, images, videos, and other media on the fly.

This panorama plugin is compatible with all modern browsers and mobile devices and is used to present tour information, maps, and other information on the web.

A visual tour plugin allows you to create and customize your own virtual tours. Some of the features include an intuitive visual editor, and options for choosing various scene types such as spheres, cubes, little planets, flats, and Google street view.

Also, you have the ability to create custom marker views by using the marker builder, navigating with fullscreen navigation modes, and integrating audio backgrounds into your virtual tours.

Simply stated, it is a wonderful tool for marketing any type of business, such as a hotel, in the manner in which modern travelers expect them to be marketed.

💵 By paying $39.00, you receive this plugin and 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • A marker view can be created as easily as pie
  • Describe in a few words what your scene is about
  • The program includes a comprehensive tooltip system that is both powerful and flexible
  • Allows you to mark different areas that you wish to highlight
  • An image can be selected for use as a preview
  • Displaying a large amount of information using a lightbox
  • Make use of the special markers to navigate between scenes

Random Reviews:

  • I emailed author regarding a minor issue, and he resolved it for me quickly. I appreciate the time he took to let me know what was going on, and that it had been resolved.

    DroneHighJul 2021

  • A problem with custom CSS codes was solved swiftly by the support, so it was like instant messaging. It was a great experience. Thanks

    flu5kyAug 2021

Divi Image Hotspot plus Plugin

hotspots Creation on images WordPress Plugin

Using this Divi Plus module, you can quickly make your images self-explanatory by adding hotspots. You can also add links to images, helping your customers better understand the images’ hotspots.

Due to the pulse effect, the tooltip, the layout support, and a number of other factors, users are more likely to interact with this visual image with hotspots.

Divi Image Hotspot module is required if you wish to add images to a Web page with spot areas & image information. By using the Divi Image Hotspot module, users can add images to a Web page with spot areas & image information.

With the Divi Image Hotspot module, you can make your product images appear more than they normally would, so take advantage of the Divi Image Hotspot module if you would like to make them appear more than they normally would

An icon will have to be added to the image, which will then be accompanied by text markers, and the tooltip will be able to discuss the product’s features with some magical tooltip entrance animation

This module will not only allow you to create your own self-explanatory images, but it will also enhance any previously existing images so that you can create something completely new.

Taking advantage of the many customizations that come with it, you can create something that will really stand out.

💵 You will receive 12 months of free support when you buy this plugin for $79.00.

Key Features:

  • A Divi image link may include hotspots within an image, providing users with additional information regarding the hotspots in the image
  • Change the background of the website and add animation to the entrances
  • Create a website and upload images along with information about spots and areas
  • Add icons, images, and text markers to your map
  • In addition to the tooltip content, the library layout and text will appear

Image Hotspot Plugin

Map Image Annotation WordPress Plugin

The Image Hotspot Plugin can be customized in a variety of ways, and hundreds of icons with a variety of shapes and sizes may be selected. Other settings may also be modified in order to suit your needs.

Besides icons, the Image Hotspot plugin also features a variety of fonts to choose from, supports any post, page, or widget, as well as the latest theme and page builder versions of WordPress, as well as unlimited shortcodes and custom CSS styles.

You should therefore use image hotspots to provide your visitors with something new every time they look at your website. Therefore, you should use image hotspots as opposed to image sections for your site’s image content.

Using the image map hotspot, you can combine your images into a more interactive experience by displaying a popover when you mouse over or click on them.

It’s simple to easily display dynamically generated information over your images with Image Map HotSpot. Images can be customized and updated without writing any code.

Utilizing the tool, you are able to turn an image into an interactive assessment or an activity that explores content.

When it is necessary to convey information visually without relying on text alone, an image map is a superb medium for this. Visitors can click on certain areas of the image to view text, images, videos, or links.

💵 It is a free plugin. There are no fees associated with it.

Key Features:

  • Annotations include three types of pointer content, such as tooltips, embedded codes, and custom codes
  • Pointers are available in three styles: font-awesome icons, custom images and icons, and text
  • Custom Icon/Image, Custom Hover Image/Image, and Custom Image/Icon Size are available
  • A Custom Image Map HotSpot template is made by modifying the code that you have written
  • 1600+ custom icons are built into Annotation Plugin pointer with options to change icon color, icon hovers color, icon size, and hover icon

Random Reviews:

  • A plugin that evolves under the leadership of a responsive creator.

    enerylanFeb 2022

  • The plugin is very flexible and easy to use to display info using a pointer. The customer service is excellent and heart-warming.

    sum750Dec 2021

Hotspots with Comments Plugin

Visitor Comments Within Images WordPress Plugin

You may want to consider installing the Hotspots with Comments plugin so that visitors can leave comments directly within the images.

Hotspot comments will be handled the same way you handle regular blog comments – you will approve, delete, and close them as necessary.

It may be possible to place hotspots on your images to emphasize certain points by inviting visitors to do so. Doing so will encourage engagement and you may even be able to add your own.

Easily create public or private hotspots which can be moderated in the same manner as WordPress comments. Only use shortcodes when placing images with hotspots anywhere in posts, pages, and widgets.

In order to prevent unauthorized users from creating hotspots, you can either restrict the ability to create hotspots to administrators or enable anyone to create them.

There is an image with a shortcode that contains a feature that allows visitors to click on the image to create a hotspot as well as leave comments.

This plugin is a tool for creating interactive hotspot images. It can encourage your users to comment on the images, absorb them and provide an opportunity for you to turn them into your potential customers.

💵 When you have purchased the plugin for $17.00, you are free to ask for support assistance.

Key Features:

  • Creating a hotspot is an option available to you
  • Using these hotspots, you can view text, photos, and videos
  • Changing the status of a hotspot can be accomplished by disabling it or enabling it
  • Several styles, colors, and icons are available

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WordPress Image Hotspot plugins we checked in this post have been updated for 2022. They will assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your site.

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