8 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers 👨‍💻 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugin for developers?

Additionally, we will be considering the best WordPress plugins for Developers, all of which are creative, mobile-friendly, speed optimized, and have excellent support. Another advantage of the plugins is that they are compatible with the latest WordPress themes.

We have collected the following list of Developers’ plugins to help you select the inclusive plugin. What if you’re searching for a Developers related plugin, but it is not the exact Developer plugin? In conclusion, these plugins work on Web Developers, File Manager, Freemium WordPress Plugin, FTP Plugin, Refresh Plugin, and Change Post ID.

Best Developers Plugins for WordPress👨‍💻

The best Developers WordPress plugins in 2022 are:

Usersnap Plugin

Customer Feedback Plugin for WordPress

Usersnap is a WordPress plugin that helps streamline your integration with customers while getting their feedback as efficiently. The right plugin for customer integration is as important as picking the right file manager plugin.

Since the plugin does not require you to download anything else, you can receive visual feedback from your customers and generate reports.

Using this freemium WordPress plugin, you can create a widget on your site that allows your customers to leave feedback on your product, including details and bug reports.

You can enhance Usersnap’s performance by integrating other project management and bug tracking plugins.

By identifying the context of your problem, you can locate the device, resolution, or browser that led to the problem, along with multiple language packs consisting of eight in total (unlike the Theme Check plugin).

Generally, this theme checker plugin updates less often than other plugins (File Manager, for example, an FTP plugin), so making use of it isn’t recommended if you need yours to update frequently.

💵 This free Lite version can be downloaded, and the $20.67 Premium Version can be purchased.

Key Features:

  • Customers are allowed to leave comments
  • Offers no tickets
  • Offers compatibility with other plugins
  • Bug identifier provided
  • Offers multilingual support
  • General feedback in the form of ratings and suggestions is reported to the developer
  • Offers mobile support
  • Saves up time spent on the QA process
  • Includes unlimited feedback reporters
  • All the modifications are reported to the developer

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is really easy to install and configure. I’ve been using this application for 20 minutes and I’m very impressed with how it’s been implemented. I’ll be a subscriber after the 14-day FREE trial! Great work.

    LeBearMay 2016

  • I have lost only my time. Incomprehensible usability. Attention only free trial. Make the same what other programs make for free and easily.

    FranktrabNov 2015

Theme Check Plugin

Best WordPress Plugin to Check Website’s Themes

Using the ThemeCheck plugin for WordPress is the best way for developers to verify the themes on their WordPress sites and make sure they are working correctly.

During the theme review process, it conducts tests to ensure that the theme is operating correctly and is in compliance with the theme review guidelines.

You may be able to test your code to determine whether it is in compliance with the community standards regardless of whether it has been submitted to a repository.

A Markup plugin is also included with theme check, allowing web developers to make use of themes that are available elsewhere. Additionally, it offers a variety of shortcodes (unlike User Switching) and widgets, such as a Dynamic Sidebar and a Registered Sidebar.

By using this plugin, you can run a quick spell check on a document or article prior to sending it out for publishing. Not only will this decrease the likelihood of your theme being rejected, but it will also ensure good coding practices.

This plugin is limited to working with embedded content, which is a significant downside. You should also be noted that this plugin is not responsive, unlike Usersnap.

💵 No charge is associated with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Supports Standard Avatar Functions
  • Customizable themes included
  • Makes you sure all themes work correctly
  • A simple admin menu makes it easy to run tests
  • See the results of all tests at once
  • Makes developers able to use other themes
  • Personal Markup language
  • Different shortcode included

Random Reviews:

  • Theme Check is regularly used for the development of all Organic Themes. Thanks for creating and maintaining such an awesome plugin!

    Organic ThemesDec 2019

  • It is one of the best plugin tools for theme developers. Really excellent work!
    Have you ever considered making one similar for plugin builders?
    We would also need a tool that works so well for plugin developers.

    JoseJun 2019

User Switching Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Switching Between Accounts

Every developer needs the User Switching WordPress plugin in order to switch between different accounts easily on their WordPress website.

The process of changing accounts can be accomplished with the click of a button. Its easy-to-operate user interface makes it simple for anyone to utilize.

