How to Use ChatGPT for Marketing? + 45 Marketing Prompts

How to use ChatGPT for marketing? If you want to improve your marketing strategy with the help of AI, then you may have this question in mind.

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) language model. It generates human-like text and performs tasks like language translation, question answering, text summarization, idea generation, etc.

Hence, you can use ChatGPT for different industries, including marketing. However, you need to use proper and specific ChatGPT prompts to streamline your marketing efforts. And ChatGPT prompts are those instructions you give to speed up your workflow.

In this article, we’ll guide you to use ChatGPT for marketing with marketing prompts ideas. Using them, you can improve your marketing strategy and results.

So, without any delay, let’s begin!

What is ChatGPT? How to Start Using It?

Before diving into the main topic, let’s learn about ChatGPT.

ChatGPT by OpenAI is one of the latest free AI tools that use the Natural Language Processing (NLP) model. It has a paid subscription version ($20/mo) called ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Website
ChatGPT Website

In simpler terms, ChatGPT is trained on a lot of information from many sources around the web. So you can ask questions or have conversations with it as it can understand and generate human-like text. In fact, its answers are original and not copied from the web.

Overall, you can use it to perform tasks like language translation, text summarization, question answering, idea generation, etc. Best of all, you can integrate it to work for various industries like programming, marketing, etc.

How to Use ChatGPT?

The user interface of ChatGPT is simple yet intuitive. You can create a user account or log in using your Google, Microsoft, or Apple account.

Once you log in, it opens the primary dashboard having a chat interface and a navigational sidebar. To start a chat, you can type your prompt into the text bar present at the bottom. After that, hit the send option. In a matter of a few seconds, ChatGPT gives its response. 

ChatGPT User Interface
ChatGPT User Interface

Now, you can read the response and continue the conversation by asking follow-up questions or simplifying the instructions. If you aren’t satisfied with the response, then you can iterate by giving more context or fine-tuning your query.

Note that ChatGPT’s responses aren’t always perfect. So, you must review and edit the generated content to make it accurate before using it.

Moreover, your chats are automatically assigned a title and saved in the sidebar. That’s to easily open past interactions, which is ideal if you work on multiple projects.

What are ChatGPT Prompts? What are ChatGPT Marketing Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are texts you provide to ChatGPT. They initiate a conversation or request a response from the model. So, you always enter a prompt or message first to begin the interaction with ChatGPT.

Moreover, prompts can be in various forms based on your desired interaction. They can be a simple question, a sentence/phrase to request information, or a specific instruction/task.

For example:

  • Question Prompt: ‘What is the capital of the USA?’
  • Information Request Prompt: ‘Give me a list of benefits of using the Internet.’
  • Instruction Prompt: ‘Please write a short poem about life.’
ChatGPT Prompt Example
ChatGPT Prompt Example

Plus, the quality of the prompt can influence the response’s accuracy and relevance. Hence, make your prompts clear and specific for the desired output. So, you can experiment with various prompt styles and formats to get the best results.

What are ChatGPT Marketing Prompts?

ChatGPT marketing prompts are specific instructions, questions, or queries you offer to generate content or assistance for marketing activities. These prompts can give responses that help marketers to carry out marketing strategies.

If you don’t know in detail, then learn about digital marketing from this guide.

For example, you can enter the prompt ‘Provide content topics on websites’. This will give you a response like this:

ChatGPT Prompt Example for Marketing
ChatGPT Prompt Example for Marketing

Using this, you can generate content ideas to attract traffic to your website. Hence, your marketing prompts can help you engage your audience, boost your brand, and strengthen marketing campaigns with valuable information.

After learning about marketing prompts, let’s jump into the next section!

How to Select the Right Prompts for Your Marketing Plan?

Here, we provide tips on selecting the right prompts for your marketing plan. Here we go!

What are the Things You Should Know Before Giving Prompts?

To formulate efficient marketing strategies, consider the following things about your business. Only after that give ChatGPT prompts and use its results.

  • Understand Your Target Audience: Use data analytics to get insights into your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. Accordingly, write your prompts.
  • Carry Out Competitor Research: Analyze how your competitors engage with visitors and find opportunities. Better to ignore the ineffective AI suggestions.
  • Declare Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Define what makes your product or service unique. Now, focus on that when writing ChatGPT prompts.
  • Point Out Your Marketing Channels: Explore the marketing channels and choose the popular ones. Let ChatGPT know them to get specific marketing techniques.
  • Experiment and Measure: Learn the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with analytics and metrics. Then, write prompts that help you generate better plans.

