9 Best WordPress ‘Click to Call’ Plugins πŸ“ž 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you want to find a WordPress plugin for Click to Call fast?

We have produced the entire process simpler for you by listing the Best WordPress plugins for the Click to Call to save your time and effort. We have made sure that every plugin you find here works best with the newest WordPress. In closing, these plugins will work best with all modern popular WordPress templates.

We have compiled a list of Click to Call plugins in order to assist you in selecting the most appropriate one. It’s functional for Phone Plugin, Elementor Call Now Button, Whatsapp Call, Call Now Button For Websites, Click to Call Link, Link a Phone Number in WordPress, and Clickable Phone Numbers.

Best Click to Call Plugins for WordPress πŸ“ž

To that end, let’s take a look at some of the best Click to Call plugins in 2022:

Call Now Button Plugin

Easy Call For WordPress

The Call Now Button plugin provides an efficient way to communicate with your audience by making a call button on the WordPress site. Adding a call button is especially useful for mobile sites, as users will be able to call you directly from their phones at the touch of a button.

This method is even better than displaying your phone number because having a dedicated button makes the process easier and faster for customers. This WhatsApp call plugin puts a contact us button at the bottom of the page that is only visible to mobile users.

Getting started is very simple: just enable your phone number and enter it in the field provided. In the case that you would like to add some text to your button, that’s also possible.

You will have a call to action button on your WordPress website easier than ever before. If you do not want to input any text, then leaving it blank will result in a circular phone button that can be observed by your visitors.

You can control the look and function of the button by clicking on the Presentation tab, then selecting a button appearance option. By changing the button color or position, as well as limiting the pages on which the button will appear, you can customize it to fit your needs.

There are a few features that can be found under the Settings menu in the header along with the options that are already available. You can also choose to use a click tracking code if you choose to do so.

Then you are able to track clicks in Google Analytics, set up a conversion tag for tracking conversions in Google Ads, adjust the button size, or move the button farther back if you need to put something else on top of it.

πŸ’΅ Free download of this extensible plugin.

Key Features:

  • Add a button scheduler, button bars, multi buttons, and a preview window
  • An option to add a few lines of text to your button
  • Offer multiple buttons, and additional actions such as SMS/Text, Email, WhatsApp, Google Maps, and other web links
  • Creating an easy connection for clients with you
  • Improves your conversion rate

Random Reviews:

  • Despite installing the call now button and subscribing to the free premium features, the Button does not appear on my mobile device despite being visible on my desktop!

    alaa36May 2022

  • This is a very useful plugin. It looks great, too. Thanks.
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    gurcantetApr 2022

Twilio Easy Call Plugin

Voice Call Plugin For WordPress

A Twilio Easy call is a plugin that enables users on your WordPress site to directly communicate with admins. Within the application, visitors may dial the company’s support department to seek assistance directly from the administration staff.

Using the simple form provided by this application, users can add clickable phone numbers to the form, and with the click of a button, they can directly contact the administrators via telephone.

In order to provide you with the best user experience, Twilio Easy call comes with a call screening feature that allows you to control the way the call is handled in the right way.

In the Call Screening feature, you can either accept or decline an incoming call. You can also set your call status to Do Not Disturb automatically, all of which are options you can choose depending upon your preferences

In case you want to change your status to Do Not Disturb at any time, you can always do so, but sometimes you might forget or unexpectedly have an emergency.

Whenever you use Call Screening, you are not forced to take calls in the middle of the night or at odd times of the day.

In addition, seamlessly sending someone to voicemail allows them to express themselves and still provide you with the information you need without you having to rush through the job of explaining that you will be calling them back.

It is also compatible with the wooCommerce plugin. It means instant calls are possible on e-commerce sites. This plugin adds a powerful call now button to your site.

πŸ’΅ The plugin is offered for a price of 30$ and comes with 12 months’ support.

