Explore 19 Free and Premium Best Elementor Addons in 2022

Elementor page builder is one of the best-known WordPress page builder plugins. Furthermore, there are tons of Elementor add-ons with enhanced web development features. Crocoblock is known as a top-notch Elementor add-ons provider, so in this article, you’ll find the best free and premium Elementor plugins.

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What are Elementor Add-ons?

Sometimes, users are searching for more advanced features for designing web pages with Elementor. So, this is why Elementor add-ons are so popular nowadays. This article will help you find the functionality you need for your website development.

Premium Elementor Addons

Let’s start with top premium Elementor add-ons. You will find a quick overview, features, and use cases. You can buy all plugins separately or get a Crocoblock subscription


JetEngine is an Elementor WordPress plugin for building dynamic websites. This plugin allows you to create simple and complex websites with dynamic functionality. JetEngine consists of 17 dynamic widgets, including data store button, check mark, map listing, profile menu, order form, etc.

JetEngine dynamic content plugin for Elementor

We’ve also written up a comparison of JetEngine with other plugins. Feel free to check it out.

💡 What can you implement with JetEngine?

  • Build dynamic a website structure
  • Create CPT (custom post types), CCT (custom content types), and taxonomies
  • Generate attractive and dynamic listing items
  • Set dynamic visibility and conditional logic
  • Create data stores (wishlists and favorites)
  • Build dynamic WordPress tables and charts
  • Set profile builder
  • Manage Rest API

⭐ JetEngine use cases:

  • Bookstore website
  • Rental Website
  • Doctor appointments website

Pricing: $43 per year per site

🔑Get JetEngine plugin


JetElements is an Elementor add-on for design and website effects. This plugin has more than 44 widgets containing Lottie files, sale products, section parallax, download button, weather widget, and more.

jetelements elementor addon

💡 What can you implement with JetElements?

  • Show images, videos, and posts in a creative way with a portfolio gallery, post grid, advanced carousel, logo showcase
  • Create attractive content sections with countdown timer, testimonials, team members, pricing table, price list, or slider
  • Showcase content interactively via parallax, comparison slider, or flip box
  • Embed content from third-party websites (like YouTube)
  • Add WooCommerce badges

⭐ JetElements use cases:

Pricing: $43 per year per site

🔑Get JetElements plugin


The following premium Elementor add-on is JetSmartFilters for adding advanced filters to your WordPress website. With this filter Elementor plugin, you get 15 widgets: sorting, rating, visual filter, search filter, date range, alphabet, checkboxes filter, and more.

JetSmartFilters Elementor filtering plugin

Compare JetSmartFilters with other Elementor filtering plugins.

💡 What can you implement with JetSmartFilters?

  • Display filtered display smartly with Indexer
  • Create filtering logic and dynamic filters with AJAX
  • Build hierarchy between filters
  • Display search results on Google maps

⭐ JetSmartFilters use cases:

  • Apply advanced filters for any website niche.

Pricing: $43 per year per site

🔑Get JetSmartFilters plugin


JetBooking is an Elementor booking plugin for setting up a complex booking system on your website. Here is a quick booking functionality comparison for you.

JetBooking Elementor booking addon

💡 What can you implement with JetBooking?

  • Set booking instances
  • Create a booking form
  • Customize post submit notifications

⭐ JetBooking use cases:

Pricing: $19 per year per site

🔑Get JetBooking plugin


Instead of JetBooking, the JetAppointment plugin has been created for hourly-based services, like barbershops, spa salons, etc. Compare the best Elementor appointment plugins here.

jetappointment elementor add-on

💡 What can you implement with JetAppointment?

  • Select services and providers 
  • Set required database columns (like name, dates, provider, phone number, etc.)
  • Configure working hours and days off
  • Add buffer time
  • Manage appointments via a dashboard 

⭐ JetAppointment use cases:

Pricing: $19 per year per site

🔑Get JetAppointments plugin


The next top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin is JetWooBuilder. This plugin has more than 60 widgets: global widgets, single product widgets, archive card widgets, categories card widgets, shop page and cart widgets, checkout and thank you page widgets, my account page widgets, etc.

jetwoobuilder elementor add-on

💡 What can you implement with JetWooBuilder?

