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Are you a graphic designer currently working on a project that needs a futuristic touch? Look no further than the Tron movie poster font. But what is this font exactly, and why is it so popular? Let’s dive in.

The Tron movie was released in 1982, but its unique design and style have continued to captivate audiences for decades. One of the most iconic features of the movie’s marketing is the distinct font used in the movie poster.

Many designers have taken notice of this font and are interested in using it for their own projects. In this article, we’ll explore the Tron font in-depth and provide resources for downloading and using it yourself.

But before we get started, let’s take a quick look at the font itself.

Tron Font Preview

What Font Does Tron Use?

The font used in the Tron movie poster is called “TR2N“. This font captures the sleek, futuristic feel of the movie’s setting perfectly. Its sharp lines and geometric shapes make it instantly recognizable.

Download Tron Font

Luckily, downloading the TR2N font for your own use is easy and free. You can find the direct download link for the TTF file in the resource box below. Once you’ve downloaded the font, you’re free to use it in any of your own design projects.

One benefit of downloading the TR2N font is that it includes all of the characters used in the movie, including both letters and numbers. This means that there’s no need to search for a Tron font generator or text generator if you’re using this font.

Additionally, you can download the Tron logo in PNG and SVG (vector) formats.

Alternatives and Similar Style to TR2N

While TR2N is undoubtedly the most iconic font associated with Tron, there are other alternatives that capture the same futuristic feel. Here are 5 similar fonts that you can use in your own projects:

  • Tron Legacy Font
  • Phantom Fingers Font
  • Evogria Font
  • VIPER Squadron Font
  • Neutronium Font

Here is How You Can Use Tron Font

Now that you have the TR2N font downloaded and have some alternatives to consider, it’s time to start using it in your own designs. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you get started.

Whether you’re working on a movie poster or just trying to add a futuristic touch to your latest project, the TR2N font is a great choice. Check out the list of tutorials below for more information on how to incorporate the font into your own designs.

What is The License For Tron Font?

The Tron font is licensed software, which means if you plan to use it for commercial purposes, you must obtain a license. However, for personal use, no license is needed.

Who Designed The Font For Tron?

The designer of the Tron font is Jeff Bellini. With over 20 years of experience in digital typography and type design, Bellini has worked with numerous high-profile clients such as Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola. He also designed fonts for movies like Iron Man and The Avengers.

Information About Tron

Tron is a science-fiction film that was released in 1982. The movie’s plot revolves around a programmer who gets transported inside a computer and must fight against a malevolent program to escape back into the real world. Despite its initial box office disappointment, Tron gained a cult following and became a significant influence on pop culture.

In 2010, Disney released a sequel called “TRON: Legacy”, which featured a new version of the classic Tron poster. The TR2N poster, as it was known, had a significant impact on the branding of the movie. The poster featured the iconic Tron logo with a sleeker and more modern design, using blue neon lines on a black background.

Following the release of the movie, many fans wanted to use the TR2N font for their own designs. As a result, a Tron font generator that mimics the style of the TR2N font was created, allowing designers to generate their custom Tron-style text with ease.


To recap, the Tron font requires a license for commercial use, and it was designed by Jeff Bellini, a renowned font designer. Tron is a classic science-fiction movie that has gained a cult following, and the TR2N poster had a significant influence on its branding.

If you’re looking for Tron-style text for your designs, a Tron font generator can help you achieve that sleek neon look.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.

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