9 Best WordPress Poll Plugins for 2023 (Free + Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress poll plugin to enhance user engagement on your site? Then, we must say you’re at the right place. 

Creating polls and surveys is the best way to interact with your audience and turn them into active participants to collect valuable feedback for your site. 

Thus, this article will discuss the best WordPress plugins to help you create interactive polls. 

Without further ado. Let’s start!

Why Use WordPress Poll Plugin?

Collecting opinions and views from your target market helps you know what they want. So, you can implement the idea on your products and improve your services to boost business. 

One of the easy and fun ways to gather information from your audience without boring them is with polls. 

Thus, the WordPress poll plugin helps you to create interactive polls and add them at different places on your website without hassle. 

How to Choose the Best WordPress Poll Plugin?

While you can find many WordPress plugins for creating polls, choosing the right one that best suits your needs is important. 

Hence, here are some of the essential things to consider while choosing the best WordPress poll plugin for your site:

  • A WordPress poll maker should be easy to use with no learning curve to enable you to create polls quickly.
  • It should let you add polls to various places on your WordPress site, like pages and posts, sidebar widgets, etc.
  • The plugin should allow you to read and examine poll results with graphs and charts. 
  • It should seamlessly integrate with other WordPress plugins and tools. 
  • The plugin mustn’t interfere with your site’s page loading speed. 

With that said, it’s time to dive into the list of the best WordPress poll plugins that are lightweight, easy to use, and reliable. 

9 Best WordPress Poll Plugins for 2023 

1. Everest Forms      

First on our list is Everest Forms – one of the top drag-and-drop form WordPress plugins with powerful custom form-building features. 

Everest Forms Plugin

It lets you build great-looking contact forms, donation forms, survey forms, etc., and allows creating appealing polls using Survey, Polls, and Quiz add-ons

Survey Polls and Quiz Add-On Everest Forms

With Everest Forms, you can easily use various form fields like Checkboxes, Multiple Choices, Dropdowns, etc., to create polls. 

On top of that, you can either review the poll results directly from your dashboard or at the front end of the website. The results are shown using various charts and other required information. 

Moreover, it displays the total votes and the number of votes skipped. Also, the poll results are displayed to users right after they submit the form.  

Major Highlights of the Everest Forms Plugin

  • Drag and drop form builder for easy creation of surveys, quizzes, and polls
  • Huge library of pre-built form templates
  • Unlimited email notifications and autoresponders like welcome emails, confirmation emails, etc.
  • Spam protection to help pass on legit form submissions
  • Seamless integration with Zapier, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.

Plans & Pricing

Everest Forms is a freemium WordPress plugin available in both free and premium versions. 

The different pricing structures for premium Everest Forms are as follows:

  • Personal: $48.3/year for 1 Site License
  • Plus: $99/year for 5 Sites License 
  • Professional: $99/year for 25 Sites License
  • Agency: $199/year for Unlimited Sites License
Everest Forms Pricing

Note: Survey, Polls and Quiz add-on is only available in the Plus plan and above.

2. YOP Poll                

YOP Poll is a fabulous WordPress poll plugin that allows you to create, edit, clone, or delete polls if necessary. 

YOP Poll WordPress Poll Plugin

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The plugin also enables you to create polls with single and multiple answers. 

Besides, you can schedule your poll to start and end on a specific date. It also allows you to run multiple polls simultaneously, as scheduling your posts one after another is possible. 

Further, with YOP Poll, you get complete freedom to decide what information to display and what to keep private. Also, you can choose whether to set vote permissions or block voters, etc. 

Apart from that, it’s easy to display one or more polls on your website using the corresponding poll ID. 

Major Highlights of the YOP Poll Plugin

  • WordPress poll plugin with intuitive design for ease-of-use
  • Add custom fields for retrieving additional information from voters
  • Search poll answers using various criteria (alphabetical order, number of votes, etc.)
  • Reset poll stats (if you wish to restart the poll)
  • Displays answers and results horizontally, vertically, or in a tabulated form

Plans & Pricing

YOP Poll is also a freemium plugin. 

You can easily download the free version from WordPress.org. And if you want to take your polls to the next level, you can get its pro version by visiting its official site.  

YOP Poll has three different pricing plans as follows:

  • Personal: $27 for 1 Site (One Time Payment) 
  • Plus: $37 for 3 Sites (One Time Payment) 
  • Expert: $97 for 7 Sites (One Time Payment) 
YOP Poll Pricing

3. Modal Survey     

Modal Survey is a premium WordPress poll, survey, and quiz plugin with powerful features. It helps you gain your visitor’s insight into your products and services with attention-seeking polls and surveys.

Modal Survey WordPress Poll Maker Plugin

The best part of the Modal Survey plugin is that it helps you increase your sales with product recommendation poles. 

