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Hosting Checker - Who is Hosting This Website? Check Hosting of Any Domain

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“Hosting Checker” Best Web Hosting Providers

SiteGround best hosting

Speed Time (1.09s) Uptime (100%)

Bluehost best hosting

Speed Time (1.82s) Uptime (99%)

WP Engine web hosting

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Pressable Managed hosting

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There are many reasons you want to check someones else website, but one of the main reasons is probably because the website loads very fast compare to yours. Maybe your client complained about his website being slow and competitor website being very fast.

So you decide to check who is hosting this website? to find out if you can get or switch to their hosting provider. We have a great article if you looking for the best WordPress hosting providers and the most important if you looking for the fastest web hosting providers.

Speed is confirmed Google ranking factor in which your sites will be ranked better on search engines vs website that is slow. Make sure to check your website for Google Core Web Vitals and see what plugins will help you pass the test.

How to choose the best and most reliable web hosting provider for your own website?

If you looking for whois info to collect hosting information about specific website because their load time was super fast compared to yours you also have to understand that their website might be hosted on $15.95/mo managed hosting or $29.95/mo VPS hosting compared to regular or $2.95/mo cheap shared WordPress hosting. We can’t tell what hosting plan they have we can only tell what specific hosting company they used to host their own site.

If your website is running slow and you have hight traffic site you need to look at the best hosting provider for high traffic website to handle your performance. A hosting provider such as WP Engine is fully managed WordPress hosting for medium to large business that can easily handle huge amount of traffic with very fast load time.

Also sometimes is best to talk to your hosting specialist of ways to speed up your website or upgrade your current hosting plan to better one based on bandwidth, disk space, CPU and RAM to get your site up to your desirable speed and uptime. You might want to install a CDN on your hosting or check out the best ways to speed up your website.

What is WHOIS ?

WHOIS is a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block or an autonomous system, but is also used for a wider range of other information

Basically WHOIS is an internet record listing that identifies who is behind every domain and how to contact them if need it, it shows the creation and expiration date of every domain and any other personal information associate with it.

What is WHOIS Information and what it really means?

Using the hosting checker to find out who is hosting specific domain or website will give you much needed information based on:

  • NameServers – Connecting a URL with a server IP address in a much better and understandable way.
  • Hosting Provider – Who is hosting your website or domain the name of your hosting provider.
  • Registrar – Who register your domain name different from your hosting name.
  • Registry date – When your domain was registered, and when it will expired.
  • Client Details Information – Details about the owner of the domain personal information and address, if you use domain privacy some of this information is hidden from public view.

A Whois record contains all of the contact information associated with the person, or company that registers a particular domain name. Each Whois record will contain information such as the name and contact information of who owns the domain or website and when was created and when it will be expired.

Yes, everyone who registered a domain name or website must provide all the legal information related to domain name there is no way to hide this information from public. You can use domain privacy for around $10/year to hide some personal information such as phone number or street address but in many cases this information is public.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires that the contact information of a domain name be made publicly available via Whois records.

Can I keep my WHOIS info private?

The short answer is yes, when you register your domain name either through Domain registrar or if you using hosting company that offers free domain through their registrar such as Bluehost you can pay extra $10/year bases on specific registrar to keep some of your information private.

We strongly recommend paying extra for private WHOIS info as you will get many spam or unwanted phone calls offering you website solutions and customizations.

Also to note some of .us or .gov domain extensions will not allowed you to hide your privacy information so make sure you understand and learn about your specific domain extension before you register your domain name.

Why some website keep WHOIS private?

Some website will keep their WHOIS data private for few reasons including:

  • Don’t want personal information to be public
  • Don’t want to receive spam phone calls or emails
  • Don’t want business competitors to know your personal info
  • Don’t want criminals or thief’s to steel and sell your info

What is domain registrar and where can I register my own domain name?

Domain registrar is a company that has be certified by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sell and buy domain names to the public.

Your domain name can be purchase through domain registrar or some hosting providers will offer you free domain if you signup with their hosting for one or more years. Below is list of the best domain registrar to help you get started.

  1. Domain.com (Best Overall domain registrar)
  2. Bluehost (Offers free domain with hosting)
  3. Namecheap (Cheapest domain registrar)
  4. GoDaddy (Most popular domain and hosting registrar)

Best and most reliable hosting providers to keep your website safe and secure

If you need some recommendation for the best and most affordable web hosting providers with great support, uptime, load time and security pick one of the hosting providers below to save money with our discount. Once you pick your hosting we encourage you to install once of our best web security plugins to help you keep your website extra secure.

SiteGround best hosting
Best customer support

Speed Time (1.09s) Uptime (100%)

Bluehost best hosting
Best overall hosting

Speed Time (1.82s) Uptime (99%)

WP Engine web hosting
Best managed hosting

Speed Time (1.12s) Uptime (100%)

Pressable Managed hosting
Best premium hosting

Speed Time (1.01s) Uptime (100%)

What is the best web hosting provider?

SiteGround is one of the best hosting company providers for WordPress users optimized for speed and security. SiteGround offers daily updates to their plugins and core WordPress.

What is the most affordable web hosting provider?

Bluehost is one of the best overall hosting provider for beginners who are looking for best WordPress hosting and need the simplicity and solid performance for their new website.

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