By following these steps, you can effectively generate specific prompts for ChatGPT. Ultimately, this helps you form a marketing plan tailored to your unique goals and audience.

How to Write Actionable Marketing Prompts?

In addition, there are some things to remember when writing your prompts. The following list contains the tips to help you craft the most effective ChatGPT prompt:

  • Be Specific: Your prompt must be specific to know what you want in the response. For example, you should add company details like its products/services.
  • Be Clear and Concise: Make your prompt understandable with relevant information. So, keep it short, without grammatical errors, and within the context. 
  • Ask One Question at a Time: If you have multiple questions or requests, then ask them separately. This lets the model focus on one topic at a time for accuracy.
  • Give Follow-Ups: You can ask follow-up questions to continue the conversation. A more rephrased follow-up question can give a better answer to your ultimate request.
  • Provide Examples: Providing an example or template gives reference to the model. So, consider this if you want a similar output.
  • Edit and Refine: Take your time to edit and refine the responses to match your brand and marketing goals.
  • Use the Same Chat: Lastly, use the same chat window when you’re asking questions on the same topic. For instance, it’s better to communicate about your business in the same window to get an accurate response.

This concludes how you can select the right marketing prompt on ChatGPT. Now, let’s practically view the different marketing areas you can give a prompt to ChatGPT.

Without any delay, let’s move right into it!

How to Use ChatGPT for Marketing? (45 Marketing Prompts)

As said before, here we’ll look at the different marketing areas where you can use ChatGPT. Further, it includes examples of the marketing prompts you can use for the model. Let’s see!

A. How to Use ChatGPT for SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing web pages so that they rank higher on search results. SEO professionals can use ChatGPT to improve their site’s SEO in various ways. And that can be from keyword research to meta description.

SEO for Websites
SEO for Websites

Overall, here are a few ways and their marketing prompt you can use on ChatGPT.

1. Keyword Research Ideas

Keyword research lets you find search queries that your target audience types into the search engines. 

In ChatGPT, you can identify relevant keywords and phrases based on your target audience and industry. Using them, you can optimize your content for good search engine rankings.

For example, you can try this prompt in ChatGPT.

“Give me a list of relevant long-tail keyword ideas to use on blog posts for [product or company].”


Keyword Ideas for SEO
Keyword Ideas for SEO

Hence, ChatGPT is useful for keyword ideation. However, it may not give you the keyword volume or difficulty level. 

Delightfully, you can use keyword research tools to get valuable data on those keywords. Semrush is a great example of that. Learn some useful digital marketing tools from here.

2. Learn the Search Intent

The reason why a user performs a search can be referred to as search intent. Knowing the search intent helps how your article using that keyword should be. Some common search intents are informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial.

In fact, you can use ChatGPT to help you identify and analyze the search intent. For instance, you can give this prompt to ChatGPT.

“What is the search intent of the keyword ‘[focus keyword]’?”


Search Intent for SEO on ChatGPT
Search Intent for SEO

Hence, this model lets you find the different kinds of search intent the keyword can be of. Also, it explains the reason behind the intent.

3. Generate SEO Title

After figuring out the keywords and their intent, you should come up with the SEO title. A blog’s SEO title appears in the search engine results. In fact, it serves as a primary reason to bring visitors to the website.

Hence, marketers can use ChatGPT to suggest SEO titles according to the keywords and their intent. Here’s an example of how your prompt should be in this scenario:

“List SEO title ideas for the topic ‘[focus keyphrase]’ for [search intent].”


SEO Title Ideas
SEO Title Ideas

However, many competitors are trying to rank for the same keywords. So, they may have used similar SEO titles. So, edit and improve the suggestions to use unique SEO titles.

4. Perform Content Research

Another way to strengthen the site’s SEO is by analyzing your competitors’ sites or content. Simply, you can perform content research to identify the strategies of competitors. 

Overall, some insights you can look for are popular keywords, content gaps, etc. As a result, you can incorporate those strategies into your SEO efforts.

