EPC & Affiliate Internet marketing – 3X Your Affiliate Income

Affiliate advertising and marketing is no more a secret to numerous of you. All those who have not comprehended the nuances of this no-nonsense way to make money from blogging and YouTube really should get started by reading this book  (Downloaded by 8360+ people today ). 

subscriber.to start with_title today, I’m sharing an advanced procedure to support you select a successful affiliate application. 

The procedure is called calculating EPC to identify which of the existing affiliate products and solutions you endorse is a lot more lucrative.

To do this, you want to have two details –

  • Amount of clicks
  • Revenue 

The calculation is reasonably very simple.

If you ship 1000 clicks to an affiliate solution which resulted in $1000 earnings for you. That meant, each simply click produced $1 for you. (Notice: The conversion might be 5%, but for you, the EPC is $1)

Video – 3X Affiliate earning by understanding EPC

I do think this post 👇 is far better than the video, but if you like to study seeing video clips, verify this out –

Let’s recognize this better with an instance.

Below I’m comparing two pretty related goods which present an affiliate application. 

Comparing the EPC of two similar Affiliate merchandise

Affiliate method 1 –  40% commission

I have promoted a high-quality item, sending 95,997 clicks to the products site. And these 95,997 clicks generated $20,177.27 in profits. 

  • Number of readers = 95,997
  • Whole revenue = $20,177
  • EPC = $21

You can use this totally free EPC calculator if you like to examine by yourself.  👈🏻

Affiliate Method 2 – 30% fee

caption for graphic

Now, this is an alternate product with very similar capabilities, and lets determine the EPC for this one.

  • Quantity of readers = 2411
  • Full earnings = $1431
  • EPC = $59.39

Result 😱

In this situation, I’m earning near to 3X much more with my second plan when I evaluate profits for each click.

At the time you have the EPC variety, you can do a large amount of things, these types of as:

  • You can select the ideal product from the revenue position of watch.
  • You could scale your paid traffic medium, as you know how substantially earnings you are heading to make if you scale up your website traffic (Taking into consideration the high-quality remains the similar)

A few attention-grabbing points to take note –

  • A merchandise may possibly give you a large commission, but when you start approaching the item from an EPC stand stage, you might realize that a superior commission does not usually equate to larger income. I have already shared an case in point over, when an affiliate plan with 30% made much more dollars than the one that made available 40%.
  • EPC should not be the only criterion for deciding amongst two courses.
  • You need to use sub-id system to track affiliate clicks based on unique placement. Ex – Blog posts, YouTube, Banner ad. And determine EPC for each individual placement.

What to do when you really do not have visibility on the selection of clicks?

I have acquired thousand complications but knowledge ain’t a person 😉

Truthfully, if you are managing a self-hosted platform like WordPress or very similar running a blog platforms, info really should not be your largest trouble. These days, all the affiliate plugins like ThirstyAffiliates, Lasso enable you keep track of the amount of clicks you obtain on your affiliate one-way links.

You just will need to devote some time configuring these plugin to increase the information to your Google analytics dashboard. I will continue to keep this part for long run tutorials.

Do notice –

  • Not all affiliate application deliver the information that you require. You can always ping the software affiliate manager, and ask them to make these facts available for you.
  • Some affiliate communitys like Impression.com, have this characteristic by default, which will make existence simpler for us. Possibly, thats why a whole lot of products are shifting their affiliate plan to Affect system.

Question for you

How would you determine EPC for a recurring affiliate system? 🤔

Conclusion – EPC in Affiliate Internet marketing

Just like the initial time when you found about Web optimization plugins for WordPress, it may well have modified the way you method driving site visitors. In the same way, now after you have uncovered about this notion of EPC in affiliate advertising, you should utilise this technique to 3x your affiliate earnings.

I would like to know how are you calculating EPC for the goods you are advertising and marketing, and how are you utilising this information to mature your affiliate profits?

Share your concepts and encounter with us in the comment section below..

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