8 Best WordPress Voting Plugins 🗳 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you trying to find the best Voting WordPress plugin for your site?

The first step is to have a website with advanced WordPress plugins. So, for your ease, we have picked the best Voting WordPress plugins for 2022. These plugins are thoroughly evaluated and chosen to help you with good features to ensure you will select the best Voting plugin for your website. We also ensure that the plugins are integrated with the best WordPress themes.

We composed these Voting plugins to help you decide on a usable plugin. Its plugins could also be used for websites related to Voting Contest, Elementor Voting, Poll Plugin for WordPress, Post Voting, UpVote WordPress Plugin, Elementor Poll Widget, Photo Contest, Election Results Plugin, or WordPress Voting System.

Best Voting Plugins for WordPress 🗳️

ready to find the impressive plugin for Voting in 2022? Let’s get started:

WP-PostRatings Plugin

Offers Many Ways to Display Votes

With the WP-PostRatings plugin, votes can be displayed using various styles, such as stars, thumbs-ups/downs, ticks or crosses, and numbers.

For this plugin to function, specific technical requirements must be met, and you should know that some technical knowledge is necessary to work with it.

You can select which rating to display on the plugin’s Settings page. You may also choose to display the rating option on all posts or only on selected posts. To obtain ratings, you need to click on the Manage Rating link.

A filter allows you to change the image type from GIF to PNG. It is also possible to see the most-rated posts, the most highly rated posts, the lowest-rated posts, and the most-lowly-rated posts according to a filter.

You can display the stats in the sidebar widgets of your blog, and customize the widget so that it shows the title, number of posts, or any other information that interests you.

💵 It’s a Free plugin without a Pro or Premium version.

Key Features:

  • Provides the ability to switch from GIF to PNG images
  • It is possible to display the most popular, highest, and lowest-ranked entries
  • You can enable or disable the rating option for all posts or posts chosen by coding
  • The rating pictures can be selected in the plugin’s settings section
  • These stats can be displayed in a widget in the sidebar

Random Reviews:

  • I use it and recommend it. This topic was modified 11 months one week ago by

    gabrielunoJul 2021

  • Specific, decisive outcome. I loved it! keep it up

    Geethu VijayanMay 2021

WP-Polls Plugin

Helps You Add a Polling Module to Your Webpages

WP-Polls, a simple AJAX solution that can easily be integrated into your website, allows you to easily configure a polling module for your website.

All of the plugin’s options can be configured to work exactly how you want them to work. It appears that participants have a wide range of options.

Like WP-PostRatings, this plugin lets you display election results on your website. You can modify the plugin using templates and CSS.

In addition to the templates and CSS styles available in the plugin, it is one of the most customizable plugins for your website.

There are numerous options to select from to ensure that WP-Polls can work according to your requirements. It is now possible for respondents to choose more than one response option.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to direct voters to another web page once they have voted.

💵 The plugin is free of charge. No fees apply.

Key Features:

  • Custom CSS can be used to modify the theme and appearance
  • Displays the results immediately after the user has submitted their answers
  • Allows the addition of online polls to WordPress posts, pages, and widget areas
  • You can add an option for selecting multiple options in the poll

Random Reviews:

  • You can have unlimited answers, but only one question?

    astrodatesMar 2022

  • I love the simplicity and ease of use. Thank you so much

    humpydumpyMar 2022

kk Star Ratings Plugin

a Widely Used Star Rating Plugin

Like WP-Polls, with the kk Star Ratings plugin, you can display the most popular posts you own using a widget that you can place in your sidebar. The plugin’s settings will allow you to select whether you wish the posts displayed on the homepage, archives, posts, or pages.

Additionally, the placement of the ratings on the pages can be modified. A column on your admin dashboard will display the user ratings, enabling you to view their opinions.

As a default, the screen displays five stars; however, you may alter that number and limit voting to a specific IP address. In addition, you may add images and attach tooltips to appear whenever the mouse hovers over them.

With WordPress rich snippets plugin, your ratings will be displayed in the search results of Google and the second feature allows the user to add ratings visually without having to deal with coding. The plugin will be a valuable resource for displaying ratings in Google’s search results.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the plugin stars in bbPress.

