8 Best WordPress Media Library Plugins πŸ“‚ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Looking for a WordPress plugin for Media Library in a hurry?

Throughout this post, we will show you the best WordPress plugins for Media Library, and then provide some suggestions for unique scenarios. These plugins are rich in features and are compatible with all the best WordPress themes.

The last plugins we’ll look at today are for the Media Library. However, within this stack of WordPress plugins, plugins could be used to create Media Library Categories, Media Library Organizer, Media Library Folders, File Manager, or Media Manager.

Best Media Library Plugins for WordPress πŸ“‚

Let’s look at the top WordPress plugins for Media Library in 2022:

FileBird Plugin

WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

We’d like to begin our list of recommendations with FileBird, a great plugin that helps WordPress users organize and keep track of their media files, with many valuable and helpful options.

With FileBird, one of the leading plugins in this niche, you can take control of the clutter in your media library, saving yourself time and frustration. With FileBird, your WordPress media library gains an intuitive folder structure that will let you drag and drop media items into folders directly from the WordPress media interface, just like you would do on your computer’s file manager.

Even though the tool’s aesthetics merge well with the existing WordPress backend interface, it is so well integrated into the WordPress platform that you could easily forget using a third-party plugin.

In addition to handling thousands of media files, FileBird can handle a wide variety of audio, video, and image files as well. Having a large number of plugins and WordPress page builders available, WooCommerce, Elementor, and WPBakery are among those compatible with it.

Several popular themes integrate nicely with it, including Divi builder, Avada, and Uncode. The powerful FileBird free edition is available for download.

You can use as many folders as you want, but there is a limit to the number of them. If you purchase FileBird Pro, you will receive an unlimited number of folders, unlimited file uploads, as well as 6 months of developer support.

πŸ’΅ There is a free version of the plugin and a paid version of the plugin that costs $39.00.

Key Features:

  • In one ZIP archive, you can export the contents of an entire media folder, including its subfolders and files
  • Easily change the source folder of any file by placing it in the details portion of the modal
  • Ability to expand and collapse the sidebar with ease, giving you complete control over all WordPress media library folders
  • The tree view option also allows you to hide levels in addition to the hierarchical one
  • Drop or drag files into folders to upload them or bulk move them into folders
  • Select a specific folder or previously opened folder when the program starts

Random Reviews:

  • So far, I’ve been very pleased with the results of this plugin. I ran into some image caching issues, but they seemed to be browser-related. This plugin is great for categorizing your images.

    tekgeistMay 2022

  • Organizing our media files in such a simple and effective way saves a ton of time!

    cludeman33May 2022

WP Media Folder Plugin

A Custom URL For Medias WordPress Plugin

The WP Media Folders plugin for WordPress lets you implement a real folder and media URL structure and import data from the WP Media Folder plugin.

As part of the ongoing support for this powerful, extremely flexible WordPress tool, our team releases updates that enhance the capability to manage media content, adding new features and refining those that are already present. Therefore, you have even more control and flexibility when it comes to the content that you want to manage.

Concerning the plugin’s functionality, it offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allowing you to organize your media library into a hierarchy of folders and subfolders, all via drag-and-drop.

Apart from offering unmatchable support behind the scenes, WP Media Folder also offers stunning photo galleries and an embeddable PDF feature that makes it easy to set up your media presentation accordingly, it is a key tool in the best all-in-one media tool arsenal, as it allows users to present their content in whatever manner they choose.

Plugins such as WP Media Folders allow you to manage media in WordPress by Implementing a real folder structure with real media URLs & Allowing the importation of media data from other plugins.

In the WordPress Media Library, WP Media Folder lets you manage media files using virtual folders (custom taxonomies) available to the user. The plugin creates real server folders based on these virtual folders when installed.