Key Features:

  • Translating the plugin strings in different languages includes installation and technical support
  • Add your own welcome message when the call starts and the ability to customize it
  • The ability to collect visitor numbers and send them marketing or contact information
  • Add different soundtracks or your brand’s track at the beginning of your call
  • In the input field, choose the countries you wish to see
  • A user’s backlist can be edited or removed, as well
  • Keep track of all unauthorized calls made by logged-in users and visitors
  • Send documents internally utilizing a virtual fax machine
  • Inform visitors about your contact information in a format they can use
  • WooCommerce vendors can accept or reject calls

Click to Call Button Plugin

Call To Action Button For WordPress

Click To Call Button WordPress is a plugin that the user can contact you without leaving your site. Straightforward and with the click of a phone button, a phone call is made on a mobile phone.

It is also possible, if you wish, to add some information about yourself, such as a photo, short text, and your phone number, as well as to display different numbers on different pages. For greater efficiency, you can choose between the different numbers on different pages.

As an example, it is the operator’s number and the technical support who have to give a phone number for the contact page while the product page’s dedicated number comes from the technical support.

Among the features of the Click To Call link plugin are the fact that it is easy to install, easy to customize, and you can add widgets to various sections of your website.

The shortcodes that are part of the program enable me to add devices to pop-up web pages, and point to reveal or hide various elements in the contact window. It also allows you to select different designs for the contact window as well as many other features.

With this plugin, you will be able to show visiting visitors on mobile devices an icon that would make it easy for them to contact you with a β€˜Click to Call’ button.

There is a way to style the button with different colors, add curves on the corners, transparency and opacity, and control where the button should be placed.

It allows you to specify which days and times the plugin should display the button. The plugin utilizes JavaScript to automatically show and hide the button based on what days and times you specify.

There is an incompatibility in terms of creating a scheduler using the Click to Call Button in comparison to using the Call Now Button plugin for a WordPress site. If you want to link a phone number in WordPress, this plugin can be a good choice for you.

πŸ’΅ The version Lite is free. The version Premium is $24.00.

Key Features:

  • Ability to change the text size in the contact window
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.4 and above
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Store Builder plugin
  • Compatibility with a variety of widespread WordPress templates
  • Compatibility with Gutenberg Editor
  • Compatible with a variety of browsers
  • Gravity Forms plugin support
  • Ability to change text color, contact number, and contact window background
  • Compatible with Visual Composer and Mentor plugins (popular WordPress page builder)

WP Notification Bar Pro Plugin

Custom Notifications and Alerts Plugin for WordPress

With WP Notification Bar Pro, users can easily add custom message bars to their WordPress websites, allowing them to capture their audience’s attention.

By having message bars embedded across the entire page, users can easily gain their audience’s attention. CTAs will be more effective if they are distributed using this tool because it ensures high visibility.

You can utilize this plugin to display a variety of content types within your notification bars, including simple text, opt-in email forms, social media buttons, search forms, and countdown buttons for time-sensitive offers.

The call-to-action can be included on all parts of your website – you just choose a color, add a message, and add the code the system generates for you to make the call-to-action appear

The user may decide to have these messages displayed only on certain web pages, or even totally turn them off depending on the kind of device he/she is using and the amount of traffic they are receiving.

To avoid being redundant and looking stale in this particular scenario, I recommend that you remove the social media banner in order to avoid appearing redundant and to avoid appearing stale.

The plugin also gives you access to analytics and A/B tests to provide you with all the information you need to maximize the effectiveness of your Call-To-Actions.

If you install and activate this plugin, you will be greeted by a sleek notification bar that shows personalized notifications every time the Call-To-Action button is clicked.

It is possible to use applications for marketing mailings to help you build your email list, manage your marketing campaigns, increase your social media following, or boost your website’s visibility, system accessibility, and management.

Since WP Notification Bar Pro plugin cannot recognize any input from the keyboard, it has fewer features than Click to Call Button plugin because it is unable to recognize input from the keyboard.

πŸ’΅ The price for this plugin is $19.00.

Key Features:

  • Contains your organization’s name, address, telephone numbers, email address, and business hours
  • A photograph carousel lets one show images of one’s building, location, parking, etc
  • Looks pretty standard to your style and conforms to the look and feel of your theme
  • VCards are easily downloaded and added to people’s contacts
  • Ability to create a map of their office location using the Search Engines
  • Easily find you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn with the Public Media switch

WP Call Button Plugin

Easy Click to Call Button for WordPress

The free WP Call Button plugin lets you add buttons to your site. Many settings such as the button’s location, color scheme, and… are some of the unique features of this plugin.

