9 Best WordPress Code Snippets & Syntax Highlighters Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (2022)

Looking for the best WordPress Syntax Highlighter plugin for your site?

Considering all Syntax Highlighter WordPress plugin requirements, we have created this list of the best WordPress plugins to save you time and money. These plugins are not just for aesthetics: they also offer many features and plugins to enhance the performance of your website. All popular WordPress templates are compatible with these plugins.

This list of Syntax Highlighter plugins we curated is meant to assist you in choosing the best plugin. In addition, there are plugins that can be used for WordPress Code Block, WordPress Syntax Highlighting Block, Display Code Snippets, WordPress Code Formatting, and WordPress HTML Editor.

Best Code Snippets & Syntax Highlighters Plugins for WordPress πŸ“

Syntax highlighter WordPress plugins in 2022:

Enlighter Plugin

Customizable Syntax Highlighting Plugin For WordPress

You are able to use shortcodes to automatically display when editing your blog or website’s code using an intuitive interface called Enlighter.

Enlighter is a shortcode highlighting tool that is easy for anyone to use and allows them to highlight shortcodes as they work with the codes on your website.

In short, a shortcode is a wordpress-specific code that enables you to perform specific functions within your content manually without the need to understand WordPress source code.

Basically, a shortcode provides you with functionality within your content without the need for specific knowledge of WordPress source code.

As well as files, shortcodes can also contain objects, which provide the possibility of creating objects using only a few lines of code, without requiring a large amount of specialized coding.

A theme-customer with live preview mode allows users to modify underlying themes automatically. It also automatically creates tab-panes, which display code groups in a logical manner, for example HTML+CSS+JS.

In order to ensure that both the WordPress Visual Editor plugin as well as its support is fully integrated both via the front-end as well as the back-end of the WordPress website, Enlighter offers support for both plugins as part of its support services.

You can create separate tabs for each table snippet, and all the table snippets will be displayed in a group together as a group TinyMCE is one of the most frequently used WordPress plugins for integrating responsive tables into posts and pages.

If the Enlighter plugin is compared to the Syntax-highlighting Code Block plugin, then this plugin might not work in the cache setting. You have to make sure that this plugin is excluded from the cache setting.

πŸ’΅ With the premium version of the Enlighter plugin, you pay $19.00, while the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Full compatibility with the Classic Editor TinyMCE
  • Highlighting syntactic structures inline with the text
  • The options page offers advanced configuration options
  • Integrates the Gutenberg editor in its entirety
  • A powerful highlighting engine with generic syntax highlighting for unknown languages
  • Simple steps guide you through customizing your theme
  • All commonly used languages are supported

Random Reviews:

  • Worked well with bbPress and looks like a great highlighter in general.
    I’ve used syntaxhighlighter evolved for a long time (which doesn’t work with bbPress from what I can tell), and am pleasantly surprised by how versatile this plugin is! Thanks for coming up with it.

    MarcusMay 2021

  • I’ve been looking for a good snippet plugin for some time. thanks a lot.
    It just misses the ability to limit the number of lines displayed.
    This is my workaround.
    In Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS
    Add those lines
    max-height: 600px;
    overflow: auto;

    xukyoNov 2020

Syntax-highlighting Code Block Plugin

Syntax-Highlighting Code Block For WordPress

Syntax-highlighting Code Block can be a good alternative to the popular Code Syntax Block plugin, since it highlights your code blocks in the same way that Code Syntax Block does, by using syntax highlighting.

The plugin renders itself as soon as it is loaded, which creates a dynamic and responsive website. Highlights JavaScript is an essential part of this plugin that contributes to the development of a more responsive website.

There are options for changing the language, highlighting, line numbers, and wrapping of your code on the right-hand-side of the page. The plugin works by allowing you to insert a standard WordPress code block and then paste your code.

In the settings panel, you can specify which lines should be highlighted in the editor, and your code block will highlight those lines automatically. This allows you to see which lines are highlighted exactly whenever you open the editor.

