What is the Purpose of a Website? (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to know what the purpose of a website is? If yes, then this is the best place for that.

Before creating a site, you must understand the purpose of your website. And the overall objective of a site can vary depending on the type of site you’re building.

Moreover, a site can have one or two primary goals. In addition, it can have several other objectives. For example, the primary goal of an eCommerce website is to sell products/ services and boost sales. But it can also aim to gain trust, build brand recognition, etc.

If you’re unsure of the purpose of your site, then don’t be concerned! In this article, we’ll go through the common site goals and the different site niche-specific goals.

So, without any delay, let’s get rolling!

What is a Website? – A Brief Introduction

Before heading right into the main topic, let’s learn to define a website.

A website is a collection of web pages hosted on a web server. A web page is like a document that can include various types of content, including text, images, videos, etc. And you can share information, services, or products on any topic on your website.

Just like you build a physical house on the land, you can make a website on the internet where your information resides. Hence, each website has a unique address called a web address that lets internet users locate and access site information.

Website Builders - How Much Website Cost
What is a Website?

For example, this page you’re reading is also a web page. And it belongs to our site, ‘SiteSaga.com’. Further, typing ‘www.sitesaga.com’ in your web browser lets you access our site and all its pages.

Hence, you need a device with an internet connection and a web browser to access a site. Once you enter the site’s web address in your browser’s address bar, you’ll be redirected to its homepage. Here, a homepage is the starting point for navigating through the site.

Learn more about this on our complete guide on websites.

Why is it Necessary to Know the Purpose of a Website?

Creating and maintaining a website takes a significant amount of time and money. In fact, your site also represents your business, organization, or brand online. Thus, you must have a clear purpose for your website so that you can make a proper strategy.

Decide Your Website's Purpose
Why Decide Your Website’s Purpose?

Moreover, knowing the purpose of a website is essential to:

  • Determine your site’s design and functionality. As the site’s design and features must align with your website goals.
  • Define and find your target audience and their needs.
  • Create engaging and relevant content based on the target audience and their needs.
  • Measure the website’s success by looking at the effectiveness of the goals.

For instance, an eCommerce website that sells products has a different layout, content, and functionality than a website providing information. Similarly, a site for entertainment purposes has different needs than sites with educational resources.

Hence, understanding the purpose of a website lets you create a user-friendly website. As a result, it increases user engagement, customer loyalty, and traffic.

What are the Common Purposes of Websites?

The purpose of your website highly depends on the type of website you have. Because you’ll make the goals to meet the needs of your business or brand. 

However, the majority of websites share several common purposes. So, your website may have one or more of the goals we’re about to mention. 

Now, let’s check out the general website purposes explained below:

1. Discoverability

There’s no use for a website that doesn’t have any traffic. Moreover, some websites need a lot of traffic to operate, while others may not need much.

For instance, entertainment and news websites rely on high traffic. On the other hand, service-based sites can also manage limited targeted traffic.

Hence, a common objective for websites is to help visitors discover them. Without visitors to their sites, businesses can’t achieve their other goals.

Target Location-based Audience with SEM

Thus, discoverability and web traffic directly link to the site’s success. Websites that focus on web traffic get better site visibility, engagement, and competitive advantage. 

In addition, it also improves the search engine rankings of your website. Because driving web traffic helps your site rank higher in the search results.

2. Brand Recognition

Another common website goal involves boosting brand recognition. A company’s brand is its identity. And having a website gives your brand an online presence. Since you can reinforce your branding with a logo and style that reflect your brand.

To achieve brand awareness, you must inform potential clients about your business. Also, share about your products/services and how they are different from your competitors.

Introducing Storybrand Website
Brand Awareness

Honestly, numerous website niches benefit from brand recognition. But it’s a vital website purpose for new businesses and those competing in a crowded industry.

Most of all, smaller businesses can also benefit from it. For instance, if you plan to create a health blog, then every web page must reflect your brand. Ultimately, it leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

3. Retain Customers/Visitors

Finding new visitors or customers in the target market isn’t the only goal of websites. But retaining the existing ones is also a major purpose of the website. 