💵 This plugin is free and hasn’t any Pro or Premium version.

Key Features:

  • You may select where to display the star ratings
  • Star ratings can be disabled in posts belonging to specific categories
  • It is possible to control the structure and type of structured data
  • It is possible to restrict voting to a particular IP address
  • The archives allow users to vote

Random Reviews:

  • Kinhnghiemso đã cài cho web thủ thuật công nghệ và phần mềm. KK Rating hiển thị sao lên tìm kiếm của google rất chuẩn và cài đặt khá dễ dàng. Xuất hiện các sao trên các bài blog cũng ok.

    Kinh Nghiem SoMar 2022

  • Please update to newer PHP and WordPress.

    dejongebeleggerJan 2022

Opinion Stage Plugin

Allows You to Run Both Simple and Advanced Polls

Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker is a handy poll plugin for WordPress. Using it, you can create simple and complex polls for your audience.

You can also conduct online quizzes, create surveys, and create forms using the Form Builder. Social Media Integration is a powerful feature that allows you to interact directly with your audience using their social profiles.

This plugin’s polling and surveys that use interactive features provide a user-friendly interface and many design options. In addition to generating items from scratch, hundreds of pre-designed templates are available for use.

Using branch logic in surveys and quizzes, you can determine which questions to ask next based on the answer to the previous question.

In addition to providing a wide range of customization options, this application integrates with social media, is responsive, and supports 42 languages. It can also be translated.

💵 This plugin is free to download. You can use it at no cost.

Key Features:

  • Quizzes and surveys can be concluded with a call to action
  • The widgets can be white-labeled and branded with your logo
  • Results can be displayed in real-time in polls and surveys
  • Exporting all the information to a CSV/XLS file is possible
  • You can be notified by email when quizzes and surveys are submitted

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent plugin, straightforward to use and navigate, Looks fantastic on the website; highly recommended

    pyxis15Nov 2021

  • Thank you. I love this plugin. It helps me engage with our media site audience quickly and quickly! It works GREAT! FANTASTIC!

    Curtis Ray BizelliOct 2021

YOP Poll Plugin

Allows You to Easily Integrate a Survey in Your Blog

You can create unlimited polls with the YOP Poll plugin and keep track of all respondents, responses, and results.

Whenever you create a poll, you are assigned a unique ID to manage them more easily. Moreover, you can send the results out to poll participants whenever you wish.

This WordPress plugin allows you to display multiple choices, sort poll information according to your choice, and manage the results on your site by selecting which results are published and which are hidden.

Polls may be scheduled so that they will run simultaneously or sequentially, and they can be modified, duplicated, and deleted.

Furthermore, the plugin allows for proper recordkeeping, so you can access old information when needed. In addition, you can set permissions for voting contest, such as registering guests or excluding them from voting.

Furthermore, all polls can be edited to make them more personalized, and the results can be displayed in HTML or visual. Results will be presented naturally in vertical and horizontal formats. Still, they can also be formatted in HTML and visual modes.

💵 You do not need to pay to download this plugin. It’s free.

Key Features:

  • Your polls appear in a list, which can be sorted by vote count or the number of respondents.
  • Includes other answers, multiple choices, and sorting options according to various criteria
  • Provides users with access to historical poll results on the website
  • The results can be displayed in several ways
  • One or more polls can be displayed on your website

Random Reviews:

  • We’ve been using the free version of this plug-in for quite a few polls over two years. It’s always been reliable, and when we reported an error, it was promptly fixed without any data loss. Thank you!

    undinederiviereJun 2022

WP Poll Survey & Voting System Plugin

a Versatile WordPress Plugin

The WP Poll Survey & Voting System plugin for WordPress can be used for many purposes, including creating poll surveys for your site and allowing users to vote for those surveys.

With this plugin, you will be provided with the necessary tools to add a new addition to your website using a shortcode. For example, you can present online voting contests, photo contests, surveys, and polls within your blog posts, website, or anywhere else on your site.

In this plugin, the image can be added anywhere on your page or blog post, and it will increase user engagement. Do not be afraid to get creative to maximize your user engagement.