The plugin is also highly customizable with unlimited setting options for styling polls. You can also use a slider to adjust width and position and choose colors from the color picker.

You also get the option to include the polls anywhere on pages, posts, or even in a sidebar. And you can view the detailed stats right from your admin dashboard.

Besides, it’s possible to display poll results in six different interactive chart styles (pie chart, bar chart, radar chart, etc.).

Major Highlights of the Modal Survey Plugin

  • Option to set the required minimum number of answers for each question in the poll
  • Interactive poll tutorial on the admin area for your ease
  • Custom poll animations
  • Displays the same poll once per user automatically
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress poll maker plugin

Plans & Pricing

Modal Survey is a premium WordPress poll plugin that costs $44 for a regular license. It offers six months of support.

4. Formidable Forms  

Formidable Forms is a powerful and advanced form builder plugin, yet it’s easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality. 

Formidable Forms

Whether you want to build amazing contact forms, quote forms, or surveys and polls, the plugin adapts perfectly to your needs. 

Thus, Formidable Forms lets you create custom polls in a few clicks. Most importantly, you can pop up your WordPress polls with the Visual Poll Styler. 

After taking polls of likes, dislikes, favorites, and so on, you can also display the results anywhere on your site.

Also, the polls you create with Formidable Forms are mobile-friendly and responsive, adapting perfectly to every screen size. 

Major Highlights of the Formidable Forms Plugin

  • Collect customer feedback and data with poll forms without any coding skills
  • Huge library of form templates, including one for poll
  • Visual Poll Styler to style your poll
  • Multi-page polls with progress bar
  • View poll results with beautiful charts and graphs

Plans & Pricing

A free version of Formidable Forms is available in the official WordPress plugin repository. And you can purchase a premium plugin from its official website for more advanced form features. 

It offers different plans & pricing as follows:

  • Basic: $39.50/year for 1 Site
  • Plus: $99.50/year for 3 Sites
  • Business: $199.50/year for 7 Sites
  • Elite: $299.50/year for Unlimited Sites
Formidable Forms Pricing

Note: Surveys and Polls feature is only available in the Business and Elite plan of Formidable forms. 

5. Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker Plugin by Opinion Stage     

Are you looking for a fantastic poll, survey, and quiz plugin to increase the audience’s participation on your site? Look no more; Opinion Stage is the plugin for you.

Opinion Stage

The plugin not only helps you create surveys and quizzes but also polls that look fantastic on any device. Best of all, it also allows the integration of images and videos into polls. 

Further, it lets you customize every aspect of the poll functionality and enables displaying poll results in real-time. 

The plugin enables voters to choose a single answer or multiple answers and even allows suggesting their own.

Moreover, Opinion Stage integrates with popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote sharing of polls. And you can also display Facebook comments right under your polls.

Major Highlights of the Opinion Stage Plugin

  • Visually appealing designs and templates for creating engaging polls
  • Flexibility to design your polls to match your goal
  • Decide whether you want voters to see the poll results or not
  • Option to redirect voters to a landing page after voting
  • Allows you to set automatic poll deadlines 

Plans & Pricing

Opinion Stage is a freemium plugin whose free version is downloadable from the WordPress.org plugin repository

Contrarily, for a paid version of the plugin, you can visit its official site and choose the suitable plan that aligns with your budget and need. It comes with three different pricing options as follows:

  • Starter:  $25/month (Billed Yearly)
  • Business: $79/month (Billed Yearly)
  • Performance: $249/month (Billed Yearly)
Opinion Stage Pricing

6. TS Poll         

TS Poll is a simple, easy, professional WordPress poll plugin that helps create and manage polls effectively.  

TS Poll

Not only does it give you the freedom to create unlimited polls but it also allows you to add unlimited answers in one poll. 

Plus, uploading images for each answer option while creating poll questions is possible. Best of all, it allows creating poll questions in any language you choose.

With TS Polls, you can easily display the polls in posts, pages, and widgets of your WordPress site.

All in all, TS Poll is one of the top WordPress poll maker plugins with a user-friendly interface and mobile-first approach. 

Major Highlights of the TS Poll Plugin

  • Powerful and highly customizable WordPress poll maker
  • Supports both Classic and Gutenberg editor
  • Allows adding images, videos, and mp4 videos
  • Clone button allows duplicating of polls
  • Define color from predefined colors or an option to define your own color

Plans & Pricing

TS Poll has both free and premium options. A free version can be downloaded from WordPress.org. Likewise, you can get the premium plugin from its official site

There are three pricing options for TS Poll to choose from. They are:

  • Personal: $15 for 1 Site
  • Business: $20 for 5 Sites
  • Developer: $20 for Unlimited Sites (Mega Sale Offer)
TS Poll Pricing

7. Gravity Forms         

Gravity Forms is another powerful plugin for creating custom forms for your WordPress site. The plugin is trusted by thousands of users worldwide and has a 4.7 average rating. 

