9 Best WordPress Redirect Plugins ↪️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

We recently received a question from one of our visitors asking which is the best WordPress Redirect plugin for WordPress?

Considering all Redirect WordPress plugin requirements, we have compiled this list of best WordPress plugins to save you both time and money. These plugins are easy to use, deliver optimal performance, and help you level up your website. Furthermore, our plugins are compatible with all popular WordPress themes.

They are used to redirect to another page, redirect an external URL, or redirect a website from the WWW to an alternative URL. We built this stack of WordPress plugins for 404 Redirect, 301 Redirect, Redirection, Redirect Manager, and Redirect to Another Page.

Best Redirect Plugins for WordPress ↪️

Check out our choice and recommendations of the best Redirect WordPress plugins for 2022:

Redirection Plugin

The Simplest WordPress Plugin to Redirect

Redirection WordPress plugin does exactly what the name suggests; redirection and keeping track of 404 errors. It is possible to configure redirection tasks through the plugin without an in-depth knowledge of Apache and Nginx.

Redirect options in this 404 redirect plugin allow you to reduce errors on your website. One of the dozens of customization options, which includes login status redirects, allows this software to be used to reduce errors.

The redirection tool can check for changes in your website permalinks automatically, and it can also generate redirect URLs according to the detected changes.

Using the plugin’s logging feature, you can save information about the visitors to your website along with tracking all redirects made through your site.

💵 This plugin is free to download. You can use it at no cost.

Key Features:

  • Available in multiple languages and it’s free
  • IP address redirect
  • Page type redirect
  • Role capability redirect
  • Errors can be managed in bulk in a group and they can be directed
  • Changes permalinks on a post or page automatically
  • Set up multiple types of redirects in WordPress
  • Logs can be exported for external investigation
  • Manages, tracks, and adjusts redirects for 404 errors
  • List of URLs you may need to redirect

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a great plugin, thank you!

    umizen40Apr 2022

  • Plugin that manages redirects simply and easily.

    mollyfisherwebApr 2022

  • I have been using it for the last 5 years without any problem. Many thanks to the admin for this plugin.

    anjanbiswas01Apr 2022

301 Redirects Plugin

Easy Redirect Manager Plugin for WordPress

301 Redirects WordPress Redirect Manager plugin is your best option if you are looking for a widely used, free redirection tool.

To redirect old URLs to similar content, you may use titles, post types, categories, and tags. Alternatively, you may create your own custom URL.

You can use this tool to 302 and 301 redirect your website. This tool can be used whenever you update content and remove outdated information from your website.

You can manage new redirect rules with its simple interface. If you do not wish to enter URLs manually, you can specify whether the addresses should redirect to another page, posts, media files, or products.

By using the 404 error log, you can quickly identify 404 errors and avoid having to run a manual audit every week. In this manner, you don’t have to double check each page to make sure it is functioning properly.

💵 For $59, this plugin comes in a Pro and a Free version.

Key Features:

  • Super-fast redirection
  • Link scanner integration
  • Wildcard & regular expression URL matching
  • Bulk redirection management via import/export
  • Notifies you if your permalink structure cannot be redirected
  • Set up multiple types of redirects (as with Redirection plugin)
  • Redirect statistics help you determine how much a redirection is used
  • When redirecting, keep query strings
  • Offers a bulk redirect tool
  • Fully compatible with translation plugins

Random Reviews:

  • For years I used this plugin for affiliate links. The recent update automatically removes characters from the redirect URL, so any new affiliate deep links from CJ.com can’t be added. I’ve had to switch to a 301 redirect plugin now.

    wizveApr 2022

  • This is the best 301 Redirect I have used so far. Why? I tried a few others and one actually shut down my site as it caused processes to get looped and ate up all my bandwidth. Fortunately, A2 found it for me and now I found this.

    doug2sonFeb 2022

Safe Redirect Manager Plugin

A WordPress Plugin to Safely Manage Your Website’s Redirects

The plugin Safe Redirect Manager for WordPress, is designed for users who need a HTTPS redirect manager. In the case your pages have HTTP status codes 302 or 301, this plugin can redirect the user to new URLs.

Using this WordPress plugin, you can choose a type of redirect and create customized redirect rules. It is easily installed, and supports multisite WordPress networks.

It is normally necessary to go into the plugin’s settings in the WordPress dashboard to set up redirects, but this plugin allows you to do it inside of the post.

The plugin is an excellent tool for adding custom redirects. It supports 301, 302, and 303 redirects, as well as many other types. The main disadvantage is that it only enables you to redirect up to 250 times.

💵 All the phenomenal functionalities are comes up with this plugin, and you can get all the updates by downloading this plugin for Free.