For example, here’s a ChatGPT prompt you can send:

“Recommend [X] popular blog articles about ‘[Topic]’ that cover ‘[Keywords]’ keywords and add their respective URLs in a table.”


Popular Blog Posts from ChatGPT
Popular Blog Posts

5. Identify the Target Audience

There can be times when you’re unsure about your site’s target audience with changing times. Similarly, each of your web pages or posts may also suit different audiences.

Hence, you must identify your target audience so that your content meets their needs and can reach them. So, you can research your target audience with a marketing prompt in ChatGPT. Ultimately, it helps you create targeted content.

For instance, you can follow this prompt below:

“Identify my target audience for the article ‘[article title]’.”


Target Audience Identification
Target Audience Identification

6. Form an SEO Content Outline

Did you know you can create an entire outline for your website content with ChatGPT? Yes! Giving a marketing prompt to ChatGPT for creating an outline is very simple.

Try out by entering this prompt into the model:

“Create an outline for the blog article ‘[article title]’.”


Outline Blog Post Article
Outline Blog Post Article

Easy, isn’t it? But remember many businesses may use AI tools like ChatGPT. So, there can be chances of usage of similar outlines. As all the models are trained from web sources.

Hence, you must also use your expertise and experience to further polish the outline. By doing so, you’ll have a quality content outline matching your needs. Ultimately, visitors and search engines can more easily understand your uniqueness than other competitor sites.

7. Produce Meta Description

A meta description tells people about the blog they can visit and read. And it appears as a snippet in the search engine results. So, it’s vital to write a proper meta description to boost click-through rates and drive more organic traffic to the site.

Now, suppose you’re stuck when writing the perfect meta description for your article. For that, you can let ChatGPT help by giving one or more proper meta descriptions.

For instance, try this ChatGPT prompt.

“Generate a meta description of a maximum of [number of] characters, for a webpage about ‘[article title]’.”


Meta Description -  Marketing Prompt for ChatGPT
Meta Description Prompt

Please remember to add your article title and ideal length to the prompt. Also, you can add the article’s focus keyphrase. With this perfect prompt, you’ll get an ideal meta description.

8. Create SEO-optimized Content

You can use ChatGPT to create your website content as well. This can be one of the best use cases of this model. Because it saves a lot of time and eases your page structure.

Let’s take an example from this prompt:

“Please write the content for the About page of the website [website name] and use the keyphrase ‘[focus keyphrase]’.”


Page Content Marketing Prompt
Page Content Marketing Prompt

However, you shouldn’t use the entire same content generated by ChatGPT. We recommend you use it for reference and then rewrite it in your own language.

Learn the best About Me page examples here. Also, read how to create an About page.

9. Carry Out On-page SEO Analysis

On-page SEO analysis is the process of evaluating and optimizing the webpage elements for visibility. ChatGPT can’t directly analyze your site. But it can provide relevant details for easy evaluation. Hence, you’ll get guidance to improve your on-page SEO elements.

You can try the following marketing prompt on your ChatGPT account.

“Help me perform an on-page SEO analysis of my article ‘[article title]’.”


On-page SEO Analysis
On-page SEO Analysis

Instead, you can ask any SEO-related query to get insights and explanations. That includes clarifying doubts to link building, internal links, page speed, mobile responsiveness, etc.

With that, let’s move ahead to the next section!

B. How to Use ChatGPT for Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable and consistent content. In fact, it helps you get the target audience’s attention and also engage them. 

What is content marketing? - Content marketing introduction

Best of all, you can use ChatGPT to guide you on content marketing. Note that content marketing also includes SEO optimization. 

Hence, apart from the above-mentioned SEO prompts, we’ll go through some other content marketing prompts here.

10. Write Blog Posts

You can use ChatGPT to write blog posts similar to creating other website content. It can be the overall post content or a certain section of it.

Most of all, it generates high-quality content for your posts. But make sure to mention that it’s for your blog articles in the marketing prompt.

Here’s an example of a marketing prompt for this case:

“Please write a blog introduction of the article ‘[article title]’ and use the keyword ‘’ in the first sentence.”


Generate Blog Post Introduction on ChatGPT
Generate Blog Post Introduction

Don’t forget to rewrite the post content you get from the model on your own. Since it’s better not to fully copy the AI-generated content.

11. Develop Video Content

Creating video content increases engagement, communication, and audience reach. Hence, you can use it for marketing your business.