Instead of selecting a color scheme from the WordPress block editor, the Syntax-highlighting Code Block is controlled by the WordPress theme customizer.

As such, syntax highlighting in Code Block is compatible with all languages supported by highlight php, which makes it possible to support 185 languages in total. The plugin can automatically detect the language that is contained within the code block too.

I believe this Auto-Detect feature is one of the greatest strengths of the plugin, making it highly attractive to those that are already using the code block to share the code of many different languages.

πŸ’΅ The Syntax-highlighting Code Block plugin costs $Free. It is Free!

Key Features:

  • Almost every language is supported by this application
  • Providing support for the Word-wrapping process
  • Emphasizing certain lines of code within the code
  • Native code block enables no content conversion should the plugin cease to be maintained
  • You can see the line numbers of each paragraph

Random Reviews:

  • Using WordPress’ existing code block, it leverages a large number of languages, you can show lines and make changes to certain parts of code. Wow, everything I needed! And there is nothing to configure!

    diegoamorinApr 2022

  • The Gutenberg block plugin facilitates sharing code. Thanks!

    ArtneoOct 2020

Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin

WordPress Code Formatting Plugin

It has been designed to install, set up and fine-tune the syntax highlighter within WordPress; it also incorporates a theme editor to allow you to tweak its settings.

Hence, we have now given you access to the most popular and most widely used syntax highlighter available for WordPress, and that is Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

With the help of the Cartoon Syntax Highlighter for WordPress, you can create tags, highlight lines and get instant feedback on the content on your WordPress site.

Because the HTML editor incorporated with the WordPress URL and post highlighter provides a section in which to highlight key sections of the text here, you will be able to highlight key sections of the text in this post quickly and easily.

Additionally, WordPress HTML editor enables you to compose your posts using HTML code, which allows you to preview your highlighted content as you compose them, and HTML editor also offers the option of writing with CSS code as well.

You will find in our HTML editor that there are many features you can use to enhance your website. Use the shortcodes, change the font style, copy and paste code from other websites, and many other features to help enhance your site.

With the Crayon Syntax Highlighter, you can also change your theme according to your preference by changing the color, font size, and even the container size, so that you can highlight selected text based on your preferences.

Furthermore, you can choose to program in any of the programming languages you wish according to your needs.

Also we should mention that it has been reported that the Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin causes a negative impact on your website’s comment section compared to Urvanov Syntax Highlighter Plugin.

πŸ’΅ The Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin price includes 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Adding a line break at the beginning of a sentence
  • A single crayon can be used to highlight in several languages
  • The layout can be rearrange by numbering the lines in the left hand panel
  • The code will open in a new window in the pop-up window
  • Plaintext coding can be toggled on and off via a switch
  • Paste or copy the code into your browser

Urvanov Syntax Highlighter Plugin

Reincarnation of Crayon Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin

The Urvanov Syntax Highlighter has its own block with several useful features along with support for the classic editor of WordPress.

A number of features are available to ensure that the Urvanov Syntax Highlighter meets your individual needs, including the ability to choose a color scheme, a font family, a font size, and a line-height.

In addition, the Plugin provides options for setting the maximum box width, height and margin. In addition to the code box, the toolbox contains a useful toolbar that allows you to draw lines numbered one through nine, wrap lines, and use striped cells, for example.

There are several reasons why you may like the Urvanov Syntax Highlighter, including its theme editor, which allows any theme to be duplicated, modified, and saved as something that is unique to you.

It is possible to highlight strings and text in 19 different ways, and you can customize different features such as the frame, lines, line numbers, and toolbar for controlling the code box. You can also name your theme and provide a brief explanation.

The settings page contains a wide range of options, such as the ability to edit code, tags, languages, files, etc. Errors can also be recorded.

There is a possibility that you may think there are no options since the Urvanov Syntax Highlighter block appears as nothing on the right side of the screen when you insert it into your content area.

Since the settings tab can only be accessed by clicking on the block, this can only be done by clicking on the block itself.

πŸ’΅ Free plugin without any Pro or Premium version.

