The 5 Best WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode Plugins

eCommerce isn’t everything.

Sometimes you just want an easy way to list your products, and WooCommerce is perfect for that, but it comes with an entire cart & checkout system.

The thing is, it’s actually very easy to disable the cart system with the right plugin.

In this collection, you’ll find top WooCommerce plugins for transforming your eCommerce store into a product catalog.

Using one of the plugins listed here, you can:

  • Hide the “Add to cart” buttons
  • Create a downloadable PDF product catalog
  • Hide your product prices
  • Disable the cart & checkout system entirely
  • Enable catalog mode for certain products only

Sound good?

Keep reading to find out which plugin will work best for your store.

Catalog mode WooCommerce plugins

Each plugin has its own take on catalog mode and includes unique features. You may even want to add more than one to get the right blend of functionality for your site.

Here are my top recommendations for the best WooCommerce catalog mode plugins.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode

    YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode lets you quickly hide your product prices and “Add to Cart” buttons so your store can operate as a catalog instead of a traditional eCommerce store.

    With your cart system disabled, shoppers will instead see a button prompting them to contact you. You can choose to display a contact form and/or a phone number for them to reach you. You can keep the price visible, or hide it so you can provide customers with a custom quote.

    The best part of this plugin is how quick it is to configure. You can click one button to hide the “Add to Cart” button and checkout page for every product at once. This makes it so simple to use WooCommerce as a catalog only.

    Another option you might like is the business hours feature. You can set store opening and closing hours and even disable your shop on weekends and holidays to hide your products from visitors. There’s also an option to hide prices from visitors but show them to registered users, which could be a good way to increase your signup rates.

    Overall, this is a thoughtfully made plugin with everything you need to turn WooCommerce into a product catalog.

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  • 2. WooCommerce PDF Catalog

    WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce PDF Catalog is an amazing plugin for automatically generating PDFs with your store’s complete product catalog.

    When customers view your shop, they’ll see two buttons above your products. One will download a PDF with your complete product catalog while the other will open a small contact form they can use to email the catalog to themself and as many other people as they want. If they navigate to a category page, they’ll see additional buttons to download or send a PDF of products in the current category only.

    What makes this plugin really awesome is the huge variety of PDF customization options. You can choose from six different layouts and adjust the spacing and colors throughout the PDF. You can also upload a cover image for the opening page and auto-generate a table of contents. They’ve done a really nice job of making the PDFs look good, especially considering that they’re generated automatically.

    The one other thing you need to know about this plugin is that it doesn’t hide the “Add to cart” buttons and prices on your site. In other words, it doesn’t convert your store into a catalog. It only generates a PDF catalog from your products. That might not be an issue if you just want a PDF catalog, but if you want to disable your normal eCommerce system, you’ll want to add another plugin for that too.

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  • 3. Advanced Catalog Mode for WooCommerce

    Advanced Catalog Mode for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Advanced Catalog Mode for WooCommerce is an awesome plugin for a wholesale store with bulk ordering options and other stores that require a more hands-on approach to selling.

    While this plugin has an option to enable catalog mode for your entire store at once, it also has the option to enable catalog mode for individual products. This can be extremely useful when you have both simple and complex products to sell.

    If you have a variety of member accounts, you might appreciate the user-role-based catalog feature. This allows you to switch the store into catalog mode for guests only while allowing registered members to purchase products normally. Furthermore, you can have multiple types of registered users and limit the eCommerce features to certain roles. These options are handy if you want to create a private eCommerce store or membership site.

    Overall, this is a pretty simple catalog plugin for WooCommerce. Its stand-out feature is the ability to only place certain products into catalog mode, so it should be a top choice for your store if that’s something you need.

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  • 4. WooCommerce Catalog Mode

    WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Catalog Mode is an extremely simple (and affordable) plugin to convert your WooCommerce store into a catalog.

    Once you activate this plugin, it will hide the “Add to cart” buttons in your store and disable the cart and checkout page. There isn’t an option to selectively enable these features for certain products, so make sure you want your entire store to be a catalog if you choose this plugin.

    In the screenshots, you can see there is a “Contact” button added to the products, but this plugin doesn’t include a contact form of its own. Instead, you’ll enter a custom URL that you want visitors to be taken to when they click the button. While it would be nice if the contact form opened in a popup, it’s not so bad using your own URL. This means you can publish a page with any additional info you need and add a totally custom form with any contact form plugin you want.

    If you want a simple WooCommerce catalog mode plugin, this could be the best choice for your site.

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  • 5. WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download

    WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download is used to give customers a way to download a PDF of your products. However, it doesn’t work as you might expect.

    I’ve included this plugin here not so much as a recommendation, but more to inform you of how it works so you can skip it during your research. The major issue with this plugin is that it generates a PDF that only includes the products visible on the screen. For instance, if someone navigates to the second page of your shop and clicks the PDF download button, it will give them a PDF with the products from the second page of your shop. They can already see all of these products, so there’s really no point generating a PDF at all. It won’t help them browse your entire catalog.

    If you want to create a downloadable PDF that shows off all your store’s products, you’re better off manually creating the PDF and including a download link wherever needed on your store. It’s easy to upload PDFs to WordPress and create download links without any plugins.

    Otherwise, I would highly recommend the WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin listed above, which will automatically create a beautiful PDF with all of your products for you and include download buttons in your store.

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Which product catalog plugin is best?

It’s hard to recommend just one plugin as the best, so here are a few final tips to help you make the best choice for your site.

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode has a great blend of features and makes it easy to replace the “Add to cart” buttons with a contact form. It will be a good choice for most WooCommerce store owners.

WooCommerce PDF Catalog is an awesome plugin if you want to create a downloadable PDF catalog of your products. However, it does not turn your store into a catalog i.e. it doesn’t hide the “Add to Cart” buttons.

Advanced Catalog Mode for WooCommerce is similar to the YITH plugin but has the ability to enable catalog mode for specific products, which could make it a better choice for your site.

WooCommerce Catalog Mode is the perfect plugin to pair with WooCommerce PDF Catalog. It’s only $14 and will automatically convert your store into a catalog.

As you can see, each plugin has its own strengths and weaknesses but combined they can tackle virtually any setup you’re looking to create for your store.

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Thanks for reading!

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