And using ChatGPT assists you to connect with your audience effectively. Some areas include brainstorming creative video concepts, generating narrative or dialogue scripts, etc.

You can use the prompt below and see how ChatGPT can be used for video marketing.

“Generate video ideas that ‘[business name]’ can use to promote ‘[product name]’ targeting [the audience].”


Video Ideas for Content Marketing
Video Ideas for Content Marketing

For websites, you can choose from the best WordPress video player plugins.

12. Publish Podcasts

Podcasts are another effective way of marketing. It can share your content with high accessibility and convenience. As the audience can be aware of your brand by listening to the podcast at any time. Also, it can bring ad revenue, sponsorship, collaboration, etc.

Most of all, ChatGPT can help you to brainstorm topics, research content, assist in the script, and edit the script. Similar to your video content.

Other than that, you can also use marketing prompts on ChatGPT to generate interview questions. Plus, it gives suggestions on the various ways you can engage the audience.

Check the best podcast WordPress themes to help you create an engaging podcast website.

Now, let’s take an example of this scenario.

“Create a list of questions to ask a [expert guest] in a podcast on the topic ‘[podcast topic]’.”


List of Podcast Questions
List of Podcast Questions

13. Assist in Infographics

ChatGPT creates text-based content for your prompts. So, you won’t directly get visual graphics or infographics from the model. But it can still help you on creating infographics.

For beginners, infographics are the visual representation of data or statistics. You can use them on your website so that visitors easily understand and share information.

How can ChatGPT be used for this? Simply, it can provide textual information, suggest data points, offer insights, or check facts. Using that, you can design your infographics.

Here’s an example of the marketing prompt to get help in creating infographics.

“Can you suggest relevant data points and provide insights to use in infographics about ‘[topic/industry]’?”


Using Infographics for Content Marketing
Using Infographics for Content Marketing

C. How to Use ChatGPT for Email Marketing?

Email marketing lets you promote your business, products, or services to your subscribers. As emails are a type of content, you can also use ChatGPT for email marketing.

Email Services to Make Money with a Website
Email Marketing

Specifically, it helps you generate email marketing campaigns to engage potential leads. That can be done in various ways. Here, we’ll look at some easy email marketing prompts.

14. Generate Subject Lines

A subject line is the first thing subscribers view when they receive an email. Generally, it gives summarized content on the purpose of the email. Also, it acts as the email’s headline or the title in the recipient’s inbox.

Due to its significance, you should write a proper subject line to entice subscribers. For that, you can use a similar marketing prompt like this on ChatGPT.

“Generate compelling and eye-catching subject lines for promoting ‘[product/service]’ that mention the subscriber’s name.”


Subject Line for Email Marketing
Subject Line for Email Marketing

15. Make a Newsletter Email

A newsletter can send emails about the regular publication to your subscribers. It can contain news, updates, articles, etc., related to your products, services, industry, etc. Overall, it helps subscribers learn, engage, and connect with you and your business.

Most of all, it plays a vital role in marketing. Hence, you should utilize it properly.

Now, to help you make a newsletter email, ChatGPT comes in handy. Here’s a ChatGPT prompt you can use for marketing your weekly newsletter.

“Generate a template for a weekly newsletter for ‘[product name]’ targeting the [audience]. The template should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and CTA section.”


Newsletter Template Prompt
Newsletter Template Prompt

If your site specializes in newsletters, then you can use one of the best WordPress newsletter themes.

16. Choose the Perfect Email Marketing Service

Several email marketing services are present in the market. So, it’s difficult to narrow down a list and select the ideal platform for your business.

With ChatGPT, you can convey your needs in the prompt. Accordingly, this model can come up with a shortlist of the perfect email marketing services you can use.

Don’t know how to write one? Here’s a marketing prompt example for you.

“Give a few email marketing services which are free and support a large number of emails. Mention the email marketing services, their websites, email limit, and subscriber limit in a table.”


Email Marketing Services ChatGPT Prompt
Email Marketing Services ChatGPT Prompt

17. Create a Promotional Email

Another email you can send to your subscribers is about your exclusive promotions. It’s a great way to convert them into potential customers by making them purchase.

