Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins 2021

Nowadays, the conversion rate is very important when it comes down to selling products. There are many ways to increase your conversion rate and defeat your competitors. One of the best strategies is to cooperate with other companies and websites through affiliate programs. This program not only can sell the products and services they have but also promote your business in the process.

With the advancement of technology and gaining popularity of the internet, a lot of businesses have implemented online marketing at the core of their company. Having an online presence in the virtual world enables you to reach out to more people and as a result, have international customers.

As you probably know, being able to sell a product is the most important key factor in having a successful business. To achieve this, companies tend to use an affiliate marketing plugin to begin cooperating with other websites and businesses.

As well, you may want to consider our list of the best WordPress affiliate marketing themes that will help you to create a successful affiliate marketing website.

In this article, we would like to introduce the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. In the previous article, we discussed WooCommerce currency switcher plugins.

Why Use a WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin?

As mentioned above, being able to sell a product is the most important key factor in having a successful business. Nowadays, a lot of companies are looking for marketing strategies to increase their conversion rate and sell more of their products and services.

In the affiliate marketing plan, you as a website earn commission by promoting other people’s and in this case the company’s products. This strategy is achievable by a WordPress affiliate marketing plugin.

You as a company who wants to sell its products install one of these plugins and it allows you to analyze the conversion rate, track commissions, etc. In addition, you can create a dedicated link for each website and track the traffic that’s coming from their website.

WordPress is a flexible page builder and by installing different plugins you can add or remove functionality. By using a WordPress affiliate marketing plugin, you can reach your marketing goals.

Without further ado, let us begin our list.

The first plugin on our list is Ultimate Affiliate Pro. By using this plugin increase the services and products that you offer on WordPress. The Ultimate Affiliate Pro also enables you to view earnings from the affiliate marketing strategy.

Perhaps, the main feature that this plugin is praised is its compatibility with PayPal. Besides, whenever someone visits your products on an affiliated website, you will receive a notification. This notification enables you to track down the engagement of users with your products. In addition, affiliated websites also receive a report email.

If an affiliated website is working better compared to others, you can give them more commission. This plugin can sort affiliated websites based on how well they are doing and how much profit they’ve brought to your business.

In addition, there is no limitation to how many affiliated websites you can add to the plugin.

This plugin also comes with share buttons and with them, affiliated websites can share your products on social media platforms. Also, the plugin is translation ready.

Pretty Links plugin can create appealing social sharing links. As you can probably tell by its name, this plugin can manage virtual links, redirects and affiliate links. Nowadays, bloggers and websites who work solely on affiliate programs need a dedicated link to share the products or what they are promoting on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

However, by using the Pretty Links plugin you can bulk share anything on social media platforms with a simple click. These links are easily accessible through the WordPress Dashboard and use your domain name when shared. This means you can easily customize the link you are sharing. Another useful feature this plugin has to offer is that it can sort, filter, and search the links you have created.

Besides, Pretty Links comes with advanced marketing plans and can manage your social media and email marketing. By using this plugin, you can send automated messages and create a short URL of each page and post. We also recommend using the WordPress social proof plugin that is a popular tool that increases sales through social proof and FOMO.  

This plugin comes with a few different packages and you choose whichever you prefer based on your needs.

The next WordPress affiliate marketing plugin list on our list is WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates and it’s considered to be one of the best amazon affiliates plugins for WordPress.

Some of the features this plugin offers are the ability to search keywords and WZone Dropshipping which you can use to import Amazon products to your WordPress website and you can add a customized description to each of them.

This plugin allows you to run a simple yet powerful dropshipping website with WordPress. This plugin eliminates the country restrictions some products have.

For example, some products are only available to the USA and Canada. As mentioned above, you have the option to change the price for each product you import to your website.

All of which we mentioned are only some of the features this plugin has to offer.

If you are planning to launch a WooCommerce shop on your WordPress website, by using the Affiliates Manager plugin you can manage track down your products and increase the coming traffic to your website. Affiliate Marketing is considered a fast-growing advertising method that’s not very expensive to use.

As you probably know, joining in on a sale is one of the best methods to increase the number of sales. By installing this plugin, not only you can track sales, but also you can calculate and pay commission based on the number of sales of each website. In addition, Affiliates Manager has the ability to pay commission using PayPal.

In addition, this plugin can also send out customized messages to each of the affiliated websites.

Affiliates plugin has over 6 thousand active installations and considered one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. Affiliated websites can share your website’s link anywhere on their website without any trouble. Besides, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce and can be used for an online store.

This plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and offers a great user experience. Besides, it enables you to configure the plugin in its settings and view how many times users have visited your website through the affiliate program in the Affiliates Dashboard.

This plugin is available in both free and premium versions and in the premium version you unlock a lot more features that can help you with product marketing and conversion rate of your WordPress website.