In fact, customer acquisition aims for the long-term success of the business. Hence, various sites can take this as a strategy, whether it’s startups or local shops.

Retain Existing Customers - Purpose of a Website
Retain Existing Customers

Suppose you own a local cafe and offer special discounts to early dining customers. Then, you must display that information on your website. Best of all, you should demonstrate why visitors should choose your cafe over others.

Hence, any website, whether small or big, may not need high traffic. But they should focus on retaining their visitors or customers.

4. Generate Revenue

Most websites you can find aim to generate revenue or make money. And the two primary ways to do so are by selling products or services according to the business’s needs and type. Also, you can accept payment directly on the website or redirect it elsewhere.

How Reseller Hosting Generate Revenue? - Membership Website Ideas
Generate Revenue

Other than that, there are several ways to make money online from a website. And you don’t always have to offer products or services to earn money. Some of the various ways include:

  • Placing ads on the website
  • Writing sponsored posts
  • Asking for donations
  • Conduct email marketing
  • Carrying out affiliate marketing
  • Exercising social media marketing
  • Creating your portfolio

Learn about the various ways to earn money without selling anything in this guide.

5. Gain Trust

Building trust with site visitors is important for almost all businesses. Without gaining the trust of visitors/customers, it’s unlikely for websites to win over their competitors.

Hence, you can find sites that offer various customer support options, like a knowledge base of articles. And all they aim for is to establish trust with customers. On top of that, you can even provide free trials for your product/service to gain trust.

Gain Customer Trust
Gain Customer Trust

Therefore, building trust is a crucial purpose for small business websites. For instance, you have a tax preparation business. So, your site must demonstrate that potential customers can trust you to handle their personal and/or business taxes.

If you’re clear on the common purposes of websites, then let’s move ahead. In the next section, we’ll go through more site objectives according to your niche. Here we go!

What are the Different Website Niche Specific Goals?

As mentioned before, a site’s purpose varies for every site owner. But we can identify them according to the niche of the website.

Now, here we provide the different website purposes with corresponding website types. So, look at the in-depth website’s niche-specific goals. Then, learn the website purpose and website niche right for you.

1. Boost Sales by Selling Products

Selling products and increasing their sales is a common goal of eCommerce websites. And both large and small eCommerce businesses can benefit from product sales. But boosting sales is also one of the goals of banking, insurance, and marketing companies.

However, it’s the primary purpose of every eCommerce site. So, if you have an online shop, then you must focus on improving your product sales.

Build eCommerce Store
eCommerce Website

For that, your store should apply various techniques to convert visitors into buyers. And to successfully do this, eCommerce websites often integrate marketing strategies.

Other than that, here’s a list of features to incorporate to have a successful eCommerce site:

  • Easy and smooth purchase and checkout process
  • Engaging and accurate product descriptions and images
  • Fast-loading page speed
  • Attractive and stylish site design
  • Abandoned cart follow-up
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Offer special offers

Hence, if boosting sales for your business is the main objective, then the entire process should be easy. In fact, visitors must easily find what they’re looking for, add the items to their cart, and checkout.

List of eCommerce Website Examples

If you want inspiration to fulfill this website’s purpose, then visit the popular online stores. The following list shows some eCommerce site examples:

Walmart eCommerce Website
Walmart eCommerce Website

If you’re just planning on making an eCommerce site, then read about the best eCommerce platforms. Among them, we recommend WordPress, so choose one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins and eCommerce themes.

2. Provide Services

eCommerce websites aren’t only about selling products. But it’s also an effective way to sell services online. In fact, many service-based businesses have successfully adopted eCommerce models to provide services to their consumers.

Suppose you’re an expert in a particular field or run a business offering specialized services. Then, you can build a site to provide or sell your services.

For example, a fitness trainer may give virtual training sessions that consumers can purchase. The trainer’s website can include information about their qualifications, pricing, and scheduling options. Also, there can be payment processing systems for eCommerce.

Become Online Yoga Coach
Fitness Trainer Service Website

Hence, the layout of such a website is different from a product-selling site. Here, you might need a booking option instead of the buy now option.