If you want a promotional email, then ChatGPT can create one. For that, you can use this prompt and check how the response is:

“Give a promotional email template in which we offer our customers [X]% off on our product ‘[product name]’.”


Promotional Email Template
Promotional Email Template

That’s a pretty comprehensive email copy! You may need to edit some content to match your needs, but that’s a way to start.

18. Get Feedback and/or Reviews

Emails are a great way to get feedback or reviews from your existing customers. Ultimately, it helps you improve your products/services and its marketing campaigns.

Hence, you can use this ChatGPT prompt when asking for feedback/review:

“Create a captivating email asking our existing customers for feedback and review on the product they purchased.”


Feedback and Review Email Prompt
Feedback and Review Email Prompt

19. Write Follow-up Emails

If you want to drive conversions to your business, then you should keep sending follow-up emails. Such emails can nurture relationships and build trust with your potential customers. In addition, it can improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of your business.

In fact, you can use ChatGPT to write such powerful follow-up emails. Don’t know how? Here’s a marketing prompt you should try:

“Give a list of outlines for writing professional follow-up emails to avoid sounding spammy.”


Follow-up Email Prompt
Follow-up Email Prompt

20. Re-engage Customers

Re-engaging customers by email can reconnect you with your customers. It’s for those who have previously shown interest but became less active. The aim of this is to drive them back to your website or store by encouraging or enhancing interest.

For this email marketing approach, you can use ChatGPT by generating its templates. Here’s a ChatGPT prompt for marketing to use:

“Generate an email template to re-engage inactive customers for ‘[product name]’ and add an introduction, body, and CTA to it.”


Re-engage Customers Prompt
Re-engage Customers Prompt

That’s it for email marketing! Next, we’ll learn to use ChatGPT for social media marketing.

D. How to Use ChatGPT for Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing lets you use social media platforms to market products, services, or brands. You can share your content with people on these channels to gain marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing to Make Money with Website
Marketing via Social Media Platforms

To strengthen your social media marketing efforts, you can take help from ChatGPT. It can guide in multiple ways, like generating and creating social media content ideas.

So, without taking more time, let’s look at some scenarios with the respective prompts.

21. Schedule Post Sharing

Before you start sharing content on social networking sites, you must know the best day and time for that. This differs depending on your target audience and time zone.

If you don’t have an idea to figure it out, then you can take the help of ChatGPT. You can ask about the posting schedule for your case. Here’s a marketing prompt example:

“I have a blog about [blog niche]. What can be the best time to share the published content?”


Best Time to Share Blogs
Best Time to Share Blogs

22. Formulate a Social Media Campaign

To conduct social media marketing, you must plan out your campaign thoroughly. By giving a prompt to ChatGPT, you can get a social media marketing campaign guide. 

Accordingly, you can execute and analyze your social media activities. In this situation, you can enter the following prompt based on your needs:

“Provide a [time duration] social media marketing campaign plan for ‘[product name]’.”


Social Media Marketing Plan
Social Media Marketing Plan

23. Post Caption Suggestions

The best use of ChatGPT for social media marketing is that it can generate post captions. Moreover, you can provide specific prompts to get a more compelling caption. 

On top of that, you can use these captions on several social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Here’s a prompt to use.

“Write a [social media platform] post promoting ‘[product/service]’ in a few sentences. Start the post with a question and end it with a sentence including a call to action to check the link in the bio. Add emojis and the related hashtags at the bottom.”


Post Marketing Caption for Social Media
Post Marketing Caption for Social Media

24. Provide a Social Media Account Bio

Introducing yourself or your business on social media platforms is vital. Because they give the first impression for visitors on your profile. Further, it helps in your searchability, discoverability, and differentiation compared to competitors.

In this situation, you can use ChatGPT to write a bio or About section of your social media account. If you want help, then check out this marketing prompt below:

“Give an interesting [social media platform] bio for a [brand or profession] professional.”


Create Social Media Bio
Create Social Media Bio

25. Write a Video Script

Other than creating video content on your website, you can also use social media platforms to publish videos. The best example of it is YouTube videos.

Moreover, ChatGPT is applicable for writing the entire video script. But make sure you elaborate on your prompt to get unique content. Best if you personalize it before use.

For instance, use the marketing prompt below to generate a video script.

“Write an informative video script mentioning the headline, topics, and their descriptions on the topic ‘[topic]’ for ‘[company/brand]’.”