The difference between this plan and other tools introduced in this article is that the user can call you through his mobile line by clicking the button.

Ease of use, floating button on the side of the site, shortcode support, displaying the button only to mobile users, customization, and analyzing other WP call buttons make it one of the best WordPress phone calling options.

The coding of this plugin is written in an entirely professional way in terms of lightness and observance of SEO tips, and it can be said that it is one of the fastest WordPress call button plugins.

An important aspect of the WP call button plugin is the focus on the user interface which is essential in order to drive better results.

The ability to customize the contact button’s color and text, select the contact button’s location, customize the contact button’s display in specific posts or tabs, and hide it on the desktop has made it easy to create the desired contact button on the website Show yourself.

Using the plugin does not require any specialized knowledge, and it is enough to activate the plugin, enter the contact number and select the location of the phone call button, just like that!

πŸ’΅ You can start using this plugin for Free.

Key Features:

  • including the possibility of displaying the call button only on mobile devices
  • Use the Smart Phone field to enter the phone number that you’d like to use
  • allowing both floating and static call buttons to be displayed via a shortcode
  • A dedicated widget has been created for it
  • Plugins like Mentor, Gothenburg, and WPForms, as well as other plugins, are supported

Random Reviews:

  • Hello. Your plugin is very easy to configure. I tried one, but I wasn’t able to configure that. I just need to call you back. But I’ll suggest you do something to get reviews. For example, many plugins that show up in WordPress itself. Yours deserves to, too. Thanks Much.

    Bharat RawatJan 2021

Really Simple Click To Call Bar Plugin

Click To Call Functionality For WordPress

Mobile users can use the Really Simple Click To Call Bar plugin to add a button that can be customized to call or contact them right away. Users can use it to contact you quickly from their phones. If you’re using Google Analytics Universal, events will automatically be added.

You can customize the message, phone number, and bar color within the settings page. Businesses like restaurants, retail stores, or lead-generation companies that rely on telephone calls are perfect for this product.

By making it almost simple for potential customers to call, you can increase the number of mobile users who contact your business. By adding the Really Simple Click To Call Bar, you won’t miss out on calls you could have turned into sales.

The case of mobile devices is relatively simple, when the user has installed a plugin called Really Simple Click To Call, at the bottom of the viewing area, he or she will see a bar that says Click Here.

When you use Universal Analytics, this plugin automatically adds a Google Analytics event whenever someone clicks on the bar so long as you have it enabled.

There is nothing you need to do other than check your Analytics dashboard to see what events have taken place. There are many options available on the settings page, including setting your message, phone number, and the bar’s color for testing.

πŸ’΅ Versions: $35.00, Lite: Free.

Key Features:

  • Provide setting option tools for setting phone number
  • The plugin setting option allows you to customize the background and add a call message
  • Ability to set customized notifications for your users
  • On screens with widths under 737px, the button can be displayed
  • Add/remove buttons from the front end with the help of a custom CSS option
  • The mobile phone screen can be displayed with a button to make it easy for users to contact you

Random Reviews:

  • There should be no problem
    watching for updates

    sepicompanyworkApr 2022

  • The installation was easy and it worked as intended.

    ronaldcozzMar 2020

  • Thank you
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    sanynobueMar 2020

Bazz CallBack Widget Plugin

Call To Action Widget For WordPress

In order to help you distinguish between the Bazz Callback Plugin and the Bazz Callback Widget plugin, it is worth noting that the Bazz Callback Widget plugin is a great alternative for those looking for a simple callback plugin.

If you select the working time of your call-back plugin, as well as the colors, the text, and the location of the button on your website, you can fully customize your call-back plugin to suit your needs.

The simple solution is to update or install an incompatible plugin that will lower the performance of your site because it will not have enough customization options or basic functions, so you will have to maintain it over time.

It is also possible to make use of this simple plugin to offer users the option of calling you rather than simply visiting your website in order to provide a better user interaction on your website.

If you are looking to communicate with your clients, using the Buzz callback widget could be the way to go. This plugin is easy to use. If you are interested in using it, then just keep an eye out for the device at the bottom right of your browser and see how you would use it.