Key Features:

  • Edit themes with the integrated theme editor
  • Toggle the plain code on or off
  • The Tag Editor is both available in the Visual Editor and the HTML Editor
  • Object caching for remote requests
  • Changing the numbers of lines on and off
  • Pop-up window for opening code
  • Copies or pastes the code

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you very much, Fedor, for returning Crayon’s features to us without any content changes or PHP updates.

    Luis AlejandreSep 2021

  • Your reincarnation of crayon plugin has been much appreciated. I had used crayon plugin for years, but it had been abandoned and no longer works.

    RealMag777Aug 2021

WP Githuber MD Plugin

WordPress Markdown Editor

WP Githuber MD comes with both a powerful markdown editor and a useful syntax highlighting tool. It is compatible with posts, pages, and custom post types and detects markdown content to prevent extra scripts from loading.

A large variety of configuration options are available in the markdown settings page, including setting up writing, metaboxes, and the markdown editor.

Other available options include discouraging revisions and autosaving, enabling spell checking, displaying an HTML to Markdown converter widget, and displaying line numbers.

Live Preview enables you to see how your website will appear at the front end. This feature splits the Markdown editor into two panes so you can see how it will look from the front end

There are 11 different modules that can be configured in the modules settings page. An example is presented for each module, but remember that the markdown editor will not be able to use that module if it is not enabled in the modules settings page.

In the event that Githuber MD has been activated on your site, a new block editor will appear with the option β€˜Enable Markdown”. By selecting this option, the classic editor will be modified to support all the markdown options.

There may be times when WP Githuber MD may be too much for those who are only interested in highlighting code on the front end of their websites. It has many features and settings that you will not likely use.

Those who utilize the additional formatting and markdown features will find them very helpful since it will allow them to change the appearance of the code, text, and media on their website.

πŸ’΅ This is a FREE service. You are not charged for it.

Key Features:

  • An online tool that suggests keywords based on your search history
  • Post types can be customized to suit your needs
  • A tool for converting HTML to Markdown
  • Make a copy of the image and paste it into a new window
  • The remote images are being fetched from the server
  • Provide support for Markdown syntax extensions
  • Markdown can be enabled or disabled for single posts
  • Supporting the Gutenberg editor
  • Provides Markdown task lists that are similar to those found in Github

Random Reviews:

  • I’m tempted to rewrite all my previous posts in MD now that this works so well. This topic was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by keithkhl.

    keithkhlJun 2021

  • The markdown plugin is very well thought out. It is extremely easy to use and also very feature rich.

    johanhakansMay 2021

  • I would love to give it five stars, but the developer decided all URL text should be interpreted. This is inconsistent with Markdown and breaks the WP feature that converts YouTube URLs to video. And all embedding features as well, I presume.

    Li-AnMar 2021

CodeMirror Blocks Plugin

Formatted Code Of Any Program Displaying WordPress Plugin

The CodeMirror Blocks syntax highlighting tool is easy to use, fully integrated with the CodeMirror Javascript library, and supports over 100 programming languages.

The tool includes 56 color schemes, and it is compatible with the classic editor. However, certain additional options are not available in the classic editor.

Each code block has its own settings for style, features, and options, you can customize the settings for each at the block level.

Also, you can customize the settings for the plugin, where you can set defaults for language, themes, and line numbers, as well as features such as line highlighting, line wrapping, and code editing.

As well, the control panel above the code can also be customized to display the language or file name. Full-screen and copy features are also accessible via the control panel. HTML, CSS and JavaScript can also be executed through the control panel.

As you can see on the plugin settings page, there is also a block settings panel where you can change the code box settings. I like this approach as each code box can be customized to your liking.

The application’s color schemes are one of its most impressive features. However, the addition of the Full-Screen option is most helpful.

When dealing with large pieces of code, using the Full Screen function allows you to remove all distractions and view them clearly.

One of the most impressive features of CodeMirror Blocks is that it is easy to use, highly customizable, and supports a number of programming languages and color schemes.