However, you must provide your service with a website with easy navigation and a concise description. It’s best if you integrate multiple payment options for contrasting needs.

List of Service-based Website Examples

Check out the list below and find out about some amazing service-based websites. Also, see the different purposes of their service:

  • Booksy (a website where hairdressers can sell their services)
  • Hire A Chef (by the United States Personal Chef Association to sell their services)
  • Care.com (lets you advertise your caregiver service)
  • Home Advisor (connects home improvement professionals to homeowners)
HomeAdvisor Example
Home Advisor Example

If you want a service-based booking website, then read our blog on how to create a booking website.

3. Showcase Your Business

Another website objective can be to deliver business information. A website lets business owners showcase their products, services, and brand identity to their target audience. 

Moreover, it lets customers learn about the company, its offerings, and its values. Hence, these business websites have the primary purpose to convince visitors to become customers. 

Monitor the Stats and Continue Improving
Business Website

So, a well-designed business website can give clear and legitimate information, messages, and visuals. In fact, it helps a business attract and retain customers, build brand awareness, and build a strong online presence.

Overall, your website should also contain:

  • Pages like About, Contact, Services, Pricing, etc.
  • Sections like location, team, customer testimonials, business history, and more.
  • Appointment scheduling functionality.
  • Policies for shipping, privacy, returns, terms and conditions, etc.

With that, your target audience can understand your business information.

List of Business Website Examples

Now, go through the various business website examples below. Make sure to get inspiration and fulfill your business website purpose from them.

Microsoft Business Website Example
Microsoft Business Website Example

Not to mention, brochure websites also aim to showcase small businesses. And that’s by advertising their product or service. Bed & Breakfast Nationwide is an example of it.

Start a new business website after checking out the best website builder platforms for small businesses.

4. Lead Generation

Finding ways to generate and attract leads is another purpose of a website. Recently, it’s become cheaper and easier to generate leads on a site. Here, lead generation is the process of establishing the interest of potential customers in a product or service.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

For example, a site can include features that make visitors perform conversion-related actions. It may be to sign up for an account, download an app, or get in touch to use the service.

Hence, businesses of all types can use lead generation as their site’s purpose. For instance, you can add a free quote tool to your website. This captures the visitor’s contact information, like a phone number or email address.

Ultimately, you can use that information to follow up with those potential leads. Hence, you’ll get an opportunity to boost your product/service sale.

List of Landing Page Website Examples

A landing page is also an ideal lead-generation site example. This web page encourages visitors to take action. That includes subscribing to the newsletter, requesting a quote, etc.

Here’s a list of some landing pages on websites that use lead-generation techniques:

Shopify Landing Page Example
Shopify (Landing Page Website Example)

If you use WordPress to build your site, then choose one of the best lead generation plugins and lead generation themes. Also, we have a list of the best WordPress landing page themes.

5. Share Information

Several large websites on the web have the primary purpose of informing users. These information-centric websites convey specific, helpful, and relevant information. Also, they contain enormous content for a large target audience.

Choosing Content Types
Sharing Information

On top of that, such sites help visitors to learn something new on one or more topics. In fact, your website can aim to give actionable information like:

  • ‘How to’ guides
  • Tips and tricks
  • Support information
  • Directions
  • Instructions
  • Fix and repair

In addition, these sites may have complex structures and navigation. But you can easily keep it systematic to make it efficient. Ultimately, visitors can find the information they want much more simply than by searching the web.

List of Informational Website Examples

Further, you can build many kinds of informational websites. For example, a news website can be the best example of having the purpose of sharing information about world affairs.

Check out the list below to learn informational site examples under various categories. But all of them have the same purpose: to share information.

  • CNN (World news and information website)
  • Livestrong (Health, fitness, and nutrition informational magazine)
  • Language Magazine (Publication with info for language learners and educators)
  • Rolling Stone (News and information on the entertainment sector)
CNN Online Business Magazine Website
CNN – News Website Example

Learn more of these examples from our list of best magazine website examples.