To create a real media folder structure with this plugin, you DO NOT need the WP Media Folder plugin, although it is optional integration with that plugin. This plugin is designed to assist with a very sensitive WordPress core functioning, so before activating or using it, be sure to make a FULL BACKUP.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version costs $29.00, whereas the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • As new media appear in folders, they will automatically be added to the gallery
  • Media files can be dragged and dropped onto your site from the plugin
  • A gallery can be easily created from the media folders
  • Gallery image sizes can be specified
  • Media structure can be imported and synchronized with the JoomlaUnited plugin with this plugin

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin should not be available. As stated in the description, it is not supported. Thank you for wasting my time.

    jaydenlNov 2021

  • Until I asked, the plugin didn’t support greek characters. And the update was immediately released.

    Pexle ChrisApr 2021

Imsanity Plugin

Huge Image Uploading Plugin For WordPress

With Imsanity, you can automatically resize your large images after uploading them. There is no doubt that images too large and bloated will eat up your storage space and cause your web pages to load slower.

Nevertheless, resizing each image individually can also be time-consuming and wasteful. You need a plugin such as Imsanity, which can help you optimize your images.

This is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to resize and compress images based on the size and dimensions of the image. You can add files to your WordPress site, and the plugin will automatically resize them.

As long as the contributor uploads a file that’s larger than your site’s standard size, you won’t have to worry about them uploading a larger file since Imsanity will shrink it automatically.

It also offers bulk resizing, which allows you to pick a group of images and scale them down quickly and easily without having to select them individually.

If you want to make your blog a reality, you need this plugin. It can be used on blogs that do not require original hi-resolution images to be stored, and/or the contributors do not want (or know-how) to upload images at the proper size.

πŸ’΅ Free download and future updates are included.

Key Features:

  • Each language from the different languages it supports will be automatically downloaded when you install the plugin
  • Set the maximum width and height of images as well as the JPG quality
  • Upload any image as a bulk resize, and it will be scaled automatically
  • Uploading large images will be automatically resized to a more β€˜normal’ size
  • Provides the option of converting BMP and PNG files to JPG for even greater savings

Random Reviews:

  • This program does exactly what I expected it to do

    WP-DummieApr 2022

  • The plugin is very well designed and executes the change within a matter of seconds br

    marioalonsoMar 2022

  • The plugin is very useful and I now install it on every site I build.

    drdogbot7Feb 2022

Real Media Library Plugin

Media Library Folder & File Manager For WordPress

The Real Media Library plugin is a WordPress media management plugin. This is one of the most convenient and effective tools for managing media files on your website. It allows you to create folders containing thousands of files.

The collection concept will allow you to create a more organized way of managing your images, you can also embed these collections directly within your posts and pages so that you can easily share your images.

Your WordPress media library has been able to accommodate tens of thousands of images when you have added tens of thousands of them. A file manager is included with the software that allows you to organize and store your files and folders, allowing you to drag and drop files into the appropriate folder.

Alternatively, if you need to store the same document in two different locations, you can use two folders. As long as you have or can get Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, you can create shortcuts the same way you would do so on your computer.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to benefit from advanced filtering functions and files will be automatically organized in ascending order (from A to Z, for example) in your library.

In the backend of the WordPress system you will find not only the folders that are listed under the heading β€˜Media’) but also in every other place, you might expect they would appear, including the β€˜Insert Media’ dialog box.

Whenever I need a media library program, I turn to Real Media Library because I see it as the most compatible of them all.

As an explicit part of a multisite installation, it provides direct integration with all the popular page builders, a very wide range of themes, and very popular plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, and Polylang.

πŸ’΅ There is no charge for this well-documented plugin.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop or using a criterion (for example, by arranging the folders in ascending order) can be used to rearrange folders
  • Use Gutenberg shortcode or Gutenberg block to create dynamic galleries based on the files within a folder
  • A single toolbar from which you can operate all your folders (create, rename, delete)
  • Sort folder contents manually or automatically using either drag and drop or criteria (e.g., A-Z)
  • Create shortcuts for files and folders in multiple locations, using a small amount of physical storage space

Random Reviews:

  • Although it does the job, I don’t like that the data transfer is forced and cannot be disabled.

    notboringMay 2022

  • The way you organize the pictures on your website is very neat and tidy. It is impossible to manage all the images without it. Thank you so much!

