9 Best WooCommerce Product Bundle Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

You’re looking for one of the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce product bundles, right?

This is our chance to show you our hand-picked list of the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Product Bundles for your WordPress site. In addition, the plugins are mobile-friendly, well-supported, and optimized for speed. In addition, all the top WordPress themes are compatible with the plugins.

We chose the best WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin and the following plugins for WooCommerce Bundle Variable Products and WooCommerce Grouped Products.

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Therefore, let’s check out some of the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Product Bundles in 2022:

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

WordPress Plugin to Offer Personalized Product Bundles

The WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin provides multiple options to create multi-product layouts and easily bundle variable products in WooCommerce stores.

Furthermore, you have the option of displaying the bundles in a widget in order to make them more noticeable and appealing. The additional functionality of this add-on allows you to increase your bundling capabilities significantly.

In addition, it is possible to search/filter bundles based on category, so you can include products from specific categories if you so desire. With the product bundles, you can create custom bundle packages and display them on multiple pages using a simple drop-down menu.

As well as bundling features, this plugin allows you to manage multiple stocks simultaneously for simple and variable products. When any of the products included in the bundle become unavailable, the total bundle automatically displays ‘out of stock.

With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can even create product bundles to extend the range of subscriptions you are able to offer.

💵 Authored by a professional, this plugin charges $49.

Key Features:

  • Enable customers to add custom products in a bundle
  • Offer a fixed or percentage discount as per your store tactics
  • Create bulk discounts for products
  • Multiple product layout options
  • Bundled products can be priced independently as well as shipped separately
  • Publish product bundles on any page
  • Option to Hide products or product thumbnail in the bundle
  • Set mandatory or optional products to be added to the bundle

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

Create Special Offers in Your Shop By Combining Products in Bundle

With the YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin, you can create product bundles easily for your WooCommerce store that can be customized to suit your needs.

It is possible to create ad-hoc bundles that include complementary products along with the product you are selling. For example, if you are selling cameras, you can sell memory cards and rechargeable batteries along with the cameras.

This plugin will be of particular interest to those seeking a free alternative for automating the creation of bundles of products.

By increasing the average order value, you will be able to upsell other products to your customers and ultimately increase sales. There are a number of powerful features that come with the product bundles you create with it, and they are all free.

You can also define a minimum and maximum quantity for your bundles and a discount to increase the likelihood of these products being purchased.

💵 Free, Premium: $80.10.

Key Features:

  • Add product variations and enable buyers to select color
  • Use the handy pop-up window to add products
  • Apply discounts to the product bundles
  • Upsell and cross-sell bundles for each product
  • Option to charge the customer with a single shipping cost
  • Easily categorize grouped products in the WooCommere store
  • Add unlimited products to the bundle
  • Extensive documentation & support available

Random Reviews:

  • The free version seems to be unresponsive. My shop no longer works after installing the plugin. I get an HTTP 500 error message. WooCommerce Version 5.6.0.

    dzoidbergSep 2021

  • This bundle product worked straight away and looks great. Thanks!

    pxrjanApr 2021

  • A question was emailed before purchase, but no response was received

    alanbakerndpOct 2019

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce Plugin

An Essential Tool For You to Enhance Cross-selling Marketing

By using the WPC Product Bundles for the WooCommerce plugin, shop owners are able to easily create bundles of products.

WPC Product Bundles offer store owners the ability to create powerful combinations of products and to offer promotional offers to increase sales.

A drag-and-drop interface allows you to create bundles by setting quantities for each item within a bundle as well as for the entire bundle, making bundles more efficient.

As a result of its free nature, WPC does not allow for much customization. However, it simplifies the process of combining multiple products.

It is free to create exciting product bundles for stores so that they can begin creating them as soon as possible.

This plugin offers a premium version that allows you to include variable products and specific variations of variables in your bundles. The plugin also supports bulk discounts, shortcodes, and bundling of products in a short time frame.

