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easy drawing ideas

We all run out of drawing ideas from time to time and need great inspiration to fill our sketchbooks with new drawings. However, constantly thinking about new ideas can be challenging and frustrating. That’s why we put together a list of categories for the most straightforward and helpful drawing ideas to help you stay motivated each day.

Sketching daily to sharpen your skills is essential, and every artist must spend a few hours a day training your eye to see the objects differently; the best way to do this is to keep sketching different things in your everyday life.

We put together an extensive list of the best ideas for your drawings. Even if you are a beginner or expert, you will find them interesting to try and always think of different angels to sketch your objects.

Drawing Ideas: People & Animals

1. Sketch your hand from different angels

One of the easiest drawings is to sketch your hand from different angles. First, don’t worry about the details. Just make a quick and simple sketch and then fill in the details as much as possible.

Sketch your hand from different angels

2. Sketch both hands pointing toward each other

Once you feel comfortable drawing a single-hand sketch, you can combine two-hand drawing for a more perspective view and a more realistic approach.

Sketch both hands pointing toward each other

3. Draw close up of your eye using mirror

Using a mirror, draw a closeup of your eye. There are so many unique details in your eye that you can spend days practicing drawing your eye, it might be hard at first, but after practicing, you can have excellent sketching for your sketchbook you can be proud of.

Draw close up of your eye using mirror

4. Draw a self-portrait or portrait of your friend

Once again, using a mirror, you can draw your self-portrait, start by sketching simple lines and shapes and then go more into details. If you have a friend or spouse, you can draw their portrait.

Draw a self-portrait or portrait of your friend

5. Study and sketch people in different poses

Make quick sketching or different poses. For example, make a quick sketch if you see someone sitting, standing, or stretching. This will help you get a rough idea and don’t need to concentrate on details. Just get the lines correct. Later, you can fill in the details.

Study and sketch people in different poses

6. Draw a caricature of yourself

Drawing a caricature of yourself should be enjoyable as there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Make fun of yourself in drawing, make your eyes big, your nose small, and maybe your ears round, or add a piercing to your nose.

7. Draw characters or cartoons

Draw your favorite character from movies or comic books, and do a quick sketch of your cartoon. Please keep it simple, and don’t worry too much about details. Just get the lines correct. This is a great way to stay motivated with daily drawing.

Draw characters or cartoons

8. Draw a different kinds of animals, insects, or bugs

Drawing different kinds of animals or insects, maybe your dog or cat is sleeping. This is a great time to get a few sketching done into your sketchbook. If you see bugs or butterflies, try to visualize them and get a quick sketch. This is a great practice to see how much you can memorize once the insect flow away.

Draw a different kinds of animals, insects, or bugs

9. Sketch animals from photos

Copying animals from photos is a great way to learn drawing. You can focus on details or get an easy sketch of them. You can buy animal books or magazines and try to draw different animals each day.

Sketch animals from photos

Drawing Ideas: Architecture & Landscape

1. Draw a view of the mountain

If you live close to mountains, it’s easy to go outside and draw simple mountains, but if you don’t live close to them, you can draw clouds, oceans, or lakes.

Draw a view of the mountain

2. Sketch a architectural building

Architecture buildings are easy to draw as you can focus on shapes. This is easier for beginners than drawing animals or human body parts. For example, you can draw your house or apartment and focus on windows, doors, and roofs to get the basic shape done. Later fill in the details as you go.

Sketch a architectural building

3. Perspective building sketch

Once you get the handle on drawing simple buildings, try to draw from different perspectives and at a different angle. For example, looking at the building from the top or maybe 30 degrees will give you a diverse spectrum.

Perspective building sketch

Drawing Ideas: Still Life & Objects

1. Draw a cup of tea or coffee

If you run out of ideas to draw, you can always draw your cup of tea or coffee and enjoy your coffee or tea as much as you enjoy drawing them. Those are simple draw still life objects that you can practice daily.

Draw a cup of tea or coffee

2. Draw items in your fridge or pantries

There are so many items in your fridge or pantry that it will keep you busy for a long time to draw them all. Maybe draw eggs as they are easy to draw since they have round shapes, then pick something different and more challenging as you get better and better.

Draw items in your fridge or pantries

3. Draw trees or flowers

Going outside and sitting in the park, drawing trees or flowers, is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while getting some sketches done. You can draw many different and beautiful flowers and learn to appreciate nature.

Draw trees or flowers

4. Simple Logo sketch

You can sketch a logo using letters or images for yourself or your friend. This is an excellent practice as you can use your skills to draw logos, even for clients. Begin with making a logo for yourself using your initials, and then add some images to it.