Gravity Forms

Apart from making forms, integrating the Gravity Forms Polls add-on with the plugin also allows for making interactive polls to get feedback from your users. 

The add-on makes it easy to add fields to ask your users yes/no questions and enable them to choose from the list of choices or select multiple options. 

Further, you can view the poll results directly on your WordPress site in a few clicks. 

On top of that, you can also choose to show your poll results publicly or keep them private on your dashboard as per your need. 

Major Highlights of the Gravity Forms Plugin

  • Provides limitless opportunities to create and display polls on your site
  • Limit poll results only to people who need to see them
  • Conditional logic to send different questions based on visitors’ answers
  • Block repetitive voting to ensure that visitors only complete the poll once
  • Option to integrate the poll form with an email marketing platform to capture participant’s email address

Plans & Pricing 

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin with the following pricing plans:

  • Basic License: $59 for 1 Site
  • Pro License: $159 for 3 Sites
  • Elite License: $259 for Unlimited Sites
Gravity Forms Pricing

Note: You must purchase the Elite plan to access the Gravity Polls add-on. 

8. WPForms            

With 5+ million users, WPForms is one of the best form builder plugins for WordPress. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature that creates beautiful-looking forms in minutes. 

WPForms Plugin

Again, the Surveys and Polls add-on of WPForms also allows you to create polls and view results in real-time without hassle. 

WPForms Survey and Polls Add-On

Above all, WPForms has over 600 free and premium templates to let you create WordPress forms quickly. For your convenience, it also includes the poll form templates. 

The plugin also lets you add polls inside any pages, posts, or widgets of your site. 

All in all, it’s one of the best WordPress plugins to create any form, survey & poll with easy customization options. 

Major Highlights of the WPForms Plugin

  • Easy to analyze data with interactive reports
  • Option to share poll results immediately with users once they submit their vote
  • Smart CAPTCHA and spam protection to eliminate spam form submission
  • Seamless integration with email marketing service
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly design 

Plans & Pricing

WPForms is yet another freemium plugin. So, you can download the free plugin from the WordPress.org plugin repository.

For a premium plugin, you can visit its official website. The plugin has four different pricing plans as follows:

  • Basic: $39.60 for 1 Site
  • Plus: $79.60 for 3 Sites
  • Pro: $159.60 for 5 Sites
  • Elite: $239.60 for Unlimited Sites
WPForms Pricing

Note: You must opt-in for a Pro plan or higher to enable WPForms’ Surveys & Polls add-on.

9. Poll Maker   

Poll Maker, just like its name, is a feature-rich and fabulous WordPress poll maker plugin for creating excellent polls. 

Poll Maker Plugin

It allows you to choose from seven poll types: Choosing, Rating, Voting, Dropdown, Range, VS (Versus), and Text. 

Moreover, it offers advanced poll setting options and dozens of styling options for customizing colors, images, backgrounds, etc., for professional-looking polls.

Also, adding and editing the poll question is easy with the default WordPress classic editor. Not to mention the editor enables you to create image polls, video polls, and audio polls. 

Further, the integration with the social share button with this plugin enables you to share your polls with wider audiences. 

Major Highlights of the Poll Maker Plugin

  • Option to activate multi-vote functionality
  • Email notifications to get notified each time the vote is submitted
  • Redirect participants to another webpage after voting
  • Allows scheduling polls
  • Limit to vote by specific user roles and limit to vote only once

Plans & Pricing

Luckily, Poll Maker is available in both free and premium versions. A free one is downloadable from WordPress.org, and you can get the premium ones by visiting its official site

There are two pricing plans available. They are:

  • Business: $49 for 5 Sites (One Time Payment)
  • Developer: $129 for Unlimited Sites (One Time Payment)
Poll Maker Pricing

Summing It Up!

WordPress poll plugins help you create awesome polls to know your users’ opinions, preferences, and interests without intimidating them. 

Thus, you can make an informed decision to improve your products and services and skyrocket your business. 

Hope our list has helped you to find the best WordPress poll plugin for making interactive polls. If yes, please don’t forget to share it on your social channels. Our social handles are right in front of you. 

Are you still confused about which WordPress poll plugin to use? 

Then, we suggest going with an all-in-one form solution, i.e., Everest Forms. It’s feature-rich and beginner-friendly, empowering you to create beautiful forms and effective polls.

However, if you want to use the poll-specific plugin, you can also go with YOP Poll

And this marks the end of our article on the best WordPress poll plugins.

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