8 Best WordPress Tab Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you want to find the best Tab WordPress plugin?

So, to assist you in deciding the best WordPress plugin that suits all your preconditions and requirements, we show you the best Tab WordPress plugins. All of the WordPress plugins we will be showing you below provide specific features and possibilities, even better than some of the premium plugins. In addition, these plugins will work seamlessly with all top WordPress templates.

For this selection of WordPress plugins, we have created this list for the Tab plugins. However, throughout this wide selection of WordPress plugins, you will also find plugins for Vertical Tabs, Tabs for Elementor, Nested Tabs, Tab Widget, and Horizontal Tabs.

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Let’s review the best WordPress tab plugins in 2022:

Tabs Responsive Plugin

A Plugin Based On Bootstrap Framework

Furthermore, the Tabs Responsive plugin is based on the Bootstrap framework, which is built to allow responsive behaviors and user-friendliness across multiple devices. This plugin can display both horizontal and vertical tabs.

Multiple tabs may display the content on different posts and pages. This content can be displayed in many color schemes and font styles.

It is possible to add images, videos, music, and other shortcodes by using the color field in the tab description files. There is also a widget option, which you may add to your widget area by selecting Tabs Responsive Widget.

Several useful features are included in the free version, including responsive design, mobile-friendly tabs, drag-and-drop building API and sorting functionality, as well as the use of shortcodes.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the custom CSS for the plugin when some codes are associated with tab elements.

πŸ’΅ The Version Lite is free, the Version Pro is a fee.

Key Features:

  • The creation of custom image icons
  • An Option for the widget
  • Each tab has a different color
  • Hover over a tab to see more
  • There are more than 500 Google Fonts
  • Templates for 20+ designs
  • No limitation on the number of tabs, such as tabs for elementor and nested tabs within a theme
  • There are more than 30 content animations
  • There are four types of overlays for backgrounds

Random Reviews:

  • My website used other tab applications but they failed most of the time or didn’t work properly in certain browsers or on mobile devices. This tab worked flawlessly on all devices and browsers and I strongly recommend it to people who are looking for an application like this.

    hakantorontoApr 2022

  • An excellent and easy-to-use tool

    mandotrApr 2022

  • We appreciate your help!
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    deanselingerMar 2022

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce Plugin

Allow Shop Owners To Add Custom Tabs To Products

Like Tabs Responsive, Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce allows store owners to add custom tabs to individual product pages as an addition to the standard β€˜Description’ tab.

The WooCommerce Edit Product screen allows you to add new tabs to products. Saved product tabs can be added to multiple products. A new, deleted, and rearranged product tab may be added to the WooCommerce Edit Product screen.

With Tabs, users can insert text, images, HTML, and shortcodes into their content areas. The content editor can be compared to the text editor on WordPress. The plugin is also fully compatible with WPML.

Tabs can be managed through the Edit Product screen, where they can be added or removed on an individual product basis.

Tabs are populated with content using the standard WYSIWYG WordPress editor, which may be text, HTML, or shortcodes. Saved tabs can be added to different products at once.

πŸ’΅ Version Lite is free, Version Pro is $.

Key Features:

  • Adds the ability to search Custom Product Tabs to WordPress’ standard site search
  • Deletes the descriptions, additional information, and reviews tabs of WooCommerce
  • Removing the tab title from tab content site-wide without the need for external filters
  • It is also possible to create saved tabs
  • Product tabs can be added individually to each product
  • Enhances the standard search widget of WooCommerce so that it searches Custom Product Tabs as well

Random Reviews:

  • Hey guys, I really appreciate the way you think about the others.

    wp2019sMar 2022

  • Even with apply_filters checked, new tabs are not displayed. This features is useless for me.

    oposumFeb 2022

  • Thanks to the author, I’ve just installed this plugin on a website and it works well so far.

    emmaelleJan 2022

Tabs Plugin

Custom Tabs Plugin For WordPress Or WooCommerce

Using the WordPress Tabs plugin, you can display dynamically generated tabs at the top of your website or e-commerce website. The plugin has been fully tested to work with Exclusive WooCommerce Product Tabs Extensions.

In WordPress, this exceptional CSS3 tabs extension allows you to easily embed animated tabs with drop-down menus, unlimited effects, and animations. It is lightweight, customizable, and integrated with the most popular page builders.

The plugin is easy to install and fast to implement. Responsive Tabs will reduce your website development time because they are simpler to install and require less time to integrate into your site.

Moreover, the plugin automatically saves your data when you alter the settings, eliminating the need for you to reload the page each time you alter the settings.