    JmarcApr 2022

Folders Plugin

Unlimited Folders to Organize Media Library For WordPress

A free tool called Folders lets you create subfolders for different content and have everything organized in a completely logical way. Whether you like to work with texts, images, videos, or audio, Folders can accommodate them all and more.

If you are thinking about using a WordPress media library manager for your admin dashboard section, you might want to consider using one to keep everything as organized as possible.

You can also move a file from one place to another, creating an organized atmosphere with just a few clicks, making it super convenient for you. You can make the experience of creating your own website more convenient and practical if you make use of Folders for your own website or for your clients.

With this straightforward approach, you’ll never again find yourself buried within an extensive collection of content, spending a tremendous amount of time searching for the files you’re looking for.

Besides being readily compatible with all popular page builders, a wide selection of themes, and popular plugins such as WooCommerce, WPML, or Polylang, it can easily be customized with its own customizable features.

It is also possible to create more complex image galleries using the created folders, and these can be done by using Justified Image Grid and FooGallery – two of the most popular plugins for creating impressive image galleries within WordPress.

Web designers need to maintain the proper order of their clients’ website pages during and after this process. If you want to help clients recognize what is important and what they should (or should not) touch, you can also mark a folder with a star or name it uniquely to know the primary objective.

πŸ’΅ It’s free to use, but it costs $39.00 to upgrade to the Pro version.

Key Features:

  • Organize your media files, such as photos, videos, music, and posts, into folders
  • Create a directory of all your pages, media, and content, so they don’t get lost and to keep them organized
  • Ability to replace a media file with another file by replacing the multimedia file on your website
  • The ability to identify specific folders in your WordPress projects and tasks is essential if you wish to find content more quickly
  • Make the task of managing your own content more convenient with this content manager plugin

Random Reviews:

  • While WordPress is a powerful platform, there are times when you want customized features according to your site’s needs. Folders are one essential tool that gives you some of these customized features.

    antaruxaMay 2022

  • Easily manage your posts, pages, and media files. Consistent support
    Highly recommended

    insdynMay 2022

FooGallery Plugin

Stunning Gallery Maker for WordPress

With FooGallery, you will be able to make WordPress galleries great again. There are dozens of pre-built themes for you and your website that can help you get started creating beautiful photo galleries within minutes.

If you need a little more control, you can take advantage of the advanced settings to customize the images to fit your website exactly the way you like them.

There is a free plugin called FooGallery available if you want to make the niftiest galleries possible for your site. These plugins for managing your WordPress media library will enable you to manage your media files in both your website’s backend and the frontend.

This extension will give you the possibility to create these fantastic and jaw-dropping galleries that will take your viewers’ breath away. This requires minimal time and effort, which allows you to achieve such spectacular results.

With a media gallery plugin, you can quickly and seamlessly integrate premium media galleries into your WordPress websites. Among the features of the accessible version of FooGallery are lazy loading, simple pagination, a gallery widget, reordering via drag and drop, and albums.

As part of its compatibility with Gutenberg, mobile devices, retina displays, and web browsers, FooGallery is also compatible with Gutenberg. It will be straightforward for you to grasp the value of FooGallery once you have experienced the live demos for yourself.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version of this plugin costs $30.00, while the Lite version costs $0

Key Features:

  • Getting a visual representation of your galleries in real-time lets, you make changes in the back-end while you are using the front-end
  • The loading of images is made more accessible with FooGallery’s lazy loading features
  • A complete video gallery support system is available
  • Using Media Tags or Categories, you can add multiple layers of filtering to your gallery
  • The ability to import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, as well as other services
  • For PRO, you will get page numbers, β€˜load more,’ and infinite scrolling

Random Reviews:

  • The gallery should allow you to effortlessly navigate between images rather than having to press the back button every time you click on an image.

    jackslobodianMay 2022

  • I love the simplicity and ease of use of this plugin. Does exactly what I need it to do without weighing down my website. Very easy to handle.

    jesspetrohoyMay 2022

Media File Renamer Plugin

Auto & Manual Rename For WordPress

Media File Renamer is a simple plugin to manage your media library files. Organizing your files should be a priority, but they should also be easy to recognize at a glance, so making them visually appealing is also essential.