The widget was developed after tests were conducted in order to find out that it automatically changes color based on the colors on the screen and the environment.

There was also found to be an administration panel that allows you to set the color scheme you choose for the widget as well, allowing the widget to adjust seamlessly and look good simultaneously with your entire design plan.

πŸ’΅ Now you can download and install it for FREE.

Key Features:

  • Provide options for setting the widget’s position, size, and animation duration
  • Supporting different languages
  • the widget has a countdown timer feature
  • Separate text for the working (daytime) and non-working (nighttime) times

Random Reviews:

  • My account is working fine. Thank you!

    sharpsagenApr 2020

  • The plugin is excellent except for the translation:
    We congratulate you for being so quickly back!
    That makes no sense XD
    It should be: β€˜We congratulate you for being so quickly back!’
    Please fix, as this isn’t useful in Germany.

    saman1987Jun 2019

Popup4Phone Plugin

Receive More Leads For WordPress

The Popup4Phone plugin ensures that you will never have to worry about pop-ups popping up on your screen. It will display pop-ups automatically when it detects pop-ups.

You can put your shortcodes in these pop-ups, change the fields and labels of the forms in the pop-up, and most importantly, connect to Google Analytics to analyze the status of your contacts.

Our leads will be collected with information such as the referrer, landing page, UTM code, URL, and title of the website where the form was submitted, and the pages of your website were visited.

In addition to the [popup4phone_inline_form] shortcode, you can insert it into any page or post. Also, You can delete pop-ups from the page if any elements with CSS selectors appear on the page (as determined in the settings).

You will be notified of new leads by SMS, and the sender will also receive an SMS to let them know that it was received. The SMS gateway will be used to send the notifications.

Direct phone connection between the phone specified by the user and the phone you own. This phone call system will connect to the cloud-based communications system. So if you are looking for the best WordPress phone call plugin, put this plugin in your list of options.

πŸ’΅ The price of this plugin is $4/M.

Key Features:

  • At the top of every page, there is a pop-up icon
  • Popup4phone’s inline form can be inserted into any page or post
  • Pop-up form fields can be hidden and made visible – email and message fields
  • Popup appears automatically
  • Direct integration with the leads database since no third party services are required
  • Translations ready and also changes can be made to all front-end dialogs
  • New leads will be notified via email
  • Popover buttons have different settings (Offset, size, color)
  • Integrating Google Analytics improves your marketing strategy by measuring which ads lead to calls

Elementor Click to Call widget Plugin

Immediate Way Of Dialing Number WordPress Plugin

The Elementor addon for Click to Call Widget, with its prominent position on your website, gives your visitors an easy way to contact you with no fuss, simply with a push of a button, as indicated in the description.

You should be aware that when mobile users visit your site, your phone number will appear automatically on your home page, and they will be able to contact you immediately once they click on the telephone bubble on your page.

Clicking the phone bubble on a desktop makes your desktop users see your number and you can contact them in seconds once you have seen their number once you click the phone bubble

An additional feature of the Elementor call now button app enables the person you are calling to display their name and image along with a brief description of what the call is about, as well as the product that they are selling during the call.

In addition, it is possible to customize the user interface for the program to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, it is possible to switch from one feature to the other by simply clicking on the back and forth button.

In addition to the phone bubble option, the option to select a trigger for its appearance could also be used, along with the option to specify a category of participants for which the bubble appears.

πŸ’΅ Plugin is user-friendly and available for $0.00.

Key Features:

  • All users, new users, and returning users are provided with three widget displays
  • Once launched, the widget measures time spent on the page, on the website, scroll percentage, and attempts to leave the site
  • Mobile devices can be used to dial with a single click
  • Choose whether or not to display widgets on particular web pages in this section
  • The widget position could be selected from Left, Right, and Custom

In conclusion, a few words

If you read the text above, you can have a fantastic website soon. In this post, we reviewed the best WordPress click-to-call plugins. These plugins will help anyone create a great-looking website within a few hours.

We hope you have found this list of Click to Call plugins helpful. As a result of our regular publication of articles on theΒ best WordPress blog themesΒ and theΒ best WordPress plugins for bloggers, these are frequently voted for, referred to, and shared by our audience.

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