πŸ’΅ There is a forum for support of the Free plugin.

Key Features:

  • Clear and secure code with the use of strict coding standards
  • Selecting a programming language from the language selection menu
  • Line numbers can be turned on or off with this option
  • Supports at least 100 Programming languages all of which are most in-demand by customers
  • Suitable for all the Default Themes for WordPress
  • The browser compatibility ensures smooth operation regardless of the browser being used
  • A simple interface that offers many options
  • Files generated by CodeMirror are loaded only as needed
  • A total of 56 themes have been provided

Random Reviews:

  • Vicky, I can see why you would want this plugin. However, there is no folding function.

    alimnetteJan 2022

  • Thanks for creating this plugin. I’ve been browsing several, and this is by far the best one. If in-line support can be added to Vivek that would be great, like Enlightener. Thanks again!

    pjohnst5Jan 2022

  • I hope to support CSS and JS code previews.

    mohammed637Oct 2021

Prismatic Plugin

Code Snippets Demonstration WordPress Plugin

You can use the settings section of the Prismatic WordPress plugin to set how the code snippets appear on your WordPress website. It is one of the tools provided by Automattic which allows you to display code snippets on your WordPress website.

The extension includes eight different color schemes and an interface that lets you see how your changes appear with plug-ins that highlight lines, display line numbers, display languages, and make copying and pasting easier.

Furthermore, you can not only use it to limit its usage to only posts and pages of your website, but you can also escape code on your back-end. The code is automatically escaped on the front-end, but you can also do it on the back-end.

If you choose the Primmatic plugin, you can choose from over 50 programming languages, as well as use a block editor or a classic editor, and even an escape code to insert excerpts, comments, or even comments within comments into posts.

Additionally to the Prismatic blocks, PrismJS and HighlightJS Javascript libraries are automatically applied to the code; therefore, the color scheme is automatically updated with CSS classes for both the Pre and Code sections.

In addition, CSS classes for specific elements, such as line numbers, are required to be applied, and then the CSS classes are copied to the clipboard. This is something I was unfamiliar with at first, assuming that they would automatically be applied.

If you would like more information you can obtain more information by reading the official instructions and visiting the Prismatic plugin page For more information, you can obtain more information by reading the official instructions and visiting the Prismatic plugin page

Apart from highlighting syntax, Prismatic provides access to various color schemes. The program’s support for HTML tags, pre-blocks, code blocks, and HTML tags should be very attractive to anyone interested in making quick changes to existing content.

πŸ’΅ There is no cost to use this plugin. It is FREE.

Key Features:

  • Over sixty different coding languages are available
  • Comes with eight different themes that you can choose from
  • Using CSS and JS assets in an intelligent manner
  • Code escaping can be controlled in a granular manner
  • Highlight the code that has a single line and a multi-line syntax
  • Adds a Gutenberg block that will allow you to add code snippets to the page
  • Code highlights within the post content, in excerpts, and in comments
  • Add code snippets to your project by using TinyMCE or Visual buttons
  • Allow syntax highlighting only for posts and pages

Random Reviews:

  • Easy to install, easy to configure, works out of the box.
    You can integrate shortcodes easily into posts and pages, the color themes are stunning, and the plugin is fast and light. It doesn’t slow down website loading times much.

    yannplMar 2022

  • In the past, I used a bunch of syntax highlighting plugins, but they all worked badly or didn’t work at all. Prismatic is a great option if you need to add code snippets to your WordPress posts or pages.

    kayartFeb 2022

  • Clean and easy to use. The plugin does exactly what we needed.

    bastien31Jan 2022

Syntax Highlighter for Theme/Plugin Editor Plugin

Default Theme and Plugin Source Code Editor Replacing Plugin

The Syntax Highlighter for Theme/Plugin Editor Plugin for WordPress replaces the default editor for themes and plugins with a superior editor that is more intuitive and provides a number of benefits to those who use it.

It is an easy-to-install, simple-to-use, and intuitively designed plugin. There is an option on the settings page of a plugin that allows you to select 36 different colors by simply clicking one button.