Key Features:

  • Find all settings in the tools section of your WordPress admin area
  • Available in English and other languages and designed to handle heavy traffic
  • No overarching settings
  • Comes with actions and filters so developers can customize it easily
  • Save redirect rules as custom post types in your database
  • Additional frills are not included
  • Built for speed and performance
  • Lightweight
  • Add notes to each redirect rule that you set up
  • Makes your data portable and your website scalable

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you for this easy route to redirect to the new URL!

    ronansSep 2021

  • There are a lot of redirect plugins available these days, but this is the only one that I recommend and use for all of my sites. It’s simple to use and, well, it just works – you can’t get better than that.

    David ArtissAug 2020

  • We tried several redirection plugins before we found this one. The others didn’t work.

    argosmediaJun 2020

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin Plugin

Quick & Individual Rediration WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin for WordPress performs the redirection of posts and pages quickly.

It is possible to use Quick Page/Post Redirect to implement 301 redirects on your website without having to configure too many settings, allowing you to set up multiple redirects without having to go through too many options.

You may also use the Block Editor to add redirect rules directly to web pages or individual posts, in order to open them in a new window or with nofollow.

With this plugin, it is possible to redirect a page without having to create a post or page first. The user only needs to specify a Request URL and a Destination URL, and the plugin handles the rest.

💵 This plugin is free.

Key Features:

  • Meta redirects support
  • Set up global redirects or turn off all existing ones with a click
  • Redirected posts and pages summary
  • Works with WordPress Nav Menus
  • Redirecting links from an old website to a WordPress version
  • Set up multiple 301 redirects at once
  • Redirect old URLs to new ones
  • Create 301 and 302 redirects from the page’s and post’s options
  • Easily redirect imported and exported bulk data
  • Fix typos that occurred when creating the page so that there are no errors

Random Reviews:

  • Data sending to w.anadnet.com by unauthorized users is unacceptable. This website should be banned from WordPress.

    spinny44Oct 2021

  • It has been taken over by people who exploit it to add advertising to websites that use it. Please remove it from this catalog.

    Tyler TorkMay 2021

  • Creating redirects wasn’t easy. It simply worked, nothing special about it. Perhaps more advanced features are lacking.

    xctvybunimApr 2021

SEO Redirection Plugin

301 Redirect Manager Plugin for WordPress

Plugins such as SEO Redirection for WordPress are the best tools if you want to set multiple redirects while maintaining your search engine optimization.

Furthermore, you can monitor 404 error pages and direct them to another web page without too much hassle. In the SEO Redirection plugin, 301 redirects will be automatically added to posts whenever their URL changes, making it easy for your website to implement them.

You’ll be able to view all the redirects on your website at one time, as well as the entire folders, along with their contents. It’ll also redirect the pages of folders, such as your index.html page.

Plugin features include its advanced panel, which includes controls such as redirected folders, viewing log files, adding regular expressions, and creating redirects.

💵 The Lite version is free; the Pro version is priced.

Key Features:

  • Link changes are reflected when your site moves or your domain name changes
  • Apache .htaccess is not required
  • Manually add 301, 302, and 307 redirections for a WordPress post
  • Supports wild card redirection (as with the 301 Redirects plugin)
  • Friendly GUI and easy to use
  • Redirect based upon login status
  • WPML and multilingual support
  • A listing of the last access time and total hits

Random Reviews:

  • Earlier today, I purchased and downloaded the plugin premium for WordPress, and today, the plugin caused a fatal error on my website. I really need you to fix this bug in the plugin. Thank you.

    mgasconJun 2021

  • My issue with the plugin was resolved 24 hours after I reached out to customer service.

    graniteindustriesNov 2019

Simple Website Redirect Plugin

An Easy-to-Use WordPress Plugin for Web Redirection

With the Simple Website Redirect plugin for WordPress, not only you can redirect to external URLs, but also to your entire website. And this is what sets the plugin apart from most of the others on this list.

Due to the fact that it has been optimized for SEO, you will not have to worry about it negatively affecting the performance of your site. Additionally, because it stores the URL path and query string, it can be used very easily.

A 301 redirect will send your visitors from your old pages to the new ones. This feature is beneficial when migrating a website from one owner to another. If the old URL structure does not align with the new one, the plugin ensures that your existing links will remain intact.

It is likely that you will not be able to manage all of the redirects and status codes needed for your blog with this plugin, in particular, if you manage a large WordPress blog. You must pay attention that this plugin does not help you to redirect www to non-www.