With the plugin, developers could view the site from multiple angles, allowing them to change their roles as necessary. The plugin also offers users the ability to change their roles based on their specific needs.

This tool is especially useful in case you need to test permissions, roles, or workflows for multiple users at the same time. In order for it to work, the account on your original computer must be configured as an administrator.

While the plugin has been updated very often, it is still somewhat buggy despite all the updates, and this is a notable downside.

💵 It’s a Free plugin, so you can always get updates.

Key Features:

  • Requires no billing information or any additional charges
  • Compatible with many sites
  • Maintain admin access while seeing the site as another user
  • Offers SSL supports, full user validation, and user management
  • Offers easy-to-understand UI
  • Switch between different accounts with just a click
  • Provides multisite Installations
  • Offers cookie authentication system
  • View your website from different angles
  • Offers limited access to who can switch accounts

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is very useful. It should be part of the WordPress core *br/*

    PadermanMar 2022

  • The best way to solve a user’s ‘Permissions problem’ is by launching this plugin.
    We have hundreds of staff users, and this plugin is the best way to resolve them.
    Thanks a ton, John!

    dch2018Nov 2021

  • Sadly, I reviewed the wrong plugin. This topic was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by

    dannieeNov 2021

Yoast SEO Plugin

The Number One WordPress Seo Plugin

WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO are crucial to developers because no matter how great your website is, your customers won’t be able to see it unless it is optimized.

This tool is useful for optimizing your website for higher search engine rankings. It is an extremely useful search engine optimization tool. Articles containing keywords rank higher in Google and other search engines. This plugin encourages content writers to use keywords in their articles.

As a user of this plugin, you may design customized title templates and meta descriptions to enhance your website’s branding, increasing rankings and attracting more visitors.

In addition to allowing Web crawlers to choose which pages to crawl, this plugin offers several other features, including support for multisite WordPress installations (as with the User Switching plugin), import/export functionality, and social media integration and RSS feed optimization.

Plugin functions fast and smoothly without lag, similar to Migrate To Liquid Web & Nexcess, which is a refreshing plugin. Although this plugin enjoys popularity among many users, the limited number of features in the free version is a serious disadvantage.

💵 Free Lite Version and Premium Version available. It costs $107.68.

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin has been very useful to me for 8 years. It is very easy to use and very efficient.

    umizen40Apr 2022

  • This tool works well. It is a constant reminder to add metadata to posts.

    mtfreApr 2022

  • For WordPress site rankings, Yoast is the gold standard!

    richardkevin33Apr 2022

WordFence Security Plugin

Firewall & Malware Scan Plugin for WordPress

WordFence Security WordPress plugin is the best option if you are looking to protect your website against malware and bugs. A protective fence can be created around your WordPress site using this plugin, which helps prevent it from becoming infected with malware.

Additionally, the tool provides comprehensive security measures in addition to analyzing traffic trends and hacking attempts.

Using the plugin, you can block specific countries that engage in malicious activities. It is a very useful tool for safeguarding your website. The model has firewall protection, brute force protection, and firewall blocks, making it one of the most effective models available.

This plugin can detect malicious code in your core files and incoming traffic. It also detects bad URLs and spambots and performs regular scans automatically, notifying you if the plugin detects a vulnerability or corrupted files.

💵 The premium version of this plugin costs $99, while the free version is zero dollars.

Key Features:

  • Leaked password protection included
  • Offers powerful enough free version for smaller websites
  • Scans all your files for malware, not just WordPress files
  • Your cell phone can be used to sign in
  • Live traffic monitoring by looking at things like Google crawls
  • Offers advanced manual Blocking
  • Ability to block particular countries
  • Offers real-time threat defense
  • File repairing features included
  • Automatic scans are performed regularly

Random Reviews:

  • I had an issue with the Wordfence firewall rules updating properly and their support team worked diligently with me over time to work out the issue. They are very responsive and are flexible in how they assist according to the issue you have. Great work!

    mrunixApr 2022

  • Although this prevents spam or attacks we have found that it blocks normal traffic and new users. Furthermore, the warnings look more like spam and viruses, so people are scared away.

    buydafrogMar 2022

  • The admin has been very helpful with this application.