6. Publish Regular Content

You can publish regular content on your website to share your thoughts on different topics. For that, you need a blog website. A blog is another form of informational website that aims to provide regularly updated content to the audience.

Basically, blogs are run by an individual or a small group. Also, it’s written in an informal or conversational style. In fact, you can use blogs for offering entertainment, marketing businesses, providing education, and various other purposes.

Content Quality

However, the main objective is to let everyone (including beginners) publish regular content and run a blog. Best of all, it can be personal or professional, depending on your needs.

If you aim to provide regular web content, then you can build a blog. Among the several blog platforms, we recommend WordPress. Here’s a guide on how to start a blog and make money. Plus, remember to choose one of the best WordPress blog themes.

List of Blog Website Examples

Now, go through the best blogs you can find to get inspiration:

  • Semrush Blog (about using the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, Semrush)
  • WP Entire (blog to give tutorials and reviews on WordPress products/services)
  • Tim Ferris Blog (shares about his interviews and podcasts)
  • The Pioneer Women (recipes, personal life, beauty, style, and more).
Semrush Blog (Example of Grow SEO Traffic and Drive More Prospects)
Semrush Blog

Come across more of these from our list of the best blog website examples. If you want a wider view of this website’s purpose, then read the benefits of personal blogging. Also, check out the benefits of blogging for business.

7. Offer Entertainment

The major focus of sites can be to provide entertainment. And all entertainment sites may have different goals, but their top purpose is to entertain them. 

Hence, you can offer entertainment for your site with different content. That includes photo galleries, chat rooms, online games, animations, drawings, audio, videos, etc.

Hence, your site can have more interactive elements than other websites to fulfill this entertainment purpose. Also, such websites are ideal for advertising. Because colorful banners can attract visitors for more profit.

Types of Site Content - How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?
Entertaining Content

Hence, your entertainment site should emphasize user experience. For that, make sure to make it with easy navigation and frequent updates.

List of Entertainment Website Examples

Here are some different websites to offer entertainment:

  • Gossip-oriented websites
  • Celebrity news
  • Online magazines
  • Movie sites
  • Fun websites
  • Satirical sites, etc.

Also, view these entertainment sites to get an idea of this kind of website’s purpose.

  • IMDb (Movies, TV shows, and online series)
  • Spotify (Music and other audio files)
  • YouTube (Video content on multiple topics)
  • TMZ (News, information, photos, and videos on the entertainment industry)
Spotify Entertainment Website Examples
Spotify (Entertainment Website Examples)

Here’s a guide on the best TikTok WordPress plugins. So, you can use a WordPress plugin to attach fun videos from TikTok to your site.

8. Connect with the Audience

The primary purpose of a website can also be to facilitate a connection between audiences. It means you can connect, communicate, and share with acquaintances or strangers. Hence, it can be for personal or commercial purposes.

Reestablish Connection with Lost Leads - Benefits of Blogging
Connect with the Audience

Best of all, various kinds of websites let you connect with the audience. Also, you can make your visitors connect with one another.

Here’s a list of various website niches that follow the same purpose:

  • Directory Websites: Gives a directory of names of an area. For instance, a directory of professionals that offer a certain service like online jobs, real estate, etc.
  • Social Media Platforms: Social networking sites let people share content and build relationships.
  • Online Forums and Communities: These sites let people ask questions and get answers to their queries. Hence, you can share your expertise and build your brand.
  • Live Streaming: You can connect the audience in real-time with your live streams. It can be about gaming sessions, Q&A sessions, etc.
  • Podcasting Platforms: Lastly, podcasts let you create audio content to connect with the audience. It can provide entertainment, interviews, etc.

List of Socializing Website Examples

Connecting with the audience is a key purpose of several website types. So, here are some popular website examples that lie in this category:

  • Fiverr (A directory of freelance job offers)
  • Facebook (A social media platform to socialize with your friends)
  • Quora (A discussion forum on any topic)
  • 99% Invisible (Podcast website) 
Fiverr Online Job Website Example
Fiverr (Online Job Website Example)

Do you want to set up a podcast site to offer entertainment and connect with people? Then, use one of the best WordPress podcast themes

9. Present Yourself

The key purpose of some sites is to share information or content about themselves. And those niche websites are personal sites and portfolio websites.