💵 The plugin is free. There is no cost involved.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all versions of PHP and WordPress
  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Prevents the redirect from firing in a set scenario
  • Allows you to switch between temporary and permanent redirects
  • Redirect only certain URLs
  • Direct your domain without logging into your hosting provider’s website

Random Reviews:

  • Simple, easy to use, and ready to go! Congrats!

    soulcommerceOct 2021

  • In a multi-site deployment, the main site is redirected to another using the plugin. However, we cannot run any WP-CLI commands while the plugin is enabled.

    tkaprolSep 2021

404 Solution Plugin

Free Redirect Manager Plugin for WordPress

The 404 Solution Redirection Manager for WordPress allows you to redirect all 404 URLs to specific pages within your site using an automated process. You can use this plugin to determine the most appropriate URL according to the user’s needs.

In addition, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, which ensures you do not need to worry about products disappearing from your store as it will redirect users to the nearest match.

Furthermore, the plugin facilitates the removal of redirects when the post or page’s URL has been changed since it was originally created. Unlike the Simple Website Redirect plugin, this one includes basic usage statistics, which can be useful in discovering which pages have errors and which can be corrected.

For small businesses needing simple redirection performances, the 404 solution is the best option. If you’re looking for a highly advanced 404 redirection plugin, we don’t recommend you consider this one.

💵 No charge is associated with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Highly configurable
  • Supports regular expressions
  • View the logged errors in your WordPress dashboard
  • Supports shortcodes for displaying page suggestions
  • Includes query data

Random Reviews:

  • I like that there are many plugins, it works the same way, and you can configure it easily. Thanks.

    darlanmOct 2021

  • It wasn’t a problem with the plugin, it was with how I wanted it to work on my site. And the author found a working solution with unprecedented support. So enjoy this plugin, you won’t regret it.

    SinkadusJun 2021

404 to 301 Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Redirect, Log and Notify 404 Errors

By using the 404 to 301 WordPress plugin, you can redirect your website’s 404 error URLs to another page on your website that you create and also keep a record of the errors that happen on your website.

Furthermore, using this program will save you both time and money by helping you find broken links on your website. Additionally, it will keep a record of every 404 error, allowing you to resolve this issue effectively.

It has many features, including the ability to select the redirect type (301, 302, 307) that suits your website best. Additional features include tracking and logging error data, as well as enabling email notifications for 404 errors.

By using this plugin, you’ll be able to avoid reporting 404 errors in your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard. Additionally, you should be aware that some users have complained about not receiving support for this plugin, which might be one of the most discouraging aspects.

💵 This is a free plugin. There are no charges associated with it.

Key Features:

  • Time-based automatic clearing of error logs
  • Completely free to use with lifetime updates
  • PDF file attachment of error logs
  • Get weekly, twice weekly, daily, and twice-daily alerts in place of hourly alerts
  • Translation ready
  • Limit the number of emails sent out based on the error logs count
  • Follows best WordPress coding standards
  • Set custom redirect for each 404 path
  • Developer friendly

Random Reviews:

  • WordPress database error Unknown column ‘options’ for query SELECT redirect, options FROM wp_404_to_301
    Developer does not respond to support tickets.

    6stringsApr 2022

  • Thank you. This plugin has been very helpful to me beyond my expectations.

    rony11Mar 2022

  • This plugin will get rid of many 404:s from WordPress and I sometimes find some strange IPs looking for files that are not in WP:) I’ll block them:) Love from Sweden

    tinapontingMar 2022

WP GeoIP Country Redirect Plugin

#1 WordPress Redirection Manager Plugin

The WP GeoIP Country Redirect plugin for WordPress is your best option if you want to redirect your traffic with a country-specific URL.

With this plugin, the IP address of visitors is used to identify where they are coming from, and the appropriate content is directed to them.

Additionally, you can use the plugin to take advantage of complex features, such as choosing all countries except one.

Additionally, the plugin enables you to filter out certain countries from accessing your website, while still allowing others to do so, in order to ensure visitors are directed to relevant search results as they browse through your website.

By using the drop-down menus in the WordPress administrator’s panel, you can assign redirection rules for the plugin.

💵 With this advanced, complete, documented plugin, you can get it for only $9/M.

Key Features:

  • Pass page paths, query strings & hashes
  • Multi-site geo redirection
  • Taxes are directed to the appropriate storefronts
  • Switch between local WordPress sites
  • Display popups or announcement bars
  • Continent, country, state & city redirection
  • Redirect to matching pages
  • Inclusion & exclusion rules
  • Radius based redirection
  • Provide an offer to a specific location

Detailed summary

We discussed and checked the best WordPress Redirect plugins in this article. We recommend you choose the plugin that best suits your needs.

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