With 30,000 active installations, ThirstyAffiliates is considered to be yet another great WordPress affiliate marketing plugin. Some of the features it offers are inbuilt affiliate link shorter, affiliate link picker tool, tracking & reports stats, no follow option, etc.

This plugin is fully compatible with Google Analytics and can display incoming traffic from affiliated websites. In addition to viewing the basic data, you can also see the most popular post, product or service. Also, ThirstyAffiliates allows you to create and categorize a list of affiliates.

The premium version of this plugin offers more features and it has more compatibility compared to the free version. In the premium version, you get a detailed and categorized data of the traffic coming to your website or services.

Besides, it can generate advanced statistics reports and geo-target your visitors based on their country of origin and most importantly, it automatically detects your affiliate links for 404’s or broken links and notifies you.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

One of the best and useful plugins for bloggers who are looking for ways to monetize their work and sell items on eBay is WP eBay Product feeds. This plugin enables you to import eBay feeds on your WordPress website.

By using the styles provided by the plugin you can turn WordPress into an online store that’s appealing and encourages visitors to actually spend time on your website.

Currently, this plugin has over 2000 active installations and fully compatible with the latest WordPress version. The premium version of this plugin is available for 30 euros that offers a lot more features and 12 months of premium support.

By using the Affiliate Royale plugin you can increase your sales and the traffic of your website. Affiliate Royale is fully compatible with WordPress and very easy to install.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

With Affiliate Royale you can track the activities of affiliates and check how well they are doing. Once the plugin is installed and activated on your website, users just need to sign up on your affiliate page and use the dashboard provided by the plugin to start running their sales.

In addition, you can fully customize how much a user gets paid based on either their commission or number of sales.

The next plugin on our list is AffiliateWP and it currently has over 2000 active installations and considered to be a great WordPress affiliate marketing plugin. By using this plugin, you can check the incoming traffic to your website and also use the data it provides to increase your conversion rate.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

As mentioned above, the affiliate program and advertising can tremendously improve the conversion rate and traffic of your website.

In addition, the AffiliateWP plugin can help you manage and track the activity of your affiliates. There is no limitation to how many affiliates you can have and it can even create a unique URL for each of them.

Besides, emails and messages are completely customizable and you can even change the notification sent to admins.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

The next plugin on our list is AliExpress Dropshipping Business that’s fully compatible with WooCommerce. By using this plugin, you can directly import all products to your WordPress website.

This plugin also allows you to edit and implement any necessary changes to products from the WordPress Dashboard. Also, it can track customers and the number of clicks of your products on an affiliate website.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

Content Egg plugin has over 20,000 active installations and considered a great WordPress affiliate marketing plugin. This plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and all the available themes. Besides, it allows you to search for keywords and add any products that appear on the search result.

In addition, this plugin is translation ready and you can simply translate it to your own language. One of the key features of this plugin is its compatibility with WooCommerce.

Content Egg allows you to use discount, price, categories, special offers, etc. filters that allow customers to sort and find the products they want. These filters improve the user experience and ultimately the conversion rate.

Another great feature this plugin provides is the fact that it checks original prices and auto-updates your price based on them.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral is one of the best and practical WordPress affiliate marketing plugins that completely supports and uses PayPal.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

One of the greatest this plugin has to offer is its email notification every time an affiliate signs up on the website. In addition, WordPress Affiliate & Referral plugin is translation ready.

By getting real-time reporting you can stay updated on the number of sales coming from affiliates and referral links. Besides, you can create a unique URL for every affiliate website.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral is a cost-effective and powerful WordPress affiliate marketing plugin. This plugin comes with PayPal MassPay, Android app, Facebook shortcode for referral, email notification for affiliates, etc.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

If you are planning on have an automatic referral campaign for WooCommerce, then we recommend ReferralCandy that is one of the greatest plugins in the WordPress repository. As you probably know, word-of-mouth marketing strategy has been working for years and this plugin supports that strategy.

So how does this work?

Whenever a customer refers your website to someone else, they will receive store credits and they can use that credit to purchase or receive gifts. A personalized link will be given to every person and they can use their credit as soon as the person they have referred has purchased an item.

Both users and the person they have referred will receive a discount coupon which encourages them to refer more people to your website in order to get more discount coupons.

wordpress affiliate marketing plugin

The last plugin on our list is Refer a Friend for WooCommerce that’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress. By using this plugin, you can create a powerful yet simple referral system on your website. That works much like the plugin mentioned above. Instead of paying your affiliates, you will reward them with discount coupons.

For each user, a unique referral code will be generated and users can send those links to their family and friends. You can fully customize the coupons. Set value, type, and even define minimum order for each coupon.


In this article, we introduced the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins that you can use to increase the conversion rate of a WordPress website. As you probably know, there are a lot of affiliate plugins in the WordPress repository or third-party websites.

Also you can the best WordPress Amazon affiliate themes to create a more successful affiliate blog site.

However, in this article, we tried to introduce the best and popular ones that we know work perfectly fine even if you don’t have any knowledge of WordPress.

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