The 9 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for WordPress

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Looking for a Google Analytics alternative?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this collection, you’ll find free and open-source Google Analytics alternatives that can be self-hosted on your WordPress site.

This collection mainly features analytics WordPress plugins, but there are a few options if you aren’t running WordPress on your site as well.

Keep reading to find the top picks.

Best Google Analytics alternatives

By the time you’re done checking out these Google Analytics alternatives for WordPress, you may have a hard time picking just one!

Well, since many of these analytics plugins are extremely performant, it’s not a bad idea to install a few of them for a week to compare their metrics and see which dashboard you prefer.

With that said, here are the Google Analytics alternatives to add analytics to WordPress.

  • 1. Independent Analytics

    Independent Analytics Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Independent Analytics is a brand new WordPress plugin that I’ve been developing and it adds a gorgeous and dynamic analytics dashboard to your WP admin menu. It’s lightning-fast, GDPR compliant, and deeply integrated with WordPress.

    Most Popular Pages

    One of the biggest advantages of this plugin is that it uses a page-based analytics system, rather than a URL-based system. This means that it can show a list of your pages by title, instead of URL, and include lots of other data like the page’s publication date, author, and category. You can also make changes to your page’s title and URL without it getting detached from its metrics.

    If you want to dive deep into your analytics, Independent Analytics also includes sorting and filtering options so you can quickly generate custom reports. And as mentioned already, it’s 100% GDPR compliant and does not use any cookies.

    If Independent Analytics is totally free to run on any WordPress site and available on the official WordPress repository. If it sounds like a good fit for your site, click the link below to learn more and download a copy.

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  • 2. WP Statistics

    WP Statistics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WP Statistics is a self-contained analytics solution that doesn’t require cookies or an account with a third-party site. While the dashboard is a bit outdated, it includes a massive amount of data.

    When you view the main analytics page, you’ll see a ton of reports, including a chart of your visitors and visits, your top visitors, top pages, recent visits, and a map displaying the popularity of your site around the world.

    Each report shown on the main dashboard has its own page where you can modify the date range to dig in further. For instance, you can view your top pages over the past 20 days or the last year. This is a neat concept since it allows you to view trend lines of how pages have performed over time.

    Overall, it includes a ton of data and lots of reports, which makes it an excellent analytics tool as a free plugin.

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  • 3. Statify

    Statify plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Statify is a simple open-source analytics plugin for WordPress. It’s really easy to configure, offers you complete data privacy, and has easy-to-understand reporting.

    While Statify doesn’t include a robust analytics dashboard, it does include a small dashboard widget. This can be enabled easily on your main Dashboard page in the WordPress admin. The widget will show you your top pages and top referrers (traffic sources).

    By default, this lightweight analytics plugin only saves and displays data from the last 14 days, but both of these values are configurable. In the end, it’s too simple for a business or serious content site looking to grow, but if you are running a blog and just want a quick snapshot of your site’s performance, it might be the best plugin for you.

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  • 4. Plausible

    Plausible Analytics

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    Plugin Description

    Plausible touts itself as a simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. Its tracking is compatible with the GDPR, CCPA, and PECR regulations, and it doesn’t use any cookies.

    While Plausible isn’t a WordPress plugin and uses an external server to process the tracking code, it’s still lightweight, especially compared to Google Analytics. They have a free trial available, and then pricing starts at $9/month for 10,000 monthly pageviews.

    Plausible has a clean dashboard with charts showing your unique visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, and visit duration. This gives you a nice overview of how your site is performing. In addition, it has a list of your top pages and top sources, which lets you find out where your traffic is coming from.

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  • 5. Koko Analytics

    Koko Analytics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Koko Analytics is a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative, and like Independent Analytics, it is entirely run by the WordPress plugin and doesn’t require a subscription or third-party account.

    Since Koko Analytics doesn’t use cookies or track personally identifiable data, it is GDPR compliant and doesn’t require you to use a cookie popup to ask for visitor consent. It includes two metrics: visitors and pageviews, which give you a nice look at how your site is performing.

    The main dashboard includes some large stats like your total visitors and total pageviews, a bar chart showing both of those metrics, and two lists showing your top pages and top referrers.

    If you want a simple and self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics, this will be a solid choice for your website.

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  • 6. Fathom Analytics

    Fathom Analytics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Fathom Analytics is a premium analytics solution. Unlike most of the plugins here, it’s not self-hosted. Instead, you’ll signup for a paid subscription with Fathom Analytics to power your tracking code and record site visits. If you want, you can view your analytics on their site, but they also have a simple plugin that grabs your stats from their server and outputs the same dashboard inside the WP admin.

    Fathom Analytics includes a nice assortment of metrics, such as your current visits, unique visitors, pageviews, average time on site, bounce rate, and goal completions. You can also see a list of your top pages and top referrers. This gives you a quick view of which pages are most successful and which referrers are working best for your site.

    Overall, it’s an awesome Google Analytics alternative, as long as you don’t mind the paid subscription that comes with it.

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  • 7. Slimstat Analytics

    Slimstat Analytics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The Slimstat Analytics plugin has been around for over three years and is installed on 100,000+ WordPress websites. It offers a robust analytics package for reviewing your site’s performance.

    Like many of the other Google Analytics alternatives for WordPress, this plugin is GDPR compliant without any configuration required. It also gives you full control over your data, so your analytics get included in your site backups and you can export your data to CSV. And if you enjoy these features, you may also enjoy the scheduled email reports.

    The dashboard in Slimstat Analytics is a bit outdated, but it does include a huge array of statistics. You can see your pageviews, currently online visitors, recent search terms, and even SEO data like your backlinks and MozRank.

    If you’re looking for an analytics plugin with a lot of data, this could be a good fit for your site.

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  • 8. Burst Statistics

    Burst Statistics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Burst Statistics is a relatively new plugin with a concise set of analytics. The dashboard has a very clean design and includes charts and metrics for your visitors and pageviews. There’s also a small device report and comparisons with your site’s performance over the previous period. And like most plugins, there’s a list of your most visited pages and top referrers.

    As a locally hosted analytics tool, you don’t have to worry about data-sharing regulations across servers. Not to mention, it doesn’t use cookies or track IP addresses, so it is fully GDPR compliant. It’s also a lightweight Google Analytics alternative and loads quickly on your site.

    This will be a good analytics plugin for your WordPress site if you want a simple and clean analytics dashboard.

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  • 9. Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics

    Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics is a neat plugin to track your site’s views and visitors entirely with WordPress. I like that it’s a lightweight solution and much simpler than Google Analytics.

    While it says it has real-time statistics, it does require you to refresh the page to see new visits and it groups visits by day, so you can’t see your views by the hour, minute, or second. That said, as long as you’re more concerned with your daily views, it works quite well.

    One drawback of this plugin is that it isn’t GDPR compliant since it stores the IP address of each visitor. However, you can enable an option to hash the IP addresses of your visitors, which should make the plugin compliant.

    If you want to install a plugin and start tracking views right away, this will make for a decent self-hosted Google Analytics alternative.

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Which alternative to Google Analytics is best?

As you’ve now seen, there are tons of excellent alternatives to Google Analytics, especially for WordPress users.

Independent Analytics is my first recommendation, of course, as it is a plugin I am developing 🙂 That said, I truly believe it’s the best analytics plugin for WordPress, and there are a lot more features and improvements on the way.

I hope this collection of the best Google Analytics competitors opened your eyes to all the different analytics tools available. Thanks for reading, and if you liked this post, share it with someone else using the buttons below.

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