As such, if all of the Media items in your gallery have names that contain cryptic strings of characters, this can be exceedingly difficult for newer contributors to use and understand, which will result in a bad user experience.

Media File Renamer can be used in these situations, and this is what it does. It is an automatic tool that will change the media files’ names according to their titles.

When we process each file name in our software, the plugin removes any symbols and punctuation, combines the words with dashes, and assigns the new string as the file name.

You will also find that it updates all instances of these file names on your pages and posts to reflect these changes, so you will no longer encounter broken media embedded on your pages and posts.

By naming your images and media files consistently and with the right keywords, you will also be able to improve your search engine optimization.

You can choose to exclude individual files from the renaming process one by one or via filters in the free version of the plugin. It renames your files in bulk using filters, and the free version renames your files in bulk using filters.

There are additional features in the pro version, such as automatic file naming, numbering, and different ways to automate the process of naming files.

πŸ’΅ Free and premium versions are included for download.

Key Features:

  • Replace the anonymous files with the original files
  • Numbering of the files in order to enable renaming if two of them have the identical name
  • Automatically name posts, products, and other post types based on their attached content, or their ALT text
  • The file will be moved to another directory after it has been moved

Random Reviews:

  • It is important for me to rate plugins based on their functionality as well as how the author handles support queries. Functionality: great, very nifty, and clever. Author: awesome, putting in a lot of time and effort to solve my renaming problem. Amazing!

    SinkadusMay 2022

  • We recently took over a project with a bunch of messed-up filenames! This tool is a lifesaver since we need to rename hundreds of images! Glad someone thought of making something like this.

    hetulApr 2022

Enhanced Media Library Plugin

Media Files Managing WordPress Plugin

With Enhanced Media Library, you can categorize and tag your WordPress Media Library objects so that they appear in the proper order in your posts. As far as virtual folder plugins are concerned, this is essentially the same approach. However, it does not integrate a visual folder view into the component.

However, you must instead manually tag each image and use the drop-down menus in order to filter them out once you have done that. This software also has the advantage of being able to add your own custom taxonomies (custom categories or tags), allowing you to categorize files according to more than one type of category.

The folder method is similar as far as functionality goes but enables a little more flexibility. It is not possible to create folders in the Enhanced Media Library application. Instead, images can be categorized and tagged to make searching more convenient.

The standard method of assigning categories is either one-by-one or bulk selecting images from a collection. With the help of the drop-down menus, you can then filter media items based on those categories and tags.

File types can be added or removed, and uploading can be allowed or disallowed. You can integrate a file type into the media filter of the plugin if you choose to. You should export and import your media library from one WordPress website to another WordPress website using the export/import functionality provided by WordPress.

However, if you want the Enhanced Media Library to work on the new site, you need to keep the same settings you apply to the export/import function.

πŸ’΅ Versions: $25.00, Lite: Free.

Key Features:

  • Automatically categorizes items according to the type of post you uploaded
  • Media items can be categorized, tagged, or taxonomies using an unlimited number of categories, tags, or custom categories
  • Use drag-and-drop to re-order images on the page
  • Filter the media items by a variety of categories, tags, and authors using the drop-down filters

Random Reviews:

  • Greetings! I’m just glad this wonderful plugin is still alive. Heers.

    alatenaMar 2022

  • I use this plugin to automatically create lists of file downloads in a particular category. Very helpful for organizations that have many committees and reports. This feature isn’t built-in yet, but they give some helpful tips in their FAQ. Support was very quick to respond to my one small complaint and made changes.

    bettertsAug 2021

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