  • Assign custom templates (thank you page, checkout, cart, etc.)
  • Add different product carousels: vertical, swiper, and center modes
  • Display the category cards
  • Create single product pages

⭐ JetWooBuilder use cases:

Pricing: $43 per year per site

🔑Get JetWooBuilder plugin


JetCompateWishlist is the Elementor add-on for online stores with 6 additional widgets. Including the count button, wishlist button, compare button, compare and wishlist buttons, etc.

jetcomparewishlist plugin

💡 What can you implement with JetCompareWishlist?

  • Set to compare products by any data
  • Show compare and wishlist buttons
  • Style and organize wishlists
  • Show the count: how many times users add the product to the wishlist

⭐ JetCompareWishlist use cases:

  • Compare blocks in the online store 
  • Wishlist layout for your users

Pricing: $15 per year per site

🔑Get JetCompareWishlist plugin


The next premium Elementor add-on is JetMenu for creating custom mega menus in the Elementor page builder. Compare JetMenu with other Elementor menu plugins.

jetmenu elementor menu plugin

💡 What can you implement with JetMenu?

  • Add any content type to your menu (products, multimedia, contacts, dynamic content, etc.)
  • Insert interactive elements (images, icons)
  • Use multiple menus for different pages or devices
  • Make Elementor menu responsive
  • Style menu with icons and badges

⭐ JetMenu use cases:

  • Horizontal, vertical, or hamburger menu
  • Custom mega menu

Pricing: $43 per year per site

🔑Get JetMenu plugin


JetReviews is an Elementor review plugin to increase audience engagement.

jetreviews addon for elementor

💡 What can you implement with JetReviews?

  • Add visible average stats (rating, reviews amount)
  • Create custom layout
  • Add Likes/Dislikes 
  • Apply reviews to any custom post types
  • Show reviews with real users‘ data

⭐ JetReviews use cases:

  • WooCommerce store with product reviews
  • Adding review widgets to any product types (books, fashion)

Pricing: $22 per site

🔑Get JetReviews plugin


Popup builder add-on for Elementor plugin helps you add interactive popups to your site. As we know, the free version of Elementor doesn’t have a popup builder, so if you don’t want to buy the Pro version, you are welcome to try the JetPopup plugin.

jet popup elementor plugin

💡 What can you implement with JetPopup?

  • Drag and drop functionality to create the popup layout you need
  • Add popup triggers
  • Animate popup
  • Choose among popup presets (sale, discount, subscribe)
  • Set up popup conditions

⭐ JetPopup use cases:

  • Sale popup during the deal period
  • Subscribe popup to attract more newsletter readers
  • Info popup for showing important notes (like cookies)

Pricing: $22 per year for a single site

🔑Get JetPopup plugin


WooCommerce gallery plugin for Elementor with 4 available widgets.

jet product gallery add-on

💡 What can you implement with JetProductGallery?

  • Classic product gallery with multiple styling options
  • Add any type of content to the website
  • Add a  video for any product
  • Create a gallery slider or gallery grid

⭐ JetProductGallery use case:

  • WooCommerce shop with a clean product gallery to fully represent the products you sell. 

Pricing: $23 per year per site

🔑Get JetProductGallery plugin


Tabs, accordion widget, and toggles for Elementor-based websites. JetTabs plugin has 4 widgets for organizing website content.

jettabs add-on

💡 What can you implement with JetTabs?

  • Add any template to tabs
  • Create an image accordion section
  • Add a switcher to show content attractively
  • Add tabs to any page 

⭐ JetTabs use cases:

  • Classic accordion for the FAQ section
  • Switcher for pricing plans page

Pricing: $23 per year per site

🔑Get JetTabs plugin


JetTricks is visual effects plugin for Elementor page builder with 8 widgets on board: tooltip, hotspot, sticky column, section particles, read more, etc.

