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Squarespace promo codes

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Squarespace has simple plans with straightforward pricing and only pays what you need. The best thing about Squarespace is its 14-day free trial no credit card is required. It is nice to try this website builder before you decide which plan is the best option for you.

After the 14-day, you will have to pick a Squarespace plan to best fits you. Once you are happy with the plan, you pick, its always nice to save some money and get the best promo code to save on your plan.

Squarespace has three options for you to save money on any plan

  1. Save 10% OFF using GIMME10 at checkout.
  2. Save 25%-30% OFF when you signup with an annual plan
  3. Save 50% OFF if you are a student

1. Squarespace Save 10% OFF – GIMME10

Squarespace 10% OFF promo code save now

The first option works for every plan. You can easily save 10% OFF on any monthly or annual plans, just copy and paste the coupon code GIMME10 and paste it before the checkout process. This discount code is best if you want to try Squarespace on the monthly plan so you pay each month and can cancel at any time.

If you are not sure what plan to pick, we have an extensive Squarespace pricing review to help you decide what the best plan for you is.

2. Squarespace Save 25%-30% OFF with annual plans

After the free 14-day period is up you will have to pick a plan that best suits your needs, if you love Squarespace and want to save the most the best is to choose an annual plan combined with GIMME10 to save the most money.

So, for example, if you pick the annual personal plan with is $16/mo paid yearly is $192/year minus the 10% discount, your total before taxes will be around $174 per year, with is a great deal. Squarespace has many beautiful premium templates to choose from to create a modern website.

The four Squarespace plans are Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce.

Squarespace Plans Annual Cost Monthly Cost Discount Visit
Personal $16/mo $23/mo 30% Learn More
Business $23/mo $33/mo 30% Learn More
Basic Commerce $27/mo $36/mo 25% Learn More
Advanced Commerce $49/mo $65/mo 25% Learn More

So which plan is best for you?

According to Squarespace, the best plan is the Business plan, but if you are starting and need a simple personal website or portfolio, then going with the Personal Plan makes more sense. Once you outgrow your plan, you can always upgrade to a Business Plan later on.

3. Squarespace Save 50% OFF – Student Discount

If you are a student and love Squarespace, you are in luck, as Squarespace has a fantastic discount for current students to help them save 50% off any annual plan.

As long as you can prove that you are a full-time student with a current student email address and school ID, they will give you 50% off any plan for the first year, which is a fantastic offer.

Squarespace student discount 50% off first year

How to get the Student discount? It’s straightforward. You will need to verify with Student Beans, and you are all set to enjoy your 50% off.

Unlock your discount by verifying your student status with our partner, Student Beans. It’s free! Enter your offer code at checkout on Squarespace.com

  1. Start building your website with the 14-day free trial, as there is no current buy now button. Everyone gets to try the 14-day to see if they like it and want to continue or cancel after 14-days.
  2. Once you decide that you are staying with Squarespace, it will ask you to pick a plan after the 14-day. Pick any plan you feel fits your current needs; remember, you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  3. Enter all the billing information; once it asks you if you have any promo code, just enter GIMME10 and save 10% off your entire order.
Does Squarespace offers promo codes to save money?

Yes, you can use the promo code GIMME10 and save 10% off any plan both monthly or annually.

Does Squarespace offer student discounts?

Yes, any fully-time student with a valid email address and ID card will get 50% off any plan for the first year and regular price after that.

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