    MbotonMar 2022

Query Monitor Plugin

Debugging & Error Reporting WordPress Plugin

Query Monitor WordPress plugin is the best option if you are looking to have your tool panel in a brilliant, excellent interface. The plugin in the tool panel displays all current and past queries, their results, and the rows they affected.

So basically, it is used to display information by showing aggregate database queries in a categorized form, which will allow you to pick out the poor-performing plugins and themes.

A new debugging toolbar will be integrated into the WordPress admin bar, displaying query data and providing additional options not found in other WordPress plugins.

As you apply a new theme or plugin, you will see a list of hooks linked to a menu in the sub-menu. This allows you to more easily identify which attachments are responsible for changing your website.

There are many advanced features included in this plugin, such as a check for the user’s capabilities, which ensures that the user meets the requirements.

💵 It is FREE to download and install.

Key Features:

  • Aggregate database queries are displayed in a categorized form
  • Debugs REST API calls
  • Offers the ability to inspect API files
  • Provides loaded Translation Files
  • Provides a new debugging toolbar in WordPress
  • Inspects PHP issues
  • Organizes templates and their names
  • The ability to show all current and past queries
  • Offers environment Information
  • Rewrites rules

Random Reviews:

  • My first post-activation page-load made me realize how much I’ve been missing this plugin’s functionality. The data it provides is amazing! Now, if only I could go back in time and use this plugin sooner…

    yabweeApr 2022

  • My day-to-day work would not be possible without it. Being a new user of the WP ecosystem, I often have to spend hours looking for silly bugs, but this plugin has saved me hours.

    Robert E. VidrineApr 2022

Styleguide Plugin

Custom Fonts and Colors Plugin for WordPress

StyleGuide WordPress plugin is one of the most necessary options for developers who need to change particular features of their WordPress themes.

This plugin allows you to change the fonts and color scheme of your WordPress theme, thereby adding personality and enhancing the overall appearance of the site.

With this plugin, you can customize the text on your WordPress website to the very last detail. You will have access to 45 of the most popular Google Fonts, which can be combined accordingly.

You do not need to spend hours learning how to code to use StyleGuide. It is compatible with almost every WordPress theme.

Of course, if you need to change your post id, this plugin won’t be helpful for you. In this case, we recommend you consider Show IDs by DraftPress to find the ID of the post and change it manually in the database.

💵 The plug-in is free of charge.

Key Features:

  • Offers fonts with different character sets, including Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew
  • Fonts & color schemes can be changed easily
  • Filter Fonts feature
  • Allows the user to add support to other themes
  • Get a live preview of your work before saving the settings
  • Offers customization for all text details
  • Compatible with many themes
  • Completely customizable
  • Additional themes support editing colors
  • Provides users with more than 45 Google fonts

Random Reviews:

  • There is only one font that works with my WordPress site from this plugin, but it’s all I need since it’s enhanced the look of the fonts of my site and isn’t slowing my site down. Great work!*br/

    adambrown82Oct 2018

  • Although it is not on the list of supported themes it does work. It is useful to check font changes on the fly – I have the free version of customizing which is all I need and this was an easier fashion to check out more fonts since the ones it comes with is limited.

    vanzillatwentyJun 2018

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

WordPress Plugin to Regenerate All Thumbnail Sizes

Regenerate Thumbnails helps developers generate thumbnail-size images stored in their media library again for their WordPress website.

If you have to make changes to a particular image for any reason, you can regenerate a file on viewing it. You can also permanently delete old or unused thumbnails.

Providing additional thumbnail sizes when a thumbnail is saved, the plugin will maintain this functionality as new updates become available. The regeneration process may, however, take a considerable amount of time depending on the number of images – particularly if the site is live.

When using the tool, you are able to edit the image’s thumbnail size and then edit its dimensions. This helps to remove blurriness from the image and enhance its clarity. It should also be noted that this plugin has a major downside, and that is the complicated interface.

💵 Free download and all future updates will be available.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable
  • Offers an excellent automated support system
  • Additional thumbnails are provided
  • Detects and deletes thumbnails forever

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