Video Script ChatGPT Marketing Prompt
Video Script Prompt

26. Create a Video Description

Similarly, you can use ChatGPT to write a video description when posting it on social media. To help you, here’s an example of a prompt for a YouTube video description.

“Create a unique description for a YouTube video titled ‘How to Use ChatGPT for Marketing? + 45 Marketing Prompts’. Pretend you’re an expert on the niche and provide the best advice for [target audience]. Explain the reason behind sharing this video and what users can get after watching it.”


Video Description for YouTube
Video Description for YouTube

E. How to Use ChatGPT for Advertising?

Advertising can be of your overall business to each part of your business, that too in many ways. Since it’s a prominent part of marketing, you can also use ChatGPT to guide you.

Displaying Advertisements on WordPress Blog to Make Money with a Website
Displaying Advertisements

Specifically, this model helps you in copywriting, brainstorming ideas, testing, planning, and user engagement. Here, we’ll learn some ways and the prompts to use to achieve this.

27. Produce Ad Headline

An ad headline grabs the attention of users and conveys the information you want to deliver. Additionally, it encourages potential customers to click on it.

Using ChatGPT, you can get ideas for ad headlines in your niche. For example:

“Give some ad headline ideas for successful advertising in [niche/industry].”


Ad Headline Prompt
Ad Headline Prompt

28. Generate Ad Content

Instead of a part of the ad, you can also generate the entire ad content with ChatGPT. Writing compelling ad content is vital to communicate the key message. Also, it engages and captivates the audience to take action.

Hene, you can write a prompt like this:

“Generate a [social media] copy for the product [product name] that [product info], targeting the [audience]. Also, give a headline for the ad at first and make the total ad content within 100 words.”


Ad Marketing Copy from ChatGPT
Ad Marketing Copy from ChatGPT

29. Write a Job Posting Ad

Job posting ads may not directly fall under marketing activities. However, it does contain elements in terms of attracting and engaging the potential candidate. Also, people can learn about your business when they see a job posting ad.

If you want to post job posting ads, then use ChatGPT. It can create an intriguing ad based on your needs. Here’s an example to follow:

“Write a job posting for a [job title]. Make sure to add the following benefits ‘[benefits]’ and requirements ‘[experience or skill requirements]’.”


Job Posting Advertisement
Job Posting Advertisement

F. How to Use ChatGPT for Lead Generation?

Lead generation involves the identification and attraction of potential customers for a business. Email marketing and social media marketing, which we discussed earlier, are some popular lead-generation techniques.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Here, we provide certain ways to increase leads as a marketer. Along with that, you’ll get to see how you can utilize ChatGPT prompts for lead generation. Let’s see!

30. Offer Giveaways

Giveaways are promotional activities from which businesses provide free products/services to get customers’ attention. Simply, it’s a marketing tactic to collect leads. And you can conduct a giveaway online and offline. 

For online giveaways, you can take the help of ChatGPT to promote on emails or social marketing platforms. For reference, here’s a prompt to try:

“Give an example of a giveaway on [social media platform] to generate leads for my eCommerce business.”


Giveaway Marketing Prompt
Giveaway Marketing Prompt

31. Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influential individuals (influencers) to promote a product/service/brand is called influencer marketing. An influencer has dedicated followers willing to get a service/product or follow a brand based on the influencer’s positive opinions.

Brainstorming ideas, developing a strategy, and creating content can be challenging for influencer marketing. And that’s when ChatGPT comes in!

Moreover, you can ask it anything about influencer marketing. That can be from finding the right influencers to writing captivating content.

Here’s an example of a marketing prompt you can try:

“List some popular influencers in the ‘[niche]’ industry.”


Influencer ChatGPT Prompt
Influencer ChatGPT Prompt

32. Host Webinars

Hosting a webinar is a source of lead generation for your business. Because it requires participants to register for the webinar from which you can capture valuable contact info. 

Later, you can use them for follow-up marketing activities. Overall, it gives opportunities to showcase your products/services for better conversions.

If you’re planning to host a marketing webinar, then ChatGPT can assist you. Precisely, it can help in topic selection, engagement strategies, promotional tactics, and follow-up ways.

For example, here’s a basic ChatGPT prompt to use for hosting webinars:

“List some engaging webinar topics on [niche/industry].”