💡 What can you implement with JetTricks?

  • Add animated hotspots markers to the content
  • Add a satellite effect
  • Create a parallax scrolling effect

⭐ JetTricks use cases:

Pricing: $23 per year per site

🔑Get JetTricks plugin


Blog plugin for Elementor with 6 handy widgets, containing posts pagination, Elementor video playlists, posts navigation, Elementor ticker for news, and more.

💡 What can you implement with JetBlog?

⭐ JetBlog use cases:

  • News website with ticker
  • Attractive blog with stylish post layout

Pricing: $23 per year per site

🔑Get JetBlog plugin


JetSearch is a fast AJAX-based Elementor search plugin. 

jet search add on

💡 What can you implement with JetSearch?

  • Filter results by relevance
  • Apply advanced styling options
  • Customize text length to show in search results

⭐ JetSearch use case:

  • AJAX search section in any website niche

Pricing: $23 per year per site

🔑Get JetSearch plugin


This plugin allows you to customize the header and footer of your Elementor website. JetBlocks has more than 8 widgets: login, hamburger panel, search, registration form, etc.

💡 What can you implement with JetBlocks?

  • Sticky sections effects in Elementor
  • Organize navigation without code
  • Add breadcrumbs to your Elementor site
  • Edit site logo

⭐ JetBlocks use case:

  • Shopping Cart in Elementor template

Pricing: $19 per year per site

🔑Get JetBlocks plugin

Freemium Elementor Plugins

Free Elementor addons can be an excellent toolset for your simple website tasks. Crocoblock has free Elementor page builder plugins.


Easy-to-use grid builder plugin for Elementor to free your imagination and creatively show your work, products, or images.

jetgridbuilder plugin

💡 What can you implement with JetGridBuilder?

  • Resize images and position them the grid
  • Display any content dynamically (CPTs, terms, products, posts, pages)

🔑Download JetGridBuilder

Jet Content for Elementor

This free Elementor add-on helps you organize your content using widgets.

💡 What can you implement with Jet Content?

  • Add animated box
  • Create advanced carousel
  • Add team members and pricing tables
  • Create attractive headlines
  • Subscription widget

🔑Download Jet Content


This free Elementor add-on helps to stick the essential information.

💡 What can you implement with JetSticky?

  • Stick your header
  • Add a sticky effect to any device
  • Create smooth animation

🔑Download JetSticky

Websites Built with Elementor and Crocoblock  

There are lots of websites built with Elementor page builder and Crocoblock Elementor addons. Here you can check out and submit your works too. Let’s showcase a few attractive and functional Elementor websites.


general conditions website

Elementor add-ons used: JetElements, JetTricks.

Course Courier

couse courier website built with crocoblock

Built with these Elementor add-ons: JetElements, JetMenu, JetSmartFilters, JetSearch, JetEngine, JetReviews.

Haim Benisty

haim benisty website

Elementor add-ons used: JetElements, JetEngine


chckr websute

Elementor add-ons used: JetSmartFilters, JetEngine.

Elementor Addons FAQ

What is the Elementor add-on?

Elementor add-ons are supplementary plugins for the Elementor page builder to add more functionality, flexibility, and complexity to website design.

Are Elementor add-ons impact performance?

You should always check your Elementor website for performance to make sure the website runs smoothly. Here you can check all the factors that may slow down your website.

Do I need Elementor Pro to use Elementor add-ons?

Usually, no, you can use Elementor add-ons with the free Elementor page builder version. But check before buying whether Elementor Pro is required or not.


You can use all the Elementor add-ons mentioned above as stand-alone plugins or you can get them all with a Crocoblock subscription (yearly or lifetime licenses). A Crocoblock membership allows you to use any Elementor add-ons in one subscription. Plus, you can access newly created add-ons, updates, and support. 

Which Elementor add-on do you use? Is Elementor Pro enough for your design experience? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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