8 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins ☠️ 2022 (Free & Pro)

Would you like to get one of the best Malware Removal WordPress plugins for your website?

Our experts have gathered a list of the best WordPress plugins for Malware Removal to save you time and effort. The plugins below provide specific features and functionality, even better than some premium plugins. The best thing is that all of them will work with top WordPress themes.

You can use these anti-malware and malware scanner plugins for malware protection and virus checking.

Best Malware Removal Plugins for WordPress 👾

Let’s look at some of the best Malware Removal WordPress plugins for 2022:

MalCare WordPress Malware Removal Plugin

WordPress Security for High Performance Websites

MalCare is a malware detection and removal plugin widely used by software developers and security agencies. It provides the industry’s first one-click malware removal solution to ensure the security of your blog or website before it is blacklisted by Google or suspended by your web host.

The MalCare plugin offers excellent malware protection and quick cleanups; That’s why it is considered the best compared to any other plugin.

The scanner of the plugin is instrumental in detecting and removing malware since if it is not able to discover the malware on your site, you cannot remove it.

Because MalCare scans your website on its servers, it does not overburden the server’s resources, ensuring it runs smoothly without affecting your visitors’ experience.

The plugin offers features like keeping track of small changes to files, receiving real-time e-mail alerts on small files, monitoring plugins, themes, users, etc.

The only drawback is that the free version does not offer cleanups.

💵 The plugin costs $99, but it also has a Free version.

Key Features:

  • It has no impact on the performance of the server
  • Provides Emergency Cleanups
  • Automated scanning based on a schedule
  • Automatic cleaning with a single click
  • Effortless and quick cleaning
  • Malware scanning on a deep level
  • Includes smart firewalls
  • Alerts are provided in real-time, and there are no false alarms
  • Performing thorough scans

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin was automatically installed on my website. I believe it to be a group of hackers since my website has been hacked. When I logged in to the dashboard, I saw a new plugin called MalCare.

    swadiqcmdJun 2022

  • I tried the Malware support team because I had trouble with Japanese SEO spam on my website. They were beneficial and did a great job cleaning up all the malware. I would suggest MalCare for all WordPress website owners. Thank you for your excellent support. This topic was modified three weeks, three days ago by one.

    rajk748May 2022

Sucuri Malware Scanner and Cleaner Plugin

Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Sucuri Security is a widespread and trusted plugin for protecting your WordPress site. It contains a malware scanner, an excellent malware cleaner, and other features designed to complement your current security protection. Currently, it is owned by GoDaddy.

With Sucuri, users can access various security features to enhance their website’s security. Premium users can also access the malware removal function provided by Sucuri. We tested Sucuri to ensure it lived up to its reputation, and we were delighted.

As far as the features are concerned with this plugin, you will be getting Malware Removal & Hack Cleanup, Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring, Stop Hacks (Virtual Patching / Hardening), Advanced DDoS Mitigation, and so on.

Furthermore, Sucuri Malware Scanner and Cleaner come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can simply ask for a refund if you are unsatisfied with it.

Although, the lack of automatic cleaners on the site is quite disappointing. Several challenges are associated with configuring the firewall, and you will receive alerts continuously.

💵 The plugin costs #Price

Random Reviews:

  • LAPI disconnects a lot. Won’t accept the new key.

    ma1295xlnalxApr 2022

  • The free version is fantastic. Thanks!

    dawnhawkApr 2022

  • I found this plugin to be a great time and money saver after being hacked. I want to thank you for your work.

    mudasirabbasturiFeb 2022

Astra Security Suite Plugin

Secure Your Website From Malware and Hackers Before It is Too Late

Astra Security Suite not only removes malware but also protects your website from adware and spyware. It is one of the most comprehensive security suites you can use for your website.

Due to its comprehensive security platform, Astra eliminates malware, credit card fraud, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, online marketing spam, comment spam, brute force attacks, and 100+ other forms of internet threats, so you no longer need to manage multiple security solutions.

Some of the largest global companies, including Gillette, Ford, African Union, and Oman Airways, use the Astra security dashboard, which has no dozens of buttons like an aircraft cockpit.

This plugin’s best feature is its user-friendly interface, making it extremely easy for anyone to use. And like Sucuri, Astra’s premium customers receive access to antispyware and anti-malware services.

Unfortunately, there are no automatic cleanings, and you will receive too many notifications.

💵 The pro version gives you 12 months of support for $25/M.

Key Features:

  • Performing security audits
  • The blocking of IP addresses
  • Security through a strong firewall
  • Cleaning up malware manually
  • Security measures for login
  • Anti-malware feature
  • Dashboard with intuitive functionality

NinjaScanner Virus & Malware Scan Plugin

a Lightweight, Fast, and Powerful Antivirus Scanner for WordPress

NinjaScanner Virus & Malware Scan is lightweight, fast, and powerful and has several convenient features to help secure your website.