Finding Webinar Topics
Finding Webinar Topics

33. Find the Right Social Media Platform

Each scenario of lead generation suits a set of social media platforms and not all of them. Hence, you must choose the right places where you can generate leads.

Precisely, the choice differs based on your target audience, engagement opportunities, etc. For example, you can sell your products and generate leads from LinkedIn which specializes in networking people for jobs.

So, here’s a marketing prompt you can utilize for finding the perfect social media platform:

“Which social media platforms generate the most leads for the [niche] industry?”


Ideal Social Media Platform
Ideal Social Media Platform

With that, let’s jump into the next section.

G. How to Use ChatGPT for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-oriented marketing approach where individuals or businesses promote other products/services of other companies. And that’s in exchange for a commission on sales or leads generated.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing

By now, you may have guessed that you can use ChatGPT to create and optimize affiliate content. Apart from them, you can also use it for other affiliate marketing aspects. That includes finding your niche and affiliate programs.

So, let’s take some ChatGPT marketing prompt examples.

34. Find an Affiliate Niche

Suppose you have a website in a certain industry. Within that industry, there can be multiple niches in which you can conduct affiliate marketing.

Instead of making affiliates of each marketing, you can choose the ones beneficial for you. For that, you can use ChatGPT to shortlist those profitable niches.

Here’s a prompt that you can use:

“What are some profitable niches in [industry] for affiliate marketing?”


Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches
Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

35. Give Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Another way is to directly list out specific affiliate programs in your industry. This allows you to get a commission from all the top affiliates from all niches.

For this case, you can write this affiliate marketing prompt:

“Mention some of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the [niche] industry with their names, website links, and tentative commissions in a table.”


Highest Commission Affiliate Programs
Highest Commission Affiliate Programs

36. Conduct Affiliate Marketing

Once you find the right niches and affiliate programs, then what? If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then you can use ChatGPT to plan the process.

For example, the prompt below is to strategize the promotion of affiliates to generate sales:

“What are some effective strategies for promoting affiliate products and generating sales in the [industry name] industry?”


Affiliate Marketing Strategy
Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Similarly, you can search for tools, resources, or mistakes related to affiliate marketing.

H. How to Use ChatGPT for Marketing and Business Strategy?

Strategizing the business and marketing process is vital for smooth development. ChatGPT plays a valuable role in it in several ways. That includes market research, idea generation, customer engagement, content creation, competitive analysis, etc.

Monitor the Stats and Continue Improving
Business Strategy

Here, we’ll look at some ChatGPT prompts for marketing and business strategy. Let’s go!

37. Define Metrics

Some metrics indicate and measure the progress, effectiveness, and impact of business performance and marketing strategies. Using them, you can improve and make decisions for more growth and success.

Take the help of this ChatGPT prompt to identify the metrics of your business.

“What are the most important metrics to measure the success of my ‘[niche/industry]’ business?”


Important Business Metrics
Important Business Metrics

38. Perform Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis lets you identify and evaluate your competitors. So, you’ll get insights into their strategies and market positioning. And you can use them for your business needs.

To easily compare competitors in your industry or niche, you can use ChatGPT. The following prompt lets you do the same.

“Create a product comparison table between the product ‘[product name]’ and its top competitors you can find.”


Competitive Analysis Prompt
Competitive Analysis Prompt

39. Logo Design

Designing a logo for your business differentiates you from your competitors. Moreover, it lets people recognize your brand. Also, logos can visually communicate with the audience to deliver the brand message.

Delightfully, you can use ChatGPT to come up with different logo design ideas. For that, you can make your prompt specific enough to get more focused ideas. Here’s an example:

“Give 3 ideas for unique and interesting logos for my business ‘[business name]’ that offers [product/service]. Also, mention how each idea is different from the others.”


Logo Ideas for Business Strategy
Logo Ideas for Business Strategy

40. Domain Name Ideas

Similarly, the domain name of a website also builds brand identity and credibility. Moreover, it helps in the website’s SEO. Further, a consistent domain lets you share your brand in different marketing channels with ease.

For instance, this ChatGPT prompt can be suitable to get domain name ideas:

“My company name is [company name] and it offers [product/service]. Give .com domain name ideas where the name should not be more than 8 characters long.”


