What is Headless WordPress? Described for Inexperienced persons

What is headless WordPress? Even if you have been using WordPress for years, which is a issue you could not know the response to. If you Google it, you will get a whole lot of tech jargon that may possibly depart you with even more queries, so let’s try out to respond to it as basically as attainable.

Headless WordPress is a sort of configuration wherever you continue to use WordPress to take care of all the critical capabilities of a web site, from generating and taking care of written content to consumer registration. On the other hand, it is identified as “headless” simply because you never use WordPress to produce the part of the web site that buyers see and interact with (i.e., the entrance finish).

In this article, we’ll dig a little further into what headless WordPress is and how it will work. We’ll also focus on the rewards of this approach and when it tends to make feeling to use it. Let’s get to it!

📚 Table of contents:

An introduction to headless WordPress (and how it functions)

Headless WordPress is a term utilized to describe a decoupled configuration wherever the frontend layer (the “head”) is divided from the backend written content management layer.

In traditional WordPress web sites, WordPress gives both of those the backend (where you take care of your articles) and the frontend (where users watch your content).

In a headless set up, nevertheless, you use WordPress only as a backend, when using a individual technologies or framework for the frontend. This implies you’d use WordPress for duties this kind of as written content and consumer administration, connecting to third-occasion apps, and much more. You interact with WordPress applying the dashboard as regular, but how you build and layout the frontend is up to you.

The notion guiding headless WordPress is to leverage the electricity of the WordPress Relaxation API to fetch and handle knowledge:

The WordPress REST API handbook.

This indicates it’s feasible to render and display this data with any programming language or library, this sort of as React, Angular, or Vue.js:


This setup may appear to be overly challenging. Nonetheless, it can provide a lot of benefits.

The added benefits of headless WordPress

Now that we have answered the query “What is headless WordPress?,” it’s time to communicate about why it would make sense to use it. Setting up a headless web site normally demands a ton of operate. Hence, you’ll will need to make certain this method is the correct choice for you.

👉 In phrases of positive aspects, here’s why so a lot of web-sites use headless setups:

  1. Bigger flexibility. If you do not like the way in which WordPress handles the frontend, which include themes and the Block Editor, a headless setup enables you to select a tailor made method. You can use any technological know-how stack or platform you want to build your website’s frontend, although relying on WordPress for almost everything else.
  2. Potentially a lot quicker webpage loading situations. A independent frontend enables you to leverage modern website development techniques like server-side rendering and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to enhance website overall performance and minimize site loading moments.
  3. Improved safety. Separating the frontend from the backend tends to make it more hard for hackers to exploit WordPress vulnerabilities, as they no longer have immediate entry to the fundamental installation.
  4. Integration with third-social gathering resources. The WordPress API permits you to request facts from WordPress and use it on other platforms. For example, if you have a cell app for end users to study information or blog posts, WordPress can host the content and the app can request it using the API.

Maybe the largest gain of utilizing WordPress in a headless set up is that the software package is open source. It’s totally customizable to accommodate the project’s requires, and it is reasonably simple to use. Assess that with developing a backend from scratch and WordPress will become a quite tempting possibility!

What is headless WordPress utilized for? Instance use conditions

If you use WordPress for a blog, portfolio web site, or any other compact challenge, the headless strategy might audio attention-grabbing but avoidable.

Let’s focus on some genuine-lifestyle use situations. That way, we’ll be capable to much better illustrate why this configuration makes feeling for some jobs.

👉 You could possibly use headless WordPress for:

  • Ecommerce internet sites. On the web merchants can profit from the adaptability of headless WordPress, as it permits for a entirely customized procuring working experience. Instead of being restricted by how WooCommerce or other WordPress plugins display goods and checkout web pages, you can style your possess ecommerce knowledge.
  • Information portals. Media shops and news portals normally require to update many feeds simultaneously as new articles or blog posts come out. A WordPress backend can drive updates to news websites and applications through the Relaxation API. For example, TechCrunch has made use of a headless WordPress technique because 2018 [1], with a WordPress backend related to a Respond app frontend.
  • Mobile applications. Making use of the Relaxation API allows you to take care of content for your cell application by way of a WordPress backend. This suggests you can make the application employing any enhancement framework you want and go on to use WordPress in the track record.

Retain in brain that any headless WordPress task will count intensely on the Rest API. This means that you’ll need to familiarize on your own with the framework.

Execs and drawbacks of employing headless WordPress

Now for the future question – what is headless WordPress actually useful for?

Very well, there are a good deal of advantages to making use of headless WordPress. However, this variety of setup is not for everyone and unquestionably not for each individual challenge.

With that in thoughts, let’s look at the pros and cons of a headless WordPress set up.

👍 Professionals:

  • It is significantly far more versatile than a common WordPress setup.
  • You can connect the WordPress backend with any 3rd-bash tool you have to have.
  • It permits you to produce the frontend utilizing any know-how stack the job requires.
  • It’s a excellent backend answer for basic cell apps.
  • Headless WordPress sites may perhaps load more rapidly relying on how you develop the frontend.
  • There’s an supplemental layer of security considering the fact that attackers have a tougher time striving to accessibility the backend.

👎 Disadvantages:

  • Headless WordPress involves you to be a developer or to operate with a single in get to generate the frontend and link it to the CMS.
  • You will need to manage the frontend from outside the house of the WordPress dashboard.
  • You will not be capable to benefit from quite a few WordPress plugins and themes, particularly if the plugin relies on frontend features. You can continue to use some WordPress plugins to incorporate significant backend functionality, though.

Unless you are a developer, making use of headless WordPress for a simple web site these kinds of as a web site or a brochure web page could be overkill. We only propose utilizing this strategy if the WordPress frontend restrictions the scope of your project.

What is headless WordPress? Now you know! 😎

In this put up, we experimented with to reply the issue “What is headless WordPress?.” This set up permits you to use WordPress to develop tailor made sites and apps.

Instead of acquiring a backend from scratch, you can use WordPress to electrical power your internet site and generate any type of frontend you want.

This tactic can be fantastic if you want to style and design a personalized ecommerce experience or use WordPress to electric power a cellular app. To get begun, you can browse 👉 our guidebook on how to build a headless WordPress internet site and look at out the principles of the WordPress Rest API.

Do you have any concerns about how headless WordPress will work? Enable us know in the responses section under!


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