πŸ’΅ A Free version is also available for download for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • The functionality of responsive tabs
  • Full-featured design with a custom user interface
  • Editing and canvas on mobile devices
  • Customization is easy to implement
  • There are multiple styles and layouts available
  • WooCommerce product tab extensions that are exclusive
  • A lightweight and dynamic eCommerce-friendly content tab system
  • WP tabs that are fast and simple
  • Responsive CSS3 content tabs have several advantages

Random Reviews:

  • Installed this plugin to try, when I deactivate this my tabs are gone, instead the tabs show an error saying No such file or directory in /home/customer/www/β€”/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-core-functions.php on line 345
    After frantically trying to fix this problem, I fixed it by reinstalling woocommerce by manually installing the file.
    Trash plugin. Beware.

    chilloutFeb 2022

  • I have been using this plugin for a long time and found it very useful

    nrkar1Jul 2021

  • Great app, easy to use, looks amazing, loads of controls. Love it!

    jpmonneyJun 2021

WP Tab Widget Plugin

Allowing You To Customize Tabs To Your Liking

Like Tabs, the WP Tab Widget offers superior functionality, an advanced, cleanly coded, premium tab plugin. It is the only plugin you will need to get perfect tabs for your blog. WP Tab Widget is AJAXified, meaning the contents are loaded only on demand, rendering it extremely lightweight.

It loaded in seconds, and you would not blink an eye if you were a site owner. You will want to ensure that visitors stay on your site longer. This WordPress tab widget plugin helps you do this easily.

To help your visitors find the best content, you can install the plugin and configure the widget on your website.

Unfortunately, no custom post types are available, and the loading of each pageview slowed down the entire website, not to mention frequent requests for subscriptions from the admin panel.

πŸ’΅ To download this plugin you don’t need to pay anything. It’s free.

Key Features:

  • Increase or decrease the number of tabs that appear
  • Organize the tabs according to your preferences
  • The built-in cache system allows a tab to remain in memory once it has been loaded
  • Lightweight and extremely strong
  • The content is loaded in response to user requests
  • You can choose from the tabs Popular, Recent, Comments, or Tags
  • Built-In Pagination System
  • You may control the number of posts displayed

Random Reviews:

  • In addition to not supporting custom post types, loading each pageview on the site slows everything down, and even if I can understand the need to monetize, the constant begging for payment in the admin panel is never acceptable.

    eckiebdJun 2020

  • Content on tabs is strictly limited to displaying posts. Not flexible at all. If your system is slow, the behavior of tabs will be frustrating.

    hallcpSep 2019

  • My clients are very pleased with this tabs. I’ve been using this tabs for several months, and have never encountered any issues. Quite simple and very functional tabs.

    magicbydznFeb 2019

WP Tabs Plugin

Responsive Tabs Plugin For WordPress

WP Tabs provides a simple and intuitive user interface and makes it easy for users to access your content via a tabbed navigation system, providing a pleasant user experience.

It is a plugin that allows you to create custom tabs for your WordPress website with the help of shortcodes. With the shortcode generator, you can create tabs that are fully customized and fit the theme of your website.

The plugin offers more than 30 visual customization options, and the button color and other settings can be configured easily.

The plugin makes it easy to build tabs that look professional without being a programmer or hiring a web developer. Additionally, you can create tabs from your existing posts, pages, categories, and more.

WP Tabs 2.0 has been completely redesigned and now offers a whole host of new and improved features and is fully compatible with the new WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg).

πŸ’΅ It comes in a Pro version and a Free version.

Key Features:

  • A shortcode generator has been developed
  • Designing for mobile devices first
  • The interface is slick, and the speed is excellent
  • An intuitive and clean administration panel
  • You may create an unlimited number of tab sets
  • There are two tab position options (left and right)
  • Tab items can be sorted by dragging and dropping
  • Organize tabs by the group
  • Full customization available
  • There are more than 30 options for customizing the styling

Random Reviews:

  • In fact, I prefer these tabs over the Elementor tabs.

    edgsemApr 2022

  • Plugin was great! I ran into some issues with the tab names, but the support was quick and helpful.

    blue2kApr 2022

  • Quite easy to handle*br

    sanskardMar 2022

Tabby Responsive Tabs Plugin

Designed To Be An Easy And Lightweight Way To Add Responsive Tabs

By utilizing the Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin, developers can display responsive tabs as part of their content within a light footprint. By simply substituting their own CSS rules for those provided by the plugin, developers can customize how the tabs are displayed.