Additionally, it allows the setting of line numbering, choosing the primary line number, defining the number of characters to display in tabs, and configuring the number of characters to display in the columns.

Also on this page, you are able to preview the color scheme and settings you choose If you prefer, you may also edit a WordPress theme or plugin directly within your website to test the plugin.

You may find this WordPress code formatting plugin useful if you frequently perform manual editing on your website’s themes and plugins If you frequently perform manual editing on your website themes and plugins, this plugin can be useful.

You may also test String locator, a plugin that searches for documents and files within themes, plugins, and the core of WordPress in addition to syntax highlighting.

It is easy to recommend Syntax Highlighter for Theme/Plugin Editor, yet you should be aware that it is not recommended to edit directly on your website themes and plugins. If you do, your website may crash and your security may be compromised.

Using the WordPress theme and plugin editors in a live environment are not advised, as they should be reserved for testing purposes.

πŸ’΅ No charge is associated with it. It is FREE.

Key Features:

  • The RTL is compatible with the right-to-left technique
  • The interface is very user-friendly and offers a lot of options
  • The editor allows you to place tabs indented in the text
  • Supports all WordPress themes that are currently available
  • Highlighting code syntax in a web browser
  • Color schemes can be chosen from 36 different themes depending on the mood you want
  • Security code, based on coding standards that are clear and concise
  • All modern browsers support cross-browser compatibility, so it could work with any one of them

Random Reviews:

  • As I reviewed the descriptions of the many theme editor plugins available, I selected this one to try first. Because the line numbering is an excellent feature, it allows me to view the generated code for my web page via Firefox’s tools, and navigate directly to the line that is misbehaving. A fantastic tool for troubleshooting!

    chaa_OKCJul 2017

  • Arthur Gareginyan, thanks for a useful plugin! Other plugins do not highlight the syntax of /wp-admin/theme-editor.php?file=style.css, but your plugin does! Thanks to the author for the best syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress!

    Andrews32Mar 2017

My Syntax Highlighter Plugin

Safely Embed a Syntax-Highlighted Source Code Within Pages Plugin

A JavaScript syntax highlighting tool, My Syntax Highlighter, uses the CodeMirror Javascript library to highlight syntax. It supports 36 color schemes and works with 13 programming languages, and it relies on shortcodes to display code snippets effectively.

For the main page of the settings, you can specify a default language for the CODE HTML tag. This can be useful for those of you who prefer to share code in only one language, but it may result in a distorted format for those who share code in several languages.

In this section, you can also enable line numbering, specify the first line number, display a dollar sign before the code, and set the number of tab characters to display in the code

A preview box appears at the bottom of the page to display the changes that you have made. Additionally, you may decide the height of the code box, and you may convert special characters into HTML entities.

However, My Syntax Highlighter does not support other WordPress syntax highlighting block plugins. In order to use My Syntax Highlighter, you must enter your code in one of the 16 available shortcodes.

You may wish to change the default settings of the main plugin settings page by using the shortcode block You may specify a code block instead if you prefer, but you will have limited options.

πŸ’΅ There is no charge. It’s a free plugin.

Key Features:

  • An excellently documented case study
  • Select the programming language that you want to use
  • The settings page of the application does not contain any ads
  • Adding line breaks to text
  • A total of 125 Shortcodes can be used
  • You can choose from 156 different programming languages
  • There are 64 Themes available that you can choose from
  • The CodeMirror files are only loaded when they are needed on pages

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin was very useful and did exactly what it says on the tin. Well done.

    danielepaisApr 2021

  • Several code highlighters have been tried and I’ve found this one to meet my needs perfectly. I’d recommend it highly. The Convert special characters option is the best part!

    A.ChJan 2021

  • Easy and extensible, knowing WordPress and CodeMirror.

    CapelliCSep 2017

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Finally, in the above text, we discussed the best WordPress Syntax Highlighter plugins. You can choose one of those plugins to enhance your site.

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Additionally, we hope you can find what you need.

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