How to Find a Font From an Image? πŸ“· (Step-by-Step Guide)

Would you like to know how to find a font from an image? An integral part of design language is the use of fonts, and understanding how they work and where they can be found is a key component of that design language.

Therefore, a number of methods are available to assist you in identifying fonts in images. Some of these methods are automated, while others are based on suggestions from the community of typography design.

It is important to locate a method that provides accurate results while also providing ongoing support and feedback so that you may improve your font identification abilities.

This article aims to provide you with a selection of methods and tools that can be used to extract fonts from images easily and step by step.

How to Find Font Name from an Image?

You will often find a random image somewhere that contains some text, but you cannot determine what font was used to create it.

The ability to identify fonts on an image is a very useful trick that everyone should know. It can be used for a variety of reasons, such as assisting you in finding and downloading a font that you absolutely love that was used in an image.

You may also have found a meme online and would like to create your own using the same font. Both designers and meme makers can benefit from knowing what fonts are used on images.

Method 1: Find Font from Image Using WhatFontIs

The WhatFontIs image tool is an online tool for detecting fonts. This font copier from an image tool has access to a greater number of fonts than some of its major competitors, for example, Creative Market fonts, which are not supported by most image tools.

Additionally, you will have access to more free resources, meaning that you are more likely to find your font or something similar without having to pay for it.

The following steps will assist you in finding the font in an image using WhatFontIs:

  1. Upload the Image.Β 

Simply drag and drop your image into the blue box on the right. You can also browse and select the image or add its URL.

Upload the Image on WhatFontIs
  1. Crop The text

In order to identify the font, you will need to highlight or draw a new crop box to select only the portion of the image that contains the font. Select only four to ten letters from the font that you are looking for.

Crop the Text for finding font from it

  1. Optimize the image

Ensure the text’s contrast and brightness are adjusted to provide the best visibility. Choose the recommended item for best font detection.

Optimize the image to find font
  1. Insert characters

Verify each image on the right side and input the appropriate characters. Any letter split into more than one image should be dragged on top of each other to create one unified character.

Insert Characters of image for finding exact font

  1. See the results

According to WhatFontIs, there are suggestions available for free and premium fonts. The prediction is accurate. There is also the option of saving the list; however, registration is required.

Download the matched font from image

Method 2: Font from Image Using Font Squirrel

This font finder from an uploaded image tool is helpful for everyone to be able to identify fonts on images. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do by using Font Squirrel.Β 

Follow the following steps to identify fonts on any image:

  1. Go to the Font Squirrel website.
  2. Upload the image or add an image URL
Upload the image or add image URL to find font
  1. Crop the image to highlight the text.

It is essentially a matter of dragging the blue borders of the box in such a way that it covers only the text on the image.

Crop the image and highlight the text to find font
  1. click Matcherate It.
  2. There will be several matched fonts available below the image.Β 

You can download or purchase the correct font from the websites listed there. Alternatively, you may choose Font Squirrel from the menu below the image to only see free fonts.

Download best matched font of the image

You might need to manually adjust the characters to help it match the exact font if the finder is unable to recognize the shapes of characters in certain fonts.

By clicking on the Manually Adjust button, you will be able to do this.

Click on Manually Adjust to type the exact characters of image

By entering the exact characters of the text in the open box, the font finder will search for the exact shape and character of font in their database. You can rest assured that the best font match will be found.

Type exact character of each detected image to find the best-matched font

Method 3: Find Font from Image Using FontSpring

In order to quickly find fonts from an image, it is recommended to use this font search by image tool. To identify font from an image using FontSpring, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the FontSpring website
  2. Upload the image.

If you want to enter the image URL, you can also select the image URL option.

Upload the Image to find the font

  1. Crop the text to the area of the image where it appears
Crop the Image text for finding font
  1. Click the Matcherate It button.

A font-matching algorithm is applied to the image by clicking the button to identify the correct font.

  1. See the results.

This tool to find a font from a picture provides multiple results containing fonts that match the image. As a result, it is near perfect for finding fonts using images.

Download best matched font of the image
  1. You can now download or purchase the desired font from the results listed there.

If the finder does not recognize the shapes of characters in certain fonts, you might need to manually adjust the characters to match the exact font.

Click on Manually Adjust to type exact characters of image

By clicking on the Manually Adjust button, you will be able to do this.

Type the exact character of each detected image to find the best matched font

Method 4: Identify Fonts in an Image using Photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop, there is a handy tool to extract a font family from an image. Follow the steps below to use this font recognizer tool:

  1. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop
  2. Create a rectangle around the font by using the Rectangular marquee tool
select the Rectangle Marquee tool
  1. Create a rectangle around the text in the image where you want to find the font.
Draw a rectangle around text to find the font

  1. Select Type β†’ Match Font from the toolbar.
  2. Now, you can select a font from a list of the ones already installed on your computer or download matching ones from the Internet.
Photoshop fonts are loaded after finding the image font

Other Best Font Name Detectors from Image

If you still have trouble finding a font from a picture, we have some other tools to help you.

  1. IdentiFontΒ 

It is important to note that IdentiFont, like any other font search engine, offers several font decoder from an image tools, including one that is very useful called Identifont by Image.

What happens if you no longer have access to the image or lose it? With five impressive features, IdentiFont is able to assist you in solving this issue.

  1. WhatTheFont

There are a number of font identification tools available, including WhatTheFont, which is available for free to its users.

This copy font from an image program should be used in accordance with three main rules:

  • Ensure that the font in the image has not been altered.
  • A height of 100 pixels should be assigned to each word.
  • You should display the text horizontally in the picture.

As soon as the image is uploaded to this program, the results will be displayed as a list, allowing you to identify the font quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions regarding the process of finding fonts from images.

In the event your problems have not been resolved, it is always advisable to write them down in the comments section. We will respond as soon as we can.

How do I identify fonts in an image?

The Fontspring Matcherator tool can be used to recognize font from an image. Choose the font area on the image when uploading the image to the Matcherator. You are then presented with a list of compatible font types compatible with your computer.

What is the Best tool to find a font from an image?

There is no doubt that Font Squirrel Matcherator is the best tool for finding a font accurate in an image. This font detection from an image program quickly scans the font and identifies it in no time at all.

Is it possible to find a font from an image?

With the help of tools such as Font Matcherator, it is possible to identify the font type on an image. It takes only a few minutes for this tool to display the font type that was used on the image when you upload it.

Can the font identifier match cursive fonts?

Fonts with cursive or script characters may not match properly if they are touching or connected. To determine the best font, use an image editing program to separate each letter before uploading the image.

How do I identify fonts in a Word document?

Upload a screenshot of a portion of the document. With the help of advanced font identifier technology, your screenshot will be analyzed, and fonts will be recognized.


We discussed the four top methods in this article for finding font by image. There are a lot of reasons for needing to find font by image. You may be planning to use it on your website or just like its look.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have about it.

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