The Tabby responsive tabs customizer add-on allows you to quickly and easily modify the tab display without editing any HTML code through the settings panel, where various parameters can be adjusted.

The tabby style can be tailored by selecting one of the available options that come with the application or by adding icons to the tab titles.

If the plugin is enabled, then an icon lookup area in the admin page indicates the shortcode parameter value when you are in the admin area.

Once this functionality has been enabled, you will be able to use the Font Awesome icons within the plugin.

πŸ’΅ There are two versions: Lite for free and Premium for price.

Key Features:

  • It provides a set of tabs that transform into an accordion when viewed in a narrow window
  • Access to tabs and content is possible via the keyboard
  • contribute to its accessibility for screen readers
  • Multiple tabs are supported on one page
  • Accordions and tabs are created using jQuery
  • Implements semantic headers and markups for content

Random Reviews:

  • This is elegant, simple and effective. It does what it says it will and does it very well.
    Only one very very small complaint – it would be great if the shortcode had a parameter to add an additional class, or identifier, to the individual tab containers.
    Thank you for developing this and releasing it for free. A donation is on it’s way.

    mkearnsMar 2022

  • Thank you for this good and lite plugin.

    becanewebApr 2021

  • Great work, thanks! I’ll use it with WordPress 5.6.

    becca37Dec 2020

Easy Side Tab Plugin

A Free WordPress Side Tab Plugin

Easy Side Tab is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create gorgeous sidebars with simple-to-use pre-designed templates. You can customize your sidebar and display it however you wish.

There are two pre-designed templates for you to choose from, and you can customize the colors of your tab; you can link internal and external links and add custom content. This plugin is also free to use. Your side tab can be enabled or disabled, and you can also disable mobile devices.

This plugin allows you to choose whether to open the link in the same tab or a new tab, display it on the homepage or anywhere on the page, and specify where the tab should appear. You also can position the link on the left or right.

πŸ’΅ This plugin has a price for a Premium version. However, you can download the Free version as well.

Key Features:

  • Twitter feeds, HTML content, WooCommerce products, recent blogs, custom shortcodes, subscriptions, and social icons can all be displayed
  • Includes 10 beautifully designed templates
  • In all templates, animation styles are pre-integrated for pop-up displays
  • There are two tab links available: Internal Pages Link and External Custom Link
  • Select the offset from the horizontal and vertical edge for each desired tab

Random Reviews:

  • Have used it on every site, very straightforward to use and no issues to date!
    This topic was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by

    austinsuchJul 2020

  • There isn’t a lot of options in settings, but for a free plugin this does just what I needed!
    Great plugin for adding a new side menu.

    austinsinclairSep 2019

  • I added a photo of my top selling product via HTML and Additional CSS after a little tweaking … Couldn’t ask for more! Kudos to the developer who created this plugin!

    shirtguy72May 2019

Simple Side Tab Plugin

A β€œGlobal Call To Action” On Your Website

With the Simple Side Tab plugin, you can add a vertical tab on either the left or right side of the page, providing a quick link to any page.

The plugin is ideal for mobile users. The tab stays in place as the visitor scrolls the page, making it visible and ready for action.

You can use the Simple Side Tab to add a global call-to-action to your website. Simply place a horizontal tab to the left or right of the browser window to link to any page.

The tab stays open as the visitor scrolls up, so it is always visible and available for action. The functionality works equally well with mobile devices.

You can use this plugin to highlight a conversion page in a highly effective manner. The plugin also includes a filter that allows you to change the output of tab text and a conditional switch that allows you to turn the tab display on or off.

πŸ’΅ There is no cost to use this plugin.

Key Features:

  • A tab can be vertically positioned
  • Several standard screen fonts are available for selection
  • The tab text output has been modified using a filter
  • The color of tab elements is unlimited
  • You may choose to link to an internal or external URL
  • Tabs can be customized with text
  • There is no graphic, only CSS
  • You can put the tab on the left or right side of the browser

Random Reviews:

  • This is a great lightweight plugin that makes a great call-to-action.

    nocternalvibeFeb 2020

  • Excellent and very responsive author! Strongly recommend this plugin to everyone!

    litbesJan 2020

  • Simple way to add a tab to my site. The previous comment that the link goes only to the developer’s site is not true. Once you edit and add your own URL, it becomes permanent.

    alan555Nov 2018

Last but not least, we’d like to mention

We have presented you with some of the best WordPress plugins for your Tab site. These plugins will boost your site’s performance.

I hope you have found this resource insightful.

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