9 Best Ajax Category Filter WordPress Plugins 📁 2022 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best Ajax Category Filter WordPress plugin for your website?

This post presents a list of the best Ajax Category Filter WordPress plugins. These plugins are the best plugins and are rich in features.

We have curated a list of awesome Ajax Category Filter plugins to help you find the right plugin. These are also suitable for people searching for Filter Posts by Category Dropdown, Filter Posts by Category and Tag, Filter Posts by Elementor, Filter Posts Without Page Reload, etc.

Best Ajax Category Filter Plugins for WordPress 📁

Check out our top selection of the best Ajax Category Filter WordPress plugins for 2022:

Advanced AJAX Product Filters Plugin

A Fantastic AJAX Products Filter Plugin for WordPress

The Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for product filtering.

A product can be filtered in many ways, beyond its attributes and custom taxonomies, such as by post status, and price. It can also filter posts by category dropdown and subcategory.

AJAX technology allows the user to move filters around the page as required. This speeds up the viewing of results because it can filter posts without page reload (as is the case with the WooBeWoo product filter plugin).

In addition to the checkboxes and single checks, the program includes radio buttons, collapsed options, and tags.

Additionally, the Ajax category filter widget offers unlimited filter options and pagination buttons, which can be used to move between pages more quickly.

It is possible to customize every aspect of the design, from the color scheme to the images, to the filter settings.

💵 The Lite version is free to download, while the Premium version is available for $44.

Key Features:

  • Use this plugin on a multilingual site easily
  • Supports both Polylang and WPML (as with YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
  • Make the checkboxes include price ranges
  • ‘Update Button’ widget shows how many products you have before you update
  • Perfectly works with a custom widget area
  • Customizes the product filter by adding custom CSS
  • Includes dropdown menus
  • Toggle between showing or hiding attributes
  • Scroll themes allow filtering the height of the box

Random Reviews:

  • It would be even better if you would also add an option to search by product title.
    I am a web developer so I always prefer to use the filter plugin for woo-commerce.

    Farzan ShahidApr 2022

  • I often return to this plugin after trying a few others… Thank you!

    yasienApr 2022

  • Using this plugin is a great experience
    This topic was modified 1 week, 2 days ago by

    Filip BlahoApr 2022

Product Filter by WooBeWoo Plugin

WordPress Plugin for AJAX Category Filter

With the WooBeWoo Product Filter WordPress plugin, you can filter posts and products based on different categories.

When Ajax is used to perform a search, the process of filtering is sped up. Users may select as many filter options as they want at one time, and the process begins more quickly.

In this plugin, you can create filters for the Elementor page builder. These filters can be applied to your website so you can filter posts by Elementor. Otherwise, you will have to use widgets or shortcodes.

With just a few clicks, you can create this filter and customize it to meet your specific needs. It also offers a live preview option, which allows you to see what the result will look like immediately after making changes.

In addition to allowing you to add multiple filters to limit the search results to the materials which are appropriate for your clients, this plugin also allows you to add widgets or shortcodes to filter endless pages.

The premium version of this plugin is relatively expensive compared to the other plugins on this list, so pay attention to that before choosing this one because it can be a drawback to the plugin.

💵 In the case of this plugin, there is a Lite and Premium version. The Premium version costs $89, while the Lite version costs $0.

Key Features:

  • Recount Product feature (as with the WOOF plugin)
  • Find products by popularity, price, star ratings, latest, alphabetical order, etc
  • Variations of a Display at the Front end
  • A simple way to add new product filters
  • Works properly on different devices
  • Prices can be tailored in terms of color and symbol placement
  • Price filter

Random Reviews:

  • A very comprehensive filter plugin. The free version is amazing, and if you need to add a few more options, the pro version is wonderful. It is reasonably priced and the customer support is excellent.

    barneythomApr 2022

  • When the pagination gave errors, I contacted the support team. They were very courteous and responsive, and all the problems were resolved!
    The plugin itself does a great job. It’s simple to install, configure, and use.

    drbritt44Mar 2022

  • Great plugin, and love the WooBeWoo support!

    ks2021Mar 2022

Search & Filter Plugin

Filter Post & Category Plugin for WordPress

The Search & Filter post category filter plugin for WordPress is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to search by category and other parameters.