💵 For the Premium version of this plugin, you will need to pay $36.05. You can also obtain the Free version.

Key Features:

  • Enable/disable stock management
  • Comes with plenty of customization options
  • Supports virtual and downloadable product bundles
  • Option to set minimum and maximum quantity
  • Edit the Add to Cart and checkout button texts
  • Easily create an assortment of products
  • Optimized for search engine
  • Automatically calculates the bundle/item prices
  • Mobile-ready bundle display
  • Manage the inventory of bundled products

Random Reviews:

  • The bundled products add to the cart, and customers can buy them. However, the bundle link may appear on unrelated product pages because of the way it matches the product post ids in the bundle.

    borisataliveJul 2022

  • I bought the plugin two weeks ago, but support hasn’t done anything with this issue. The plugin doesn’t work correctly with a multi-currency setup. When changing currency in the cart, the bundle product only changes the currency symbol, not the amount.

    ronperekMay 2022

WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin

WordPress Plugin to Add Assorted Bundles

Using the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin, you can easily create customized product bundles.

Dynamic pricing allows you to define either a fixed price per product or an individual price per product Bundles can contain specific products or variations that you select according to your needs.

With this plugin, you can choose from several layouts for displaying box-based products, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Plugins like this enable you to make prefilled boxes for your products as well as sell partially filled boxes to customers. They are also mobile-responsive and fully customizable.

It is easy to make items look good together when you use this tool to combine items of similar appearances, such as cupcakes and clothing.

As an added benefit of bundles, you do not have to upsell to your customers. They simply browse the sale items in your store and decide what they want.

💵 There is a #prive price for the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin.

Key Features:

  • Attach Personal Message with Gift Box
  • Create Multiple Custom Product Boxes
  • Dynamic Pricing Options
  • Allows customers to create their own bundles
  • List View Option to Offer Bulk Products in a Box
  • Choose from Multiple Layout Options
  • Allow Customers to Add New Box Once Previous Box is Full
  • Display Boxes Below Product Image & Description
  • Offer Product or its Variations in a Bundle

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is straightforward to install and set up. I had a small problem, but the team quickly resolved it. I highly recommend it.

    GraphiteStudiosDec 2021

  • Their excellent Support Team helped us to resolve some issues early on. Thanks for your help.

    marketing-agencyOct 2021

  • A great plugin with great support. The plugin is good but needs a better CSS style to get the best out of it.

    GELATERIA90Mar 2021

SW Product Bundles Plugin

Create a New Type of Product In WooCommerce

With the SW Product Bundles WordPress plugin, you can increase sales by adding items from the parent and child categories to your e-commerce store.

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to bundle your products together and offer a discount when your customers purchase them together. This will encourage your customers to purchase more products and increase your sales.

With the SW Product Bundles plugin, which supports shortcodes, bundle products may be displayed on the home page.

There are currently two sliders available, one for bundle products and one for hot combo products, with more features to be added. When a parent product is cross-sold or upsold to a child product, it is considered to be part of your online store.

For instance, let’s assume you bundle books along with pencils and pens to encourage your child to make use of them during reading time.

💵 There is a $19 for the Premium version of this plugin and a $0 price for the Free/Lite version.

WISDM Custom Product Bundles Plugin

A Pretty Powerful Plugin That Can Steer Your WooStore

Using WISDM Custom Product Bundles for the WooCommerce plugin, you are able to create ready-made bundles of products that can be sold online.

In addition to this, the plugin gives your customers the option to create their own bundles by choosing from your pre-selected options.

There is also an option for the customer to select which products they would like to bundle from the list available.

Making these bundles more attractive to your customers can motivate them to make a purchase by offering discounts.

When you bundle your products, either all the products from your shop or all the products from your product categories can be included.

Using the editor, you can create an unlimited number of product bundles of any size between 2 and 12, which can either be completely empty, partially filled or fully filled with products.