Simple Logo sketch

5. Draw items on your desk

Your desk has many items: pens, notebooks, computer, headphones, phones, and books. You can pick one and start drawing it. This is an easy and excellent practice of sketching every day. To gain experience, you need to be consistent.

Draw items on your desk

Drawing Ideas: Freestyle & Imagination

1. Draw a letter sketching

Drawing a simple letter in a 3D look can be great practice for your everyday sketching. For example, use the letters of your first name and draw them in 3 dimensional or a calligraphic way to make it look unique.

Draw a letter sketching

2. Draw bubbles or circles from your imagination

Somedays, you might not feel inspired to draw anything specific. The best way is to draw circles or bubbles from your head, it will help you with your drawing skills because you are still enticed and keep it consistent getting your sketchbook to fill out.

Draw bubbles or circles from your imagination

3. Fill the page with swirly creatures

Draw swirly creatures. They don’t have to symbolize anything, but they can be just from your imagination to keep you practicing your drawing skills. They can be unique and beautiful shapes combined to make a great addition to your sketchbook.

Fill the page with swirly creatures

4. Draw an imaginary character

Drawing imaginary characters or creatures opens your mind and lets you think differently about the world. Your imagination is great and powerful. Use it to draw things only you can.

Draw an imaginary character

5. Draw a character from a scene or dream

Drawing your favorite character from a movie or scene is a great way to stay motivated. As this chanter inspires you, it will inspire you to draw and keep practicing. It will help you stay focused as you want to draw it as best as possible.

 Draw a character from a scene or dream

6. Draw a series of character movements/animation

Drawing 2d animation sequences of your character or even still life objects as cartoons moving is a great way to reproduce your drawing but now in a different moment as an animator.

Draw a series of character movements/animation

7. Draw a cover for your favorite book or magazine

Drawing your favorite cover or re-drawing your favorite book cover is a great way to keep drawing daily. Draw a cover for your sketchbook. If you had to design your sketchbook, what cover and letters what you want on it.

Draw a cover for your favorite book or magazine

8. Draw a combination of fonts and characters

The best way is to combine two things in your drawings to stay motivated and creative, so they connect letters and characters in one sketch, making it seamless. This will be a great way of thinking outside the box and adding your touch to the drawings.

Draw a combination of fonts and characters

9. Illustration sketch

Sketching Illustrations can be a great way of learning to draw different shapes and characters. You can visit free illustration websites to help you find inspiration or draw simple illustrations yourself.

Illustration sketch

10. Draw icons

Drawing icons is a great way to stay motivated and easily update your skills. You see many icons on the web or in real life. Try to draw simple icons or get inspiration from free icons website to help you get started.

draw icons

Drawing Ideas: Combining Objects

Now the best part of any sketchbook combines objects to grow your imagination and sketching skills. You can sly from our list combine drawing still objects with letterheads or using illustrations and logos to make it a unique sketch.

Combining letters with architectural objects can make your sketchbook stand out, as you will grow your ability to sketch in different formats and perspectives. You will be thinking in another direction and imagination and drawing your dreams combined with real-life objects.

Because there are so many things to draw, adding or re-ranging different mediums and angles will make your sketching more fun and make you enjoy drawing even more. When you combine objects, you open your imagination and enjoy what you do.

This is excellent practice for beginners to make them draw easy sketches and make it more fun and enjoyable experience, leading to more drawing and sharpening your skills.

Best drawing exercise and tips to help you stay focus

Sometimes we don’t feel or have inspiration to draw or feel our work is not good enough to continue, but one has to remember that only with practice will you become a master. So if we can make drawing fun and pleasant, we will continue doing it daily.

One of the best exercises is drawing simple objects we like and enjoy. This will lead to improving our skills, and our sketchbook will become better and better. Minimalist things are the easiest to draw beach; they require fewer lines, so sketching a letter or logo at different angles or heights enables us to improve our skills.

You can try different mediums using different pens or pencils, and maybe you can use an iPad or Photoshop with the stylus pen for a different experience. Combining pen and paint can be fun and challenging but rewarding as this medium will give you different outcomes that might be interesting to you. There is much free graphic design software to help you try another medium.

If you want to become a drawing master, you need to draw daily; if you’re going to become a great writer, you need to write every day. So even if you draw for a few minutes at a time, make it a habit of drawing daily for as much as possible. Somedays, you might not have the inspiration to do so, but even if you pick up a pencil and give it a 20 minutes sketch, it will motivate you to draw and make it a daily habit.

What are some easy drawing ideas for beginners?

The best drawing ideas for beginners are drawing still-life objects you find around the house or on your desk. Those objects are easy to draw and get inspired each day.

What can I easily draw each day?

You can easily draw any parts of your body, start with hands or fingers this will let you practice your drawing skills. Then you can draw them from a different perspective to learn how they move.

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