In addition, there are archived posts, custom posts, and product parameters available here, ensuring that people can easily find what they are looking for.

Tags, categories, taxonomies, the date and type of a post can be searched, and some of these can be combined. If you intend to use the tool for a blog, you may remove the search feature altogether and use the tool instead as a filter.

You can create an infinite number of category filters using the Drag and Drop feature (as with Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin). Fields can be displayed as checkboxes, drop-down lists, multiple-choice lists, or radio buttons.

Using Ajax, display results, and create custom fields for searches, you can create as many fields and search fields as you need. Unfortunately, unlike the Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin, this one does not offer Gutenberg blocks integration.

💵 The Lite version is free, and the Premium version costs $20.

Key Features:

  • Embed it anywhere on your website by using widgets or shortcodes
  • Use for your online shop
  • Suitable for blogs, news sites, property websites, and more
  • Compatible with WooCommerce (as with Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin) & WP eCommerce
  • Show results without having to reload the page
  • jQuery range slider
  • The fields are auto-counted to adjust the number of terms/items dynamically

Random Reviews:

  • Plugin that is very easy to use and very useful.

    Manesh TimilsinaMar 2022

  • It makes the users’ lives easier, and it also adds a lot of value to a website. Thanks for this plugin.

    bzpr123ptJan 2022

  • I first tried the free version and it was quite good. However, I thought the pro version would be able to offer more options and customizations, such as background color, container dimensions, and so on, but no, it’s not that good, and I actually find the free version works better.
    Good support but do not purchase the Pro, it’s not worth it!
    This topic was modified 3 months, 2 weeks ago by vgsvenice.

    vgsveniceJan 2022

WOOF Plugin

WooCommerce Products Filter Plugin for WordPress

Using the Woof plugin for WordPress, users can filter posts by topic, which uses an ajax filter to streamline the search process. This is true for many of the other plugins on the list.

a wide range of features, such as categories, taxonomies, attributes, product tags, and prices. The filters can be displayed in many ways, for example, using checkboxes, dropdown lists, or any other method you choose.

In this module, you will be able to display and filter products based on your selections by embedding filters into your blog posts and pages.

Offering an AJAX-based product search tool, allows your customers to find products on your site without leaving the site. This module may be integrated with all WooCommerce popular themes.

With this plugin, you can create custom templates that permit you to filter products based on their metadata, in addition to creating custom templates of your own.

💵 The Lite version is free, but the Pro version is $39.

Key Features:

  • With dynamic product recounts, you can see just how many relevant products will be found
  • Understand what your customer is looking for from the search data
  • Load and see products with infinite scrolling
  • Make product filters available to your customers
  • Search products by SKU
  • Using a step-by-step filter, your customers have a product wizard

Random Reviews:

  • The perfect tool for our website

    ardioApr 2022

  • The pro version is also worth it if you need more features. Thanks for this!

    ClicknathanMar 2022

  • Great plugin, works exactly how I expected. I hope you can minimize the number of scripts in future updates. Apart from that, it is awesome!

    Derek WilcoxMar 2022

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugin

Post Category & Filter Plugin for WordPress

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter WordPress plugin is the best option for you if you are looking for a plugin with unlimited filters. Furthermore, you will be able to offer your clients the option of creating as many sets of filters as they wish, even for specific categories.

Your customers can easily find products by searching by various criteria such as categories, and taxonomies. They can easily find what they are looking for.

You may also place filters anywhere on your websites, such as shop pages, or custom pages, or insert them in widgets and shortcodes. It can also filter posts by category and tag. A few of the features offered by the premium subscription are the ability to work with bicolor and the ability to manage permalinks.

The plugin offers a Gutenberg block (just like Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin) that is dedicated to this plugin and allows you to create presets without limitation.

There is also a drawback: It does not support languages for filtering (unlike the Filter Everything plugin).

💵 Plugin pricing for the Premium version is $88.30, while the Free/Lite version is $0.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with WPML
  • The position of the above products/filter areas can be reset
  • Show the price range with unlimited ranges
  • Able to customize colors and styles of filter area
  • Price slider
  • Four Layouts Available
  • Sorting for products is displayed on the page
  • Adaptive filtering
  • Show or hide the count of items
  • Whether to hide or display certain terms

Random Reviews:

  • Easy to configure and very intuitive.

    paolo1234Apr 2022

  • Hello, I tried more than 5 plugins, and this one works the best with my plugins. It’s simple too, no more than you need. I suggest adding a sale filter, a reviews filter, and a feature filter, however, it’s not important to me yet.

    antonio24073Mar 2022

  • We have thousands of products and the plugin slows down the category pages. Extremely. Here are the loading times you can see with the Query Monitor: (1) Without Yith: 1.29 second(2) With Yith: 4.09 second(3)

    nicoterJan 2022

Filter Everything Plugin

WooCoomerce Product & WordPress Filter Plugin

The Filter Everything WordPress plugin for category filter is another professional option that can help you filter your website in a systematic manner.

Besides filtering by any parameter that you specify, you can also filter by tags on individual posts or products, and separately for each category.

It is possible to create a filter set that allows you to create an unlimited number of filters for each post type. When you create a filter set, you may select any field, including built-in fields.

Furthermore, the plugin provides advanced filter settings, including URL variable names, a front-end view, and a number of options and exclusions.

Additionally, you can turn any filter into a dropdown menu option in addition to sliding ranges, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

This plugin has no compatibility with Elementor in the free version, so we don’t recommend you to use it if you need this feature for free. We recommend instead that you use a plugin called Blog, Posts, and Category Filter for Elementor, which will allow you to filter posts by Elementor.

💵 $40 for Pro version.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced SEO plugins compatibility and options for filtering pages
  • Mobile-ready
  • Collapse or expand the filter
  • Filters any custom WP queries
  • Fully compatible with WordPress page builders like Elementor (just like Product Filter by WooBeWoo plugin)
  • Hierarchical structure tooltips
  • Any language is supported for filtering
  • Works with many popular WordPress themes & plugins
  • Automatic scrolling to the top of the page

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is really useful and clever. The support is great as well. Five stars and two thumbs up!

    monkeytreecreativeApr 2022

  • Quite easy to use, everything works as it should. Convenient and clear interface.

    paschenkomaxApr 2022

  • I am really thrilled with all the functionality of the plugin, it is easy to set up, it has a perfect layout(desktop and mobile), and also does filtering perfectly. The support is definitely the best on the market, @stepasyuk, the plugin author, replies within a day, for free and pro versions. Strongly suggest this plugin, if I could rate it a 1000stars, I would give 1000.

    lak1398Apr 2022

Annasta Woocommerce Product Filters Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Filter Posts By Category

Anasta WooCommerce Product Filters is a WordPress plugin that allows users to easily filter posts and pages through dozens of filters.

The built-in categories and tags are designed to assist you in finding specific products or to be able to create your own custom categories with additional attributes and filtering options. The availability filter indicates whether the item is in stock or not.

Additionally, this plugin is designed to add a taxonomy filter to WooCommerce, allowing customers to search for products based on taxonomies. You can create any taxonomy that is required by your e-commerce store thanks to the included feature.

You can also choose the number of results to display on each page, as well as how many results you want to display on each page. The plugin sorts the products based on the filters you have already selected.

It allows you to select price ranges with sliders and find price ranges with radio buttons, as well as filter out product ratings (similar to the WooBeWoo plugin Product Filter) and discuss product qualities.

Comparatively, the Category Ajax Filter plugin does not offer analytics for filters, which is a major disadvantage.

💵 For this plugin, there is no charge. It’s free.

Key Features:

  • Exclude the unneeded filter items
  • Provided with the full support of either URL or ajax product sorting
  • Create product finder pages
  • Modern-looking checkbox icons that are highly customizable
  • Dynamic product counts display
  • Limit showing the results of products that are marked as featured
  • Automatically completes keyword search boxes for products
  • On Sale filter
  • Offers collapsible hierarchical filter toggle

Random Reviews:

  • It is the only product filter I have tested that would do ACF and be compatible with Dokan multivendor, and I have gone through more than 10 others and only managed to work with Annata. Also, their support is better and faster than any other product filter support. Highly recommended!

    fiona92Apr 2022

  • My product description did not state that I needed to download and install two more plugins*.

    etodemerzelApr 2022

  • Having now tested many filter plugins, I am confident that this is by far the most user-friendly and best-performing of them all. I have always used WooBeWoo, but now it will be Annasta for all the money! Thanks for a great plugin!

    robatoMar 2022

Category Ajax Filter Plugin

Category & Post Filter WordPress Plugin

It is important to consider the Category Ajax Filter WordPress plugin as one of the most powerful tools to filter posts and pages in WordPress.

The feature set of Ajax filter posts includes filters, colors, and layouts that can be customized. In addition, you can also customize font sizes and other features.

Adding filters to any part of your website is as simple as adding a shortcode. AJAX can also be used to filter posts in an array of pre-designed layouts.

Furthermore, this plugin incorporates several language strings by default, and you may modify or translate these strings according to your native language requirements.

As an added option, you can customize your search filter settings by choosing a color scheme. When you have finished setting up your search filter, you can paste the shortcode into any post or page to view your results.

💵 Lite version is free, Pro version is $33.

Key Features:

  • Search field through posts
  • Any layout can be imported and customized
  • Multiple checkbox filter layout
  • Google fonts list added
  • Able to create your own WP query to filter the posts (as with the Filter Everything plugin)
  • Load more posts
  • With the analytics, you can track clicks on the filter
  • Enable or disable any filter according to the requirement
  • Sort posts settings

Random Reviews:

  • Wanted a filtering plugin, did some research and found this, tried it and it has most of the features I need, plan to get the PRO version for a bit more customization.

    leelennieApr 2022

  • Support was fast and professional – thank you for your help with the plugin!

    SteinfrankenApr 2022

  • This is an excellent tool for WordPress and its filters. Many thanks.

    mcordoveroApr 2022

JetSmartFilters Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Advanced Filter of Any Post Type

JetSmartFilters WordPress plugin for category filter is your best option if you are looking for a WooCommerce advanced plugin.

This plugin allows you to easily filter products by category, which will display only the relevant products. With this plugin, customers can easily locate products relevant to their needs.

The program allows for sorting and rated items, applying rating filters, using visual filters, searching and radio filters, selecting filters, and sorting by alphabetical order.

Through WordPress’s backend, which offers drag and drops functionality, a faceted search system with multiple filters may be created.

Additionally, this plugin features a full set of filters, which allows users to easily customize their filter bar searches, create hierarchical filters, and use any filter type on any page, post, or theme they desire.

💵 The price for this advanced and fully documented plugin is only $24.

Key Features:

  • An Indexer feature to let the customers find desired products in one click
  • The Map Listing integration
  • Dynamic filtering option
  • Set a filter by categories, sub-categories, attributes, tags, taxonomies & price
  • The filter will automatically count the total number of products after applying
  • Product filters can be shown on any page using a custom shortcode
  • No need to refresh the page to load more relevant products

Random Reviews:

  • It is easy to use and very efficient. Thanks a lot!

    umizen40Apr 2022

  • Works nicely. Is a constant reminder for adding metadata to posts.

    mtfreApr 2022

  • Yoast is the industry standard for ranking WordPress sites!

    richardkevin33Apr 2022

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