It provides you with a list and grid design that is useful for several purposes. In addition to politics, restaurants, travel, cinema, and music, there are several activities in which you can participate and vote, including restaurants, travel, cinema, and music.

With the advanced yet easy-to-use administration panel, you can create new polls for your project that suit your specific needs in a few minutes.

💵 It costs $28 for the Premium version of this plugin. You can also download the Free version.

Key Features:

  • You may add Cover Images to the options for questions and candidates
  • Images can be added as options for questions/as poll questions
  • Allows multi-voting, which means voters can vote for multiple candidates/options
  • Gives you the option of manually upgrading the results of each option
  • An online poll or voting system may be placed anywhere with a shortcode

Random Reviews:

  • I had an issue on the voters’ list that was not appearing with me, and after contacting the support team, this got fixed within two working days only. I advise you to deal with this team.

    fahad4designDec 2021

  • I paid for the pro version of this plugin because it promises everything I need. It comes with six months of support….but I can’t get any response from the developer. I’ll be heading to Paypal to get my money back.

    aidancrawford1Nov 2021

Rating-Widget Plugin

a Star Review System

With the Rating-Widget plugin, you can add a poll to virtually any content format utilizing a star rating system. It allows you to add star ratings to posts, pages, and comments.

Using this WordPress plugin, users can upvote your posts and pages with either thumbs or stars.

Your WordPress Dashboard allows you to manage the ratings of your posts directly from this rating plugin, which does not require any configuration.

The number of ratings you add to your blog is up to you. Ratings can be placed regardless of where they appear on your blog. A widget on the sidebar displays the most popular posts on your blog.

For the free version of this plugin, you will be allowed to view 1 million pages, but there will also be branding. To remove the branding, you must purchase the premium edition.

Additionally, the plugin provides secure connections, Google Rich Snippets, email support, and an IP identifying system for identifying visitors. Also, It offers multiple voting methods.

Unfortunately, the rating feature does not function on product tag pages.

💵 It costs $3/month for the Pro version and $0 for the free or Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with WPML and Polylang
  • Provides a listing of the most popular posts, pages, and comments
  • You can manage your WordPress ratings directly from the WordPress dashboard
  • Post voting is possible, and you can rate your pages, and comments by using either thumbs or stars
  • Creating an unlimited number of thumbs and stars is possible
  • Fully customizable, cross-browser compatible, and features multi-language support

Random Reviews:

  • I’ve uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it, but I still can’t get past the activation process. I flagged the issue to support about three weeks ago and no response. I hope this issue gets fixed.

    madhatterpiMar 2022

  • Easy to configure, many options.

    opranmarianJul 2021

  • Does the job as expected

    lama010101Jul 2021

WP ULike Plugin

Most Advanced WordPress Marketing Toolkit

The WP ULike plugin allows you to vote on any kind of content shown on your website.

This fantastic and attractive plugin can add a Like or Dislike button to any part of your content, whether it is a comment, a post, a BuddyPress activity, a bbPress topic, a WooCommerce item or anything else. Now you will see how people feel about your content.

Using this plugin, you can easily customize every part of your website. In its pro version, the plugin is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder and offers a variety of widgets and controllers to make website building easy and exciting.

With high speed and precision, along with continually added tools, you will have a complete solution for all your business needs.

For example, you can use Elementor widgets to create a poll or a cast voting for any type of content you have on your website. Select the widget you like and drop it into one of your Elementor sections, configure it as you like, and enjoy having your like and dislike buttons on your website.

💵 In the premium version, the WP ULike plugin charges $39, while the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • The ultimate user profile builder is available
  • You can view voting results, top likes, and top content
  • The configuration of your voting system can be completed in a few steps
  • Several pre-designed templates are available
  • Every aspect of your plugin can be customized

Random Reviews:

  • Not only is WUlike an excellent product that the folks over at WUlike improve regularly, their support, even on the weekend, was fast, professional, and courteous. They went out of their way to help me solve several problems, even though it wasn’t technically their problem. I would recommend these folks to anyone who values quality products and support. Thank you!

    undergracesocialApr 2022

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