Domain Name Ideas
Domain Name Ideas

Read how to choose a domain name for your blog or business from here.

I. How to Use ChatGPT for eCommerce?

Last but not least. Marketing is crucial for eCommerce stores for brand visibility and reach, customer acquisition and retention, sales and revenue generation, etc.

Build eCommerce Store
eCommerce Stores

Like any other marketing, you can also use ChatGPT for your eCommerce needs. And here, we’ll look at some examples of related marketing prompts. Here we go!

41. Discover Potential Niche

First and foremost, you can use ChatGPT to discover various eCommerce niches based on your target audience. This prompt is suitable if you want to sell in a specific niche.

Hence, you can take the example of this prompt below:

“What are the most profitable eCommerce niches in [country] for [target audience]?”


eCommerce Niche Prompt
eCommerce Niche Prompt

42. Generate Product Ideas

Once you choose your niche, you can also use ChatGPT to generate product ideas. Also, you can specify details on the prompt to shortlist products based on your business needs.

For reference, you can use this marketing prompt:

“Give a list of products of [store industry or product type or both] that I can sell to [target audience].”


Product Ideas Marketing Prompt
Product Ideas Marketing Prompt

43. Point Out Product Recommendations

Suppose you already are willing to sell a product type. Other than that, you want to sell similar products that the same audience prefers using. In that case, you can search for related and relevant products for your eCommerce.

If you’re stuck in this situation, then you can take the guidance of ChatGPT to give product recommendations. For that, use this marketing prompt below:

“List some product recommendations similar to [product]. Give unique and high-quality products that would appeal to the target audience.”


Product Recommendation
Product Recommendation

44. Specify eCommerce Product Description

Writing a product description on your eCommerce site tells customers about the product. For engaging content like product descriptions, ChatGPT can be of great help.

Here’s a prompt to use on ChatGPT. Similarly, you can make yours by specifying your needs.

“Write a product description for the product ‘[product name]’ with 2 distinct content sections. Each section should have its own headline.”


Product Description Prompt
Product Description Prompt

45. Create a Product Landing Page

A landing page serves as the entry point for site visitors. While a product landing page showcases a product or service for promotion for customers. There, you can add its key features, benefits, and anything that persuades customers to take action.

If you want to create a product landing page, then ChatGPT does it for you. You can just specify the things you want on it when writing the prompt. That’s it!

For example, you can use this marketing prompt on ChatGPT and see its result:

“Write the content for the landing page for [product name]. It should start with a compelling headline followed by a call-to-action option. Then, add 2 content sections with different headings each targeting a keyword. Lastly, add a FAQ section 3 commonly-asked questions.”


ChatGPT Landing Page Prompt
ChatGPT Landing Page Prompt

Choose from the best free WordPress eCommerce themes to build a beautiful landing page.

That’s all! Hopefully, you understand the different ways to use ChatGPT for marketing. For now, check out some common FAQs.

FAQs on Using ChatGPT for Marketing

1. How can you use ChatGPT for marketing?

You can use ChatGPT for marketing in many ways. To name a few, it can guide in creating content, generating content ideas, and writing social media posts/emails.

2. Can ChatGPT generate marketing copies?

Yes, of course! ChatGPT can generate marketing copy for multiple purposes. That includes writing product descriptions, promotional content, advertising headlines, etc.

3. How can ChatGPT help in market research and trend analysis?

ChatGPT can give insights into market trends and conduct basic market research. Moreover, it can generate ideas for new product categories, analyze social media conversations to specify sentiment, and more.

4. Are there any limitations to using ChatGPT for marketing?

Yes. ChatGPT lacks real-time data and may not have updated knowledge as it uses the data of events till 2021. It sometimes produces inaccurate or irrelevant responses. So, you must review and validate the output before utilizing them in your marketing strategies.

If you don’t have a site but want to have one, then here’s a guide on how to make a website. Also, read our tutorial on how to start a blog.


That’s the end! We’re at the final part of this blog on how to use ChatGPT for marketing. Here, we came up with examples of the top marketing prompts to use on ChatGPT. 

Hopefully, you understand them and can use them effectively for your needs. Also, we provided tips on making the right prompts on your own. So, we hope they were of help!

If you have more questions, then post them. Also, state the marketing prompts you use on ChatGPT for marketing that we missed. Indeed, we’ll go through them!

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