How to Turn Off Auto Capitalization in Google Docs (Complete Guide)

Do you want to know how you can turn off auto-capitalization in Google Docs?ย While typing, it is sometimes difficult to correct mistakes, so applications such as Google Docs allow you to silence any errors you make as you type.

It is the most common feature of Google Docs’ tools that automatically capitalize sentences that do not begin with a capital letter and is included in many other tools that do this.

Therefore, you can also turn off auto-capitalization on Google Slidesย and turn off auto-capitalization on Mac and Windows.

However, it is possible to turn off this feature in any version of Docs regardless of whether you are using an older version or the most recent version, in the web browser or on mobile phones.

Turning off auto-capitalization on Google Docs Website

In this section, we explain how to stop google docs from auto capitalizing. The steps have been performed using the browser version of Google Docs.

By following the steps below, you can change a setting in Google Docs that causes certain types of words to be capitalized automatically.

  1. Open any document you wish to edit on the Google Docs website
  2. From the window’s top menu, select Tools
Select tools in Google Doc
  1. At the bottom of the menu, select Preferences
Select Preferences on Google Doc
  1. To remove the check mark from Automatically capitalize words, click the box to the left

Turn Off Automatically Capitalize Words in Google Doc
  1. Finally, click on the OKย button at the bottom of the window to save

Please note that Docs will no longer capitalize your sentences automatically. If you wish to re-enable this feature, click the Preferences button and check that box again.

Turning off auto-capitalization in Google Docs on iPhone and iPad

In contrast to the Google Docs website, the Google Docs mobile application on iPhones and iPad does not have an independent setting for controlling automatic capitalization. Instead, it is controlled by the smartphone’s capitalization settings.

Therefore, the only way to disable automatic capitalization in the Google Docs mobile app is to disable it across the entire device.

The following steps explain to you how to turn off Google Docs auto-capitalization on your iPhone and iPad devices.

  1. Select Generalย from the Settingsย app by scrolling down
iPhone โ†’ Settings โ†’ General
  1. Find and tap the Keyboardย option in the menu that opens
iPhone โ†’ Settings โ†’ General โ†’ Keyboard
  1. Toggle off the Automatic Capitalizationย setting under the All Keyboardsย heading

Turn Off Auto-Capitalization on iPhone

Turning off Google Docs Auto-capitalization in Android

The Docs mobile application for Android also does not have its own separate setting to control automatic capitalization. Instead, it relies on the phone’s setting for capitalization.

It is, therefore, not possible to disable automatic capitalization in the Google Docs mobile app for Android unless you disable it on the entire device.

Following are the steps required to disable the auto-capitalization feature in Google Docs on Android devices.

  1. Select System from the Settings app by scrolling down

Android โ†’ System
  1. Select Languages & input
Android โ†’ System โ†’ Languages & Input
  1. Tap On-screen keyboard
Android โ†’ System โ†’ Languages & Input โ†’ On-screen keyboard
  1. After tapping on the On-screen keyboard, you should select the keyboard that you use on your Android device. If you are unsure, it is probably Gboard.

Android โ†’ System โ†’ Languages & Input โ†’ On-screen keyboard โ†’ Keyboard
  1. Tap Text correctionย 
Android โ†’ System โ†’ Languages & Input โ†’ On-screen keyboard โ†’ Keyboard โ†’ Text correction
  1. Scrolling down and toggle offย Auto-capitalizationย 
Turn off Auto-capitalization on Android


This article demonstrates how you can disable auto-capitalization features in Google Docs from both the web and your mobile device so that your documents are not automatically capitalized.

It has been shown that disabling capitalization increases familiarity and friendliness. Some industry professionals may be adept at using it regularly. We hope this article has been helpful to you in this regard.

If you have any problems or opinions about turning off auto-capitalization in Google Docs, please comment.

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