VCF File – What is .vcf File and How to Open It?

Would you like to know what the .vcf file is and how to open it? The VCF file format is a standard file format used to store contact information for one or more individuals or entities.

In addition to the usual information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other contact information, VCF files can also contain custom fields, images, and different types of information.

This article will explain a VCF file, how to open it, convert a VCF file, and import vCard to iPhone.

What is a VCF File?

vCard files with the VCF file extension are used for storing contact information. Aside from a binary image, this plain text file format contains details about the contact, such as their name, email address, physical address, phone number, and other identifying characteristics.

Since these files contain contact information, they are often used with address book programs as a format for exporting and importing information.

The convenience of sharing one or more contacts, using duplicate contacts in different email programs or services, and backing up your address book is made possible by this file format.

As its name suggests, VCF is also referred to as Variant Call Format, and it is a plain text file format used to store variations in gene sequences.

How to Open a VCF File?

A VCF file can be opened with a particular program to display contact information. Still, most people open these files to import their address book into an email program on their computer, smartphone, or online website.

In some applications, a limit may apply to the number of contacts imported or opened simultaneously.

If you experience difficulties, you may consider exporting only half or one-third of your original contacts to VCF. Repeat this process until all your contacts have been moved to VCF.

In Windows, Windows Contacts is a program capable of opening VCF files, such as vCardOrganizer and VCF Viewer.

This file format can also be opened on macOS using the vCard Explorer or Address Book applications.

This file format can also be opened on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads by loading it directly into the Contacts app using an email, a web browser, or other means.

Follow these steps to open a VCF file on an Android device:

  1. Go to the Contacts app.
  2. Tap on the Fix & manage or Settings option.
Go to the Contacts app, then tap on the Fix & manage or Settings option

  1. Tap on the Import from file or Import option.
Tap on the Import from file or Import option

  1. Select the .vcf file option to search for the vCard file and open it.

Importing these files into online email clients such as Gmail is also possible.

Follow these steps to use it to open the file:

  1. Go to your Google Contacts page.
  2. Click on the Import option.

Click on the Import option

  1. Click on the Select file button to choose the file.
  2. Click on the Import button.
Click on the Select file button to choose the file, and click on the Import button

In the case of contact information that includes an image, the image will be a binary file and will not be viewed in a text editor.

Nevertheless, the rest of the information should be readily accessible and editable in any program that supports text documents.

The alternatives Microsoft Outlook and Handy Address Book, can open VCF files, but neither is free of charge.

Follow these steps to open the VCF file with MS Outlook:

  1. Go to the File.
  2. Select the Open & Export option.
  3. Select the Import/Export option.
  4. Select the Import a VCARD file (.vcf).

Finally, you may have several programs on your computer that can view VCF files, so you can select which one will open the file when you double-click it.

How to Convert a VCF File?

The CSV format is a standard format for converting VCF files to it since it is used by Excel and other applications that import contacts from the CSV format.

The vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter can convert VCF to CSV online. You can choose the delimiter type and export only the contacts with email addresses. There is no doubt that this program is one of the best converters of VCF to CSV available.

Follow these steps to use this tool:

  1. Click on the Choose File button to select your VCF file.
  2. Set the options.
  3. Click on the convert button.
Click on the Choose File button, set the options, and click on the convert button

By converting your VCF file to another file format, you can open it with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer frequently asked questions to help you get more information about VCF files.

How To Change a VCF File from 2.0 to 3.1 Version?

The best method for changing a VCF from version 2.1 to version 3.1 is to transfer the file to your computer and then open it using a text editor like Notepad to change the version to version 3.0 manually.

How To Open a VCF File in Excel?

You can access your VCF file in Excel by going to File, then Opening and selecting All Files. Once your file has been located, select it and follow the instructions to import it.

How To Create a VCF File?

VCF files can be created using a third-party tool that converts Excel spreadsheets to VCF files. You can convert Excel files to vCards by downloading the SysTools Excel to vCard Converter for Windows or Mac.


This article has explained a VCF file, how to open it, convert a VCF file, and import vCard to iPhone.

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