9 Best WooCommerce Custom Fields Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Pro)

Do you need the best Custom Fields WordPress plugins?

To help you choose the best plugin that suits your needs and requirements, we provide you with the best WordPress plugins for Custom Fields. Each plugin has been checked for usability and dedicated purposes despite all this. We have attached screenshots and videos for your convenience. We also make sure that these plugins work with the latest WordPress themes.

The plugins we selected are the best options for the Custom Fields. What if what you desire to find is not the same Custom Fields plugin you are searching for? To sum up, these plugins work for Add Custom Field to Product Programmatically, Display Custom Fields on Product Page, Custom Field Shortcode, Edit Custom Fields, Checkout Custom Fields, Checkout Field Editor, Product Input Fields, Extra Product Options, and Advanced Product Addons too.

πŸ“Œ Note: Use an advanced WooCommerce theme that provides the features you need with a beautiful design to improve the appearance and functionality of your store. Also, for choosing advanced plugins for your store, check out our article about top WooCommerce plugins.

Best Custom Fields Plugins for WooCommerce πŸ₯‡

Check out our top picks for WordPress Custom Fields plugins in 2022:

Checkout Field Editor Plugin

Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

You can edit custom fields directly on your WordPress website using the Checkout Field Editor plugin. You can add custom field to product programmatically, which means you can add them directly to products or through the back end of your site.

The Product Add Ons plugin allows you to add, edit, and delete fields related to billing, shipping, and multiple other types and modify labels, names, and locations.

A custom field can be created using WooCommerce’s Checkout Field Editor extension during the checkout process.

WooCommerce plugins allow users to customize many aspects of their website, from the checkout process to the product pages on a website.

The Checkout Custom Fields plugin enables you to display custom fields on product pages for many business types, especially B2B. You can use the platform to create labels, placeholders, and names for different areas.

The product add ons Ultimate plugin has the disadvantage of not supporting all features promptly. Sometimes, it is slow to respond.

πŸ’΅ This plugin comes in Lite and Premium versions. The Premium version costs $49, as opposed to the Lite version, which costs $49.

Key Features:

  • The ability to validate checkout fields and information from the user
  • The ability to remove the fields in the checkout in WooCommerce if necessary
  • Provides the option to display detailed pages in an email
  • Ability to change the format of the address based on the country
  • Includes adding a custom CSS class to improve engagement

Random Reviews:

  • Very fast response time for support for the plugin.
    Checkout Field Editor works flawlessly. I have used this on many site for many different applications. Never had any issues and easy to use.

    ssadekApr 2022

  • Some plugins don’t delete the Country field, but this one does.

    jhispanoMar 2022

Custom Field Suite Plugin

Lets You Add Custom Fields to Your Posts

You can use the Custom Field Suite WooCommerce plugin to create several fields, such as circles, text, tabs, hyperlinks, etc.

Product add-ons ultimately allow you to select the most appropriate fields for your website and have the option of adding the most suitable areas for it.

In contrast with other custom field WordPress plugins, Custom Field Suite WooCommerce is designed to be easy to use, even by non-programmers. It features a light design that makes it user-friendly even for non-programmers.

Plugin’s features and functionalities can be accessed through the WordPress Admin panel.

This plugin enables you to add uploading files to checkboxes instead of adding them to the field editor and creating custom shortcodes for your posts.

The Product Options WooCommerce plugin allows the ordering of custom fields to be defined through the sequence administration panel.

πŸ’΅ Free. The price is $Free.

Key Features:

  • Provides support for creating repeating fields using Loops and grouping fields using Tabs
  • The ability to fill out fields based on your posts in WordPress
  • Highly reliable for beginner developers and administrators
  • Access to 14 different field types is possible
  • Provides the essential rules on how to select which kinds of customs to appear

Random Reviews:

  • It is greatly appreciated that this plugin is available

    sevasargsyanFeb 2021

  • Works great until you use [products id=’284, 283, 281β€²] in WYSIWYG, which breaks the product loop because β€˜first’ and β€˜last’ classes in the product archive are mixed up.

    WarrenJun 2020

Woocommerce Custom Fields For Variation Plugin

Creates Unlimited Custom Options for a Variation

The Woocommerce Custom Fields for Variation plugin allows you to specify different information about each variation of your product.

Using text fields and a text area in advanced product fields, the administrator can allow the customer to choose both the text and image printed on their clothing. The admin can even permit the customer to select the image that should be published.

Using this plugin, you can show additional divergence details to your customers. This plugin creates and edits custom fields within variations that feel naturally integrated into your WooCommerce store. The extra information can be easily entered and displayed correctly.

It is possible to design an article in various ways, including by using the Description, Label, and Heading styles.

You can use conditional logic on a form to take advantage of applying conditions to field values, which allows the form’s different controls to appear based on those needs.

πŸ’΅ Get the Lite Version for free or the Premium Version for a price. It costs $49

Key Features:

  • Adding multiple fields to an input field is possible
  • Includes inserting the default option such as checkbox and dropdown
  • Providing customers with additional information through the use of a management system
  • The ability to create two types of fields such as Text Area and Text Field for users
  • Ability to write an explanation of each option in detail

Random Reviews:

  • You shouldn’t even bother trying this plugin. It simply doesn’t work.

    dyetubeNov 2021

  • Please be aware that the link doesn’t work for me on the actual setup WP + Woo + Salient Theme
    This topic was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by

    samuelkrempaskyOct 2021

YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin

Allows You to Make a Powerful Customization of Your Checkout Page

You can add an unlimited number of custom fields to your checkout page with a WordPress plugin called Yith WooCommerce Checkout Manager. This will enhance your customers’ experience dramatically.

Product search custom fields are available to add to your checkout page as text areas, buttons, and many selection places. You can drag and drop these fields into any position.

Compared with Woocommerce Custom Fields For Variation, the Yith WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugin supports JavaScript. This allows you to view the information entered by your customers during the checkout process.

You can validate the information to ensure that all entries have been entered precisely. The customer will not encounter any errors that could prevent their payment from being processed.

One of the disadvantages of this product input fields plugin is that it does not modify customer support and should be made better.

πŸ’΅ For example, the plugin price for YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager comes with: All Features, 12 months of support time, all plugins, and 1 year of updates. It costs $69.99.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to customize the layout of the fields
  • Control over all checkbox fields is included
  • The ability to display fields based on variables such as products, categories, and tags
  • Creates and modifies fields on the checkout page
  • Checkout pages can be customized according to your preferences
  • Supports changing or adding text fields and checkboxes

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

Turns WordPress Sites Into a Fully-Fledged Content Management System

The advanced product addons includes the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, so it’s easy to include a field builder as part of other customizations.

By installing this plugin, you can add additional fields to the WordPress edit screen and rearrange them in any order you want.

Users who have used Advanced Custom Fields in the past may find this plugin useful, particularly if they have yet to install the plugin.

a field builder allows you to insert new fields directly into posts, pages, comments, and media. Custom field shortcodes can be added by using the plugin.

In the case that you use another content management system (CMS) on your WordPress site, and you would like to have more control over the fields on the site, custom fields plugins can help.

It is possible to display custom fields in almost any theme template. You have specialized knowledge of this issue.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version costs $49 and the Lite version costs fee.

Key Features:

  • Recommend for experienced pepole such as developers
  • The ability to manage and customize checkboxes
  • Ability to control how many images will be included in the gallery
  • Setting up, editing, adding, and rearranging layout groups
  • Packing with over 30 kinds of fields is supported

Random Reviews:

  • It was great to have the free version!

    jodiacoxApr 2022

  • The plugin allowed me to create several custom post types. Even in the free version, it is easy to use. Most importantly, it generates PHP code for all your plugins.

    uwejacobsMar 2022

SearchWP Plugin

Recognizes How Beneficial Powerful On-Site Search Is

A search engine plugin for WordPress, SearchWP integrates seamlessly with WordPress’s search functionality and allows users to design their own algorithms, search engines, and search engines without programming knowledge.

Its’ functionality goes beyond the ability to search content on product pages. This plugin can also search custom fields, PDF documents, detailed data, and taxonomies.

The plugin works with search forms, and the result templates will be automatically affected. The Extra Product Options plugin works with their themes without any need for design.

The SearchWP plugin is one of the most popular custom fields plugins for WordPress. It provides incredible flexibility and a robust system that gives users great control over how inquiry results are displayed.

It is possible to use the content plugin tool to find all types of content within a website, such as custom fields, document text, taxonomies, and shortcodes.

Moreover, this plugin is easy to integrate with many popular WordPress builder extensions, such as Elementor page builder. It can also be combined with many famous WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

πŸ’΅ For a price of $199, you can get this plugin plus 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • The ability to add PDF documents
  • The ability to use keywords fast. You don’t need to type exact words to find the most relevant content
  • Provides even more customization options for your search results
  • Supports indexing media, documents, and other types of content as well
  • The ability to display products as one of the search source options

Admin Custom Order Fields Plugin

Uses Admin Custom Order Fields to Streamline Order Processing and Details

The Admin Custom Order Fields plugin allows you to add and edit details from the website’s order pages. This plugin provides access to every member.

The plugin lets you concentrate all the information relating to your orders on your WooCommerce dashboard. This enables you to make each order more personalized since you can gather all order information in a single location.

Additionally, any comments or suggestions from your customers and any inner notes will benefit those taking the next steps of the order procedure. Custom order fields do not allow you to use order notes during the completion phase of the order.

Therefore, custom order fields can also be imported using a plugin designed for importing orders. If you’re looking for such a plugin, we recommend XAdapter Order / Coupon / Subscription Export Import Plugin for WooCommerce.

πŸ’΅ You can purchase this plugin for $99 and get free lifetime updates and 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • includes an overall enhance the order management process
  • The ability to sort and filter custom fields
  • Organizes all the information relating to your orders in a single dashboard within the WooCommerce platform
  • Displaying the order information to the customer

Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce Plugin

Add Custom Registration Fields to Collect Additional Information

The Custom User Registration Fields for the WooCommerce plugin allows you to add custom enrollment fields to collect supplementary knowledge from your website’s users.

You can add different types of fields to the registration forms of your online store with this plugin. Types of areas you can add include checkboxes, dropdown menus, file uploads, and dates.

Custom fields required or optional can be made when business fields are essential for your store procedure.

Furthermore, this plugin will allow you to create user role fields on registration forms so that users can select the role they desire when reporting.

Making the system flexible means limiting automatic registration by creating approval steps. The fields shown are dependent on the role specified by your customers.

The Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce plugin helps admin register all types such as text, number, Phone, email, password, text area, select, and hidden possibilities.

πŸ’΅ The plugin comes with both Lite and Premium versions. The Premium version costs $49, whereas the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Registering and signing up for WooCommerce has the option of adding custom fields
  • The ability to change labels is included
  • Displaying fields according to the user’s role
  • Allowing customers to select a role when registering
  • Ensures that Editable options are available for requiring text
  • Having the ability to hide field labels enables/disables options

WooCommerce Custom Fields by RightPress Plugin

Allows You to Create Custom Product and Checkout

WooCommerce Custom Fields by RightPress helps you incorporate custom fields into your product and checkout pages to collect additional information from your customers. You can also integrate different product options into WooCommerce to expand your business’ potential.

We offer custom fields for products, checkouts, orders, and users to enable your store to be optimized, as well as provide a quality customer service experience.

The WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin allows you to add additional fields to your store’s products and checkout pages to gather more information about your products and add different areas during the checkout process.

Adding custom fields for products, checkouts, orders, and users can provide you with advanced capabilities, such as collecting additional information, selling configurable products, offering add-ons, and enhancing the user experience of all of these features.

πŸ’΅ It is an advanced plugin created by a powerful author. The price of it is $49.

Key Features:

  • Pricing rules permit charging more (or less) to customers
  • Ability to apply custom CSS to individual fields
  • Creating fields for orders will increase efficiency
  • Setting a maximum number of characters that can be entered

We will conclude with these words

We have reviewed WordPress Custom Fields plugins for WordPress in 2022. Pick a plugin, then enhance your site to its fullest potential.

πŸ“Œ Note: Additionally, you may find our list of top WordPress security plugins useful for enhancing the security of your website. We also recommend you look at our expertly selected WordPress hosting providers.

We hope these plugins will assist in increasing customer awareness of your site.

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