A personal site lets you express yourself, promote your individual business, and showcase your talents. Hence, the purpose of a personal website is to self-promote. Ultimately, you can find customers, sponsors, employers, and partners.

On the other hand, a portfolio website lets you present yourself professionally to seek new jobs. Generally, it contains the experience and skills of the website owner. With that, they can establish an online presence and manage their reputation or brand.

Add Portfolio on Your Website to Make Money with Website
Portfolio Website

For example, you can find personal or portfolio sites of entrepreneurs like artists, musicians, photographers, etc. All of them aim to present the site owners with further benefits.

List of Personal and Portfolio Website Examples

Now, let’s check out some personal and portfolio website examples that fall under this purpose.

Elizabeth-Gilbert best personal website
Elizabeth Gilbert – Personal Website

10. Educating the Audience

Suppose you have expertise in a field or own an educational institute. Then, your website’s purpose can be to educate learners online.

In this scenario, there can be 2 kinds of websites for educating the audience. The first one is educational sites of institutes that share information about them and their course materials. Also, you can find other sections like notices, news, routines, etc.

Whereas others are online courses or LMS (Learning Management System) websites. Here, your site can offer online education to its members. And this site is ideal for both individuals and educational institutes.

Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Management System (LMS)

Note that online course websites let you charge your members based on their chosen membership level. But you can also give them free courses or trials to educate them.

List of Educational and Online Course Website Examples

This list below points out some emerging websites of educational institutes and eLearning platforms. So, go through them:

Oxford Smith School - Types of Websites
Smith School (Educational Website Example)

Here’s the shortlist of the best online course plugins and best LMS plugins in WordPress.

11. Give Exclusive Content

All the information or services you provide on your website is generally accessible to everyone. And it can be free or premium, which requires payment.

However, if the purpose of your website is to give exclusive content to certain people only, then it’s also possible. Membership-based sites let you offer exclusive content or services. And these are for members who get the privilege to access them.

What is a Membership Website?
Membership Website

For a complex website purpose, you can use WordPress to build a membership website. It contains many WordPress membership plugins and membership themes. If not, then here’s a list of the best membership builders.

List of Membership Website Examples

Most of all, giving exclusive content may not be the primary objective of websites. But it’s also a vital purpose for websites.

In fact, an online course website is also a popular kind of membership site. These sites aim to offer exclusive courses to learners after payment.

Hence, the following are membership website examples.

Netflix Membership Site Example
Netflix – Website Purpose Example

To help you live up to your website’s purpose, read the best membership site ideas and the best membership site examples.

12. Deliver Support to Citizens

Providing support services can be different from other service-based sites. Because the main purpose of delivering services by government and non-profit organizations doesn’t necessarily include selling.

The motive behind government websites is to inform the public about their businesses and services. And it can be based on the different government levels, including department, local, and state.

On the other hand, non-profit or charity sites convince people to support their cause. They don’t sell the products/services for profit. But instead, use them for the public’s social benefit. And that can be of various kinds, like health, environment, education, etc.

Accept Donations from Visitors to Make Money with Website
Accept Donations from Visitors

List of Government and Non-profit Organization Website Examples

The list below points out some government and nonprofit websites. All of them deliver support to the citizens.

USA Government Website Example - Types of Websites
United States (Government Website Example)

If you want to offer services to the public without profit, then choose from the best web hosting services for nonprofits. Also, there are several free community organizations and charity WordPress themes.


And it’s the end, guys! We’re at the final stage of this beginner’s guide. Hopefully, now you understand what the purpose of a website is.

Moreover, we hope you can state the general purpose of your website. Further, you could come up with the vital goals of your site depending on your niche.

Best of all, it’s best to check out the popular types of websites and the best site examples.

If there’s any confusion, then comment down with your queries. We’ll be glad to be of some help in solving your dilemma. Also, write down your site’s purpose if we missed it.

On top of that, you can also read some of our helpful guides on how much a website costs and what makes a good website.

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