By dragging products into bundles, you can easily add them to your bundles using the plugin’s drag-and-drop interface.

💵 Purchase this plugin for $89.

Key Features:

  • Supports subscription boxes
  • Users can Make The Bundle a Gift
  • Flexibility for Users to Create Their Own Product Bundles
  • Variable Pricing Controlled by Store Owner
  • Set up multiple discounts on different bundles
  • Store Owner can Create Bundles of Different Sizes
  • Set a fixed price for the complete bundle

Composite Products Plugin

Create Product Kit Builders & Custom Product Configurators

Composite Products WordPress plugin offers a variety of customization options to allow you to create product kits within your WooCommerce store.

The plugin allows customers to configure complex products according to their specifications, including tool kits, motorcycles, clothing, and even computers.

In this plugin, business owners can easily manage inventory for items that contain multiple parts within their inventory. This is a valuable tool for companies that sell items that contain multiple parts.

By using this plugin, you can set up your layout, as well as offer flexible pricing and shipping options for your products.

Those wishing to create products for their store can use Composite Products as a product builder plugin for WooCommerce. With this plugin, you will be able to improve both the customer experience and your own experience.

The plugin also features flexible pricing, product grouping functionality, customizable layouts, and shipping options.

💵 The price of it is $99.

Key Features:

  • Build related product bundles
  • Create Grouped Products, Chained Products, and Forced Sells
  • Similar items can be grouped together on the same page
  • Customizable layouts and flows are available
  • Virtual or downloadable items are available
  • All composite products can be altered with different layout and style choices
  • Plenty of filter and action hooks

WooCommerce Bundled Products Plugin

Add Bundled Products With Discounts to Your WooCommerce Store

By using WooCommerce Bundled Products, you will be able to create bundles for any type of product – simple or variable – in minutes, easily and quickly.

It allows you to create profitable bundles in addition to packaging products for sale and creating a product page for each bundle.

Customers can include multiple products in one cart and then add all of them at once with a single click of a button.

This product further provides your customers with the option of adding all of the products at once or one at a time. In the pricing section for the bundle product, ranges of prices and custom prices can be displayed.

Further, you have the option of choosing how the prices of your bundled products will be displayed, whether they are combined prices, a range of prices, or a custom price.

💵 WordPress plugin that charges $49 and has 1-year support and updates.

Key Features:

  • Create product bundles for simple or variable products
  • Good support team available at all times
  • Add fixed discounts or custom prices to the bundled products
  • Offers Minimum functions
  • Create a single page for different products
  • Customizable pricing options
  • Choose to showcase bundled product prices as a range
  • Add fixed discounts and custom prices

Smart Product Bundle For WooCommerce Plugin

Fulfill Customer Expectations & Enrich Customer Experiences

The Smart Product Bundle For WooCommerce plugin makes it easy for you to bundle the products in your WooCommerce store for exciting deals.

Using this plugin, you can easily create and price bundles while simultaneously allowing your customers to select the products they would like to include in their bundles.

It is possible to customize product bundles based on your store’s strategy, and pricing options can be adjusted as necessary.

In view of the fact that the plugin has separate settings for product bundles, users should have no difficulty learning how to operate it.

There is the option of establishing quantity-based and value-based discounts for each of these bundles and products, as well as the possibility of including variable products within them.

Aside from having several advantages, this plugin also integrates well with WooCommerce stores and can potentially increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

💵 Take advantage of free updates by picking up this plugin just for $49.

Key Features:

  • Product quantity-based discounts are included
  • Pricing options available for single and multiple products
  • Define value-based discounts on bundles
  • Easily Bundle quantity-based discounts
  • Three types of pricing options
  • The minimum Quantity option is included
  • Choose multiple product layout options
  • Remove the product link from the cart page

Overall conclusion

We examined the best WordPress WooCommerce Product Bundles plugins in this article. If you want a better site, choose one of these plugins.

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