The plugin gives you several valuable features, such as a File Integrity Checker, a File Comparator, Exclusion filters, File Snapshots, Database Snapshots, a list of Anti-malware/Antivirus ignored files, Google’s Safe Browsing API, incremental scans, background scans, as well as many others.

Utilizing the virus checker feature and the built-in signatures, you can scan your site for potential malware and viruses.

LMD(Linux Malware Detect) is integrated within NinjaScanner’s scanning engine and provides integrated anti-malware signatures. This explains why some ClamAV signatures were incorporated. You can also write your signatures.

Using its Document Comparison viewer, you can see any differences between modified and original versions of selected WordPress files and plugins. You can also add your premium themes and plugins to the program if they are corrupted or contaminated.

Corrupted or contaminated files can be recovered using a few simple steps.

Those who use the NinjaFirewall WP or NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition web firewall plugin are encouraged to install this program to gain access to NinjaScanner’s features. These features are free to use, but some may require a fee.

💵 There are both Lite and Pro versions of this plugin. The Pro version charges $19.50, while the Lite version costs nothing.

Key Features:

  • Integrate WP-CLI in an advanced manner
  • APIs for safe and secure browsing on search engines
  • Scan schedules and backdrops of high quality
  • Provides information on Ignored Files
  • Files quarantined are kept in a Sandbox
  • Support for multiple sites
  • Contains an anti-malware/anti-virus feature
  • Compare data files using a comparison viewer
  • Filters available for exclusion
  • Checking the integrity of records
  • NinjaFirewall integration with WP+ and WP editions

Random Reviews:

  • I have been using the NinjaFirewall for months and have just started using NinjaScanner. Both products are excellent- easy to use, configure, and understand! Thanks very much, guys! Sincerely.

    rukshan2Feb 2022

  • Saved a site that had been attacked!

    spidxelJul 2021

  • Useful!

    johnmandarineNov 2020

Cerber Security Plugin

Defends WordPress Against Hacker Attacks, Spam, Trojans, and Malware

One of the best features of the Cerber Security WordPress plugin is its automatic malware detection and removal ability. This significantly benefits WordPress sites, as malware cleanup is crucial for minimizing the potential damage from malware attacks.

The plugin protects against hacker attacks, Trojans, and other malicious activities on your WordPress website. The plugin reduces brute force attacks by limiting the number of times a user may log in by using XML-RPC / REST API calls, authentication cookies, or another method.

In addition, Cerber Security provides the ability to ‘slave’ multiple WordPress websites to a single ‘master’ website. This does not require using separate cloud dashboards for all your websites.

Still, it does enable you to monitor and control the security of your ‘slave’ websites directly from the WordPress dashboard of your primary website.

Cerber Security’s auto-cleaning option seems to be less comprehensive than MalCare’s. However, using this feature, you can delete malicious files the way you would with Wordfence.

The only significant drawback is the time required to complete an entire scan.

💵 There’s a free version in addition to the premium version that costs $29 / Quarterly.

Key Features:

  • Traffic inspection in real-time
  • Many basic hardening guidelines
  • Authentication by two factors and CAPTCHA
  • Creating a whitelist of users
  • Limits the number of login attempts
  • Forms for registration and commenting are protected from spam
  • Malware scans and file integrity monitoring

Random Reviews:

  • With WP Cerber, we have always been able to keep hackers out and allow legitimate users to gain access. We did penetration testing, which passed with 100% success when we applied some hardening options. We have also withstood a few attacks. Thanks, WP Cerber!

    billnixonMay 2022

  • I love it. It scans all your WordPress posts and comments better than many other plugins.

    wplivmaxMay 2022

WordFence Malware Cleaner Plugin

Includes an Endpoint Firewall and Malware Scanner to Protect WordPress

WordFence Malware Cleaner is the most widely used malware removal plugin for WordPress. It is a great free alternative whether you require malware removal or complete security. However, its premium version is overpriced.

To prevent malicious attacks from being conducted on your website, Wordfence’s Security Premium WAF utilizes a PHP-based web application firewall. However, unlike other Wordfence alternatives, for example, Sucuri, Security Premium WAF is installed locally rather than in the cloud.

This plugin can benefit from various free features, including scanning, firewalls, and repair options. While Wordfence claims its accessible functions are not entirely efficient, we find them very useful.

It is important to note that the free scanner version has limitations. The firewall has been updated much later than the premium version. The repair feature has the potential to cause damage to your site if a core file is accidentally deleted.

The default setting of Wordfence’s malware scanner is limited to preserve server resources. The malware scanner scans your site for malware and other security threats. Scheduled scans will be carried out for those using the free version of the plugin.

Additionally, you can set your scanning schedule if you possess the premium version. Several scanning options are only available with the premium edition.

However, it causes a significant drain on server resources. In addition, you will sometimes experience false positives due to malware scans.

💵 The Premium version costs $99

Key Features:

  • Offers country blocking services
  • Protecting the login information
  • Restoring and deleting options
  • Scanner for malware
  • Removal of malware manually as an add-on service
  • Offers Two-factor Authentication
  • A firewall for each endpoint

Random Reviews:

  • There is probably no better malware scanner on WordPress plugins, and Wordfence even includes a free WAF, which is excellent. Also, it is super light, stable, works well with other security plugins, and easy to manage. P.S. Wordfence’s tech support is excellent!

    SoulstudioMay 2022

  • WOW, that’s all I can say about this plugin. They are just an email away when you need help and usually respond within hours. GREAT plugin for your security.

    katzhereMay 2022

BulletProof Security Plugin

Malware Scanner, Firewall, Login Security, Db Backup, Anti-spam

The BulletProof Security plugin is a popular WordPress security plugin with numerous features to provide security for your website. It may not be the most user-friendly plugin, but its safety features significantly outweigh its cons.

Although the plugin provides instructions for installation, it is not a plugin suitable for beginners. Making changes that tweak your site’s security will slow it down. Still, for advanced users who wish to customize everything about their site’s security, this is an excellent option.

Furthermore, advanced users who require unique settings and functionality such as exploit-guards and our Base64 decoder will find this plugin extremely useful. An auto-fix is also available that can assist you in getting the system up and running quickly.

The plugin is available in two versions: a free version and a premium version. The premium version comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, it provides features such as quarantines, email alerts, anti-spam, and auto-recovery.

💵 While the Premium version costs $69.95, the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Provides anti-spam functionality
  • Logging of HTTP errors and security
  • Continuous monitoring of files in real-time
  • Malware scanner with powerful capabilities
  • Monitoring logins and security procedures
  • Backing up the database
  • Preventing hacking with a firewall

Random Reviews:

  • Easily installs and updates. There are many security features that experts have not even thought of yet. Great product.

    ghzmanl2May 2022

  • As someone who has had the plugin for several months on several websites, any questions or concerns I’ve had have been answered promptly, and there was even extra assistance with an alleged conflict. The excellent plugin has not caused any attacks, but I repeat, its support is superior

    chsantiago77andresMay 2022

Anti Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall Plugin

Automatically Remove Known Security Threats, Backdoor Scripts, and Database Injections

Eli Scheetz developed Anti-Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall plugin. It provides various security features, such as malware detection, cleanup, firewall protection, and other security functions. Although this plugin claims to be accessible for its users, it is not free.

This plugin protects your site against new threats, such as backdoor scripts, database injections, and malware.

Additionally, the Firewall will prevent malware such as SoakSoak and other malware from taking advantage of known vulnerabilities within Revolution Slider and other third-party plugins.

This plugin can be downloaded for free, but the developer limits many of its features until users donate. This is still an affordable price for security, but claiming that the plugin is free may be misleading.

Using the GOTMLS.NET plugin registry, you can add new security definitions, automatic removal triggers, and critical security patches for vulnerable elements. For example, traditional versions of the Timthumb have been around for decades.

Once you have generated your Key and registered it in the Admin Panel, the plugin will initiate the automatic download of updated definition files. Alternatively, it will scan for potential threats and allow you to identify and deactivate malignant ones.

💵 Whether you’re a novice or a developer, this free plugin is impressive for you.

Key Features:

  • Downloads definition updates automatically during a complete scan
  • Timthumb scripts can be upgraded to fix vulnerabilities
  • Protects XMLRPC and WP-Login against DDoS and brute-force attacks
  • Ensures that your WordPress core files are in good shape

Random Reviews:

  • I was able to solve a big problem with my website with its help

    amaiaestebanMay 2022

  • This is the best product I have found so far! I have spent hours fixing websites with WordFence and having to manually hunt for and fix every single problem while still breaking up websites. This is easy to use, lightweight, and fast. I wish I could give him ten stars!

    nocternalvibeMar 2022

Final Thoughts

We discussed the best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins in this article. These plugins aim to help you draw customers’ attention to your website.

📌 Note: We strongly suggest checking our list of expertly selected modern WordPress hosting providers to enhance your website’s performance. You may also wish to consult our list of best WordPress